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51 Clerk in Holy Orders Hawkins, Henry (I306)
52 coalseller Fulcher, Alfred (I402)
53 daughter of Robert, tailor Welbank, Margaret (I961)
54 Death of: Richard Welbank
Date: 16th Feb 1853
Sex: male
Age: 69
Place: South Chelsea, Middx, [Cert 208]
Cause of Death: Chronic Asthma, 5 years; Bronchitis, 1 month
Informant: I Gould, 77 Lower Sloane St, Chelsea.

Welbank, Richard (I013)
55 died of fever, according to parish records. His son Mark had died 2 weeks earlier of smallpox. Welbank, Christopher (I530)
56 died of smallpox Welbank, Mark (I46)
57 Dinah Eliza Wellbank is a witness. Family F65
58 does not appear on 1841 census Welbank, Joseph (I923)
59 Drove the first electric tram in Belfast in 1901.
Owned large lodging house in Sandy Row, Belfast. 
Totton, Alfred (I439)
60 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F329
61 Edward had a son in 1593, but the name is illegible, so he may not have been born on this date. Welbank, Robert (I1041)
62 effects c 6000. He had an annuity from his grandfather and seems to have lived modestly, eg lodging with his wife with no servants in 1861. Welbank, William (I157)
63 effects under 200 Wellbank, Mary (I866)
64 effects under 5000 Morgan, James Terry (I871)
65 effects 15626 Morgan, Thomas Wellbank (I873)
66 Effects 186. Admin was to Marian Mitchell, spinster. Mitchell, Rosabelle (I1145)
67 effects 3924 Jackson, John Ebor (I996)
68 Elizabeth the wife of John Welbank of Hale was buried.. Elisabeth (I1267)
69 Ellenor Wolban buried, presumed to be Fortune's wife Ellinor? (I1234)
70 End of family association with N Cowton/Northallerton area. Fowle, Violet (I1184)
71 estimated from birth date of children Welbank, Edward (I1040)
72 farmer Hawkins, Francis (I389)
73 fever acquired while canvassing for the post of coroner for Middlesex.

Notices in the Daily Universal Register of the 24th and 26th June 1786, from Christopher regretting that he can't canvass the voters due to sudden illness, then notices from Ann Welbank announcing his death and suggesting the voters choose a candidate who is prepared to pay her an allowance out of the income. However, they chose the man who had already been filling in for the former coroner during his terminal illness, who had declined to pay her anything. 
Welbank, Christopher (new) (I52)
74 fits Welbank, Edward Dawson (I538)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F43
76 from 1841 census Reed, Mary (I919)
77 from Billye D Jackson ( Hawkins, Robert (I286)
78 From gravestone at St Mary the Virgin, Leake Welbank, Mary (I1217)
79 from gravestone at St Mary the Virgin, Leake, died age 88 Sadler, Wilfred (I1216)
80 from hearth and window tax records. Welbank, Robert (I78)
81 He had recently died in 1444, and had an adult son from a second marriage, as said son was occupying a messuage in his own right. So was born more than 42 years earlier.

Possibly not originally from North Cowton, since he acquired the messuages there on marriage to his first wife. 
Welbank, John (I1071)
82 He is named as Robert Welbank Catterson at his christening, and only mother's name is given. Welbank, Robert Catterson (I1090)
83 He isn't mentioned in the Will of his great-uncle Robert the Elder who died in 1661. Welbank, RIchard (I1053)
84 He was deceased when his son Edward married. Welbank, George (I1032)
85 Her grandfather Richard mentions her in his Will in 1839 Scott, Caroline (I75)
86 Her grandfather William Sadler bequeathed 50 to each of his grandchildren in 1827, but she is not mentioned. Welbank, Jane (I756)
87 Her nephew James Michael Morgan was executor. Effects 2358. Cordingley, Elizabeth (I885)
88 Her nephews William and Richard were executors. Welbank, Frances (I030)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Christopher St Vincent (I681)
90 In 1791-4 the land tax record says "late Welbank". Welbank, Jane (I771)
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Richard Thomas (I674)
92 In 1911 Anne is living with her widowered father, although she has been married for 9 years. She says she has one child from the marriage, but maybe is confused by the census and Harry is from an earlier relationship. Family F94
93 Inventory of John Welbank, yeoman, 1662

corn and hay, kine, a spinning wheel, etc
wife Elizabeth gets the house and one close called Hungrille Pasture for life, then it goes to nephew John. 
Welbank, John (I1043)
94 Isabel daughter of Robert in parish records Welbancke, Isabel (I1079)
95 James Welbank, son of Christopher, late apprentice of Henry King, citizen and Vintner of London, was made a freeman of the Mayoralty of Charles Price Esq., Mayor, 15th June 1803.

This is to certify that on the 6th October 1802 James Welbank late apprentice to Henry King, Citizen and Vintner of London, was admitted into the Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Vintners in right of his said Apprenticeship. As by the Books of the said company appears.  
Welbank, James (I028)
96 Jane Welbank buried, born 1780. This record could refer to her. Sadler, Jane (I755)
97 John Welbank (brother?) was a witness Family F21