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101 living with his grandfather Robert and mother Anne Hullah in 1911 census. Cole, Harry (I994)
102 living with son James and his wife Charlotte, or possibly her daughter Charlotte. Dobson, Ann (I770)
103 Lost his life in collision Leach, Rufus Earl (I1285)
104 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F312
105 Marriage: Richard William Welbank to Alice Marian Pike
Date: 2nd June 1879
Place: The Presbyterian Church, Norwich Cert.189
Richard William Welbank , age 24, bachelor
Rank or Profession: Engineer
Residence: 7 Alexandra Road, Heigham, Norwich
Father: Richard Welbank (deceased)
Father's Rank or Profession: Stationer
Alice Marian Pike, age 20, spinster
Rank or Profession: Confectioners Assistant
Residence: 3 Alexandra Road, Heigham, Norwich
Father: James Colby Pike
Father's Rank or Profession: Shoe Manufacturer

James C Pike
Mary Ann Eliza Welbank
C E Stannard  
Family F004
106 Mary Dawson was Christopher's cousin once removed, the granddaughter of his father's sister Ann. She was 24 and he was 45. She was the only living child of her father and due to inherit quite a lot of property. Her father was a witness to the wedding, so presumably approved of the groom.
Her father, grandfather and brother had all been called Edward Dawson; her brother had died in childhood. Her first son was Edward Dawson Welbank and the name continued down the next two generations. 
Family F175
107 Mary Wellbank buried: abode - workhouse in Newbiggin. Possibly child of Fortune. Welbanks (I781)
108 Memorial in Arkengarthdale Church

In Memory of
the Revd John Gilpin
of Sedbury in the Norrth Riding of Yorkshire
a Magistrate for the Counties of York and Durham
and sometime Vicar of Stockton Upon Tees
He married Jemima, youngest daughter of
George Brown of Stockton, Esquire
and on the demise of her brother
became connected with the
Manor and Estate of Arkengarthdale
of the distribution of the wealth
thus committed to his trust
he followed the example of his predecessor
by zealously promoting
the spiritual and temporal wellbeing
of his tenants and the other
inhabitants of the parish.
He supported on a liberal scale
all the voluntary charities established by his brother-in-law
and expended a considerable sum in improving
and ornamenting this church.
His whole conduct was influenced
by a strict adherence to Christian principles,
and he was highly esteemed for his kind and benevolent disposition,
and the undeviating uprightness of his character. 
Gilpin, Rev John (I93)
109 Meriel Welbank of Hatton Garden (from parish register) Welbank, Meriel (I534)
110 Nicholas Ruston, Seamer.
Some family trees have identified the couple as ancestors.
Some of the children might have been born to another Nicholas Ruston who is local, given the different birthplaces. 
Family F306
111 Notice in Yorkshire Gazette 26 Jun 1847 Welbank, William (I593)
112 occupation: Tanner Fulcher, Thomas (I159)
113 of Fullwood Rents, St Andrews, Holborn.
Will dated 1790, prov. 1st May 1796 [PCC 256 HARRIS] 
Knapp, Richard (I453)
114 of St James, Westminster
Will: dat. 1794 Aug 15, prov. 1797 Oct 2 [PCC 649? EXETER] 
Knapp, Catherine ? (I454)
115 on Happy Return, sailing from Whitby to Sunderland Wellbank, Thomas (I628)
116 Plaque in Arkengarthdale Church Brown, Jemima (I92)
117 Platina under Thomas Wellbank sailed from London to Adelaide 26 Sep 1838 with 105 settlers, arriving on 9 Feb 1839. His father apparently sailed the Whitby transporting female convicts to Sydney which left Dublin in Feb 1839, so this must have been his son's voyage. Wellbank, Thomas (I867)
118 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F284
119 Possibly a different George, as it would be unusual to marry at 20 and he is quite a long way from Boroughbridge Family F286
120 presumably one of the Boroughbridge Welbanks?  Family F287
121 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Woods, John Andrew (I054)
122 probably great-grandson of Sir Richard
member of the Inner Temple in 1700
serjeant at law in 1723 
Hawkins, Serjeant William (I302)
123 Rector Higham Gobion Hawkins, Francis (I380)
124 Richard and Alice appear to have lived at 7 Alexandra Road, Heigham, Norwich after their marriage in 1879, at least until 1883, although there seems to be toing and froing from the Broughton Road, Banbury residence. Richard attended a Presbyterian training course in Nottingham at one point. Four of the children did not survive.

Richard William invented and manufactured the 'Welbank Boilerette'; a device for cooking vegetables without large quantities of water. One of his Boilerettes can be seen in the Science Museum, London.

He built the devices at his works in North Newington, Banbury. As a keen Presbyterian, he maintained a printing press at the works and sold the devices accompanied by printed religious tracts.

Welbank, Richard William (I008)
125 Richard has a codicil in 1844 in which he only mentions her sister. Scott, Caroline (I75)
126 Robert Welbank death 1580 appears in South Cowton parish records. Quite likely to be this Robert. Welbancke, Robert (I1078)
127 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F371
128 Robert Welbank the Elder

Will of Robert Welbank 1661. Leaves his land to nephew Robert, also mentions nephew Edward with children Edward and Sith, and niece Phyllis and nephew John. 
Welbank, Robert (I1041)
129 Royal Marines Hawkins, John Gilbert Hayne (I186)
130 Royal Marines Hawkins, William Gilbert Courtenay (I345)
131 Rugby School roster
Major, East India Co.
bur. Higham Gobion 26/9/1812 
Hawkins, Henry (I391)
132 same burial ground as the Rev Turner. Welbank, Jane (I536)
133 Several births of a John Welbank in Yorkshire in 1734, this one has William as father. It takes place soon after William Welbank of South Cowton inherits the farm from his father, giving him the opportunity to rent out the land, move away and marry. John Welbank of Carlton Husthwaite appears to come from a North Cowton family, because he owns land in North Cowton, mentioned in his Will. Welbank, John (I592)
134 several children living Pedrick, Charles (I1304)
135 She is listed in probate records as Ann Welbank, so her second marriage was presumably annulled. Her brother Jonathan Coulson, farmer of Gatherly is one of the executors. Coulson, Ann (I644)
136 She was living with her nieces, daughters of her sister-in-law Mary (Welbank) Mitchell, before she died. Hirst, Mary-Ann (I16)
137 She was of age, so at least 21, when she married in 1845 Scott, Ann (I74)
138 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F363
139 son of Christopher Welbank, plumber Welbank, Thomas (I543)
140 son of John, tailor Welbank, John (I963)
141 Station Master at Balmoral, S. Belfast. Watson, Alan (I448)
142 Surgeon in Royal Navy Polden (I351)
143 Teacher in Kenya. Woods, Thomas (I430)
144 The KIN of Anthony Welbank, late of 15 Parkfield crescent, Feltham, Middlesex....are requested to apply to the Treasury Solicitor .... (Estate about 6000)

Andrews Newspaper Index Cards 9.9.1941: The above newspaper notice is pasted on, and there are handwritten notes:

11.6.1941 Barr called at 17 Parkfield Crescent and obtained information. Deceased was abt 74 birthday 12 Dec - pensioned railwayman - lived at Fulham before Feltham - had property in Ilford - born in France - mother was not married when decd was born - maternal grandfather was a Field Marshal of England - mother married afterwards ? in France - decd spoke of her husband as his stepfather - mother died 20 yrs ago in Fulham

[He owned 5 freehold properties, 4 in Ilford].

1921 Anthony Welbank H.S. 55/6 Rly Clk Languedoc, France [copied from 1921 census?]
Welbank, Anthony (I482)
145 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Richard (I595)
146 The parish record notes that his father lives in Boroughbridge, so Richard would have been born there. Welbank, Richard (I596)
147 The probate index says she died at the Trinity Ground, Stepney Marshall, Dinah (I853)
148 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Richard Thomas (I674)
149 There are two Ann Coulsons, servants, living at the house in 1841; aged 35 and 15. Probably related to this Ann Coulson, but her age at death is given as 63 by the Yorkshire Gazette 13 Oct 1860. Family F223
150 They were married by Richard's brother Christopher, later a bishop

Marriage allegation held in Metropolitan Archives, gives her age as "a minor, upwards of nineteen years". Her mother Jemima witnesses and agrees to the marriage as her father William Welbank is deceased. Her guardian George Brown also agrees to the marriage. Newspaper announcements say she is the second daughter of William Welbank. 
Family F36

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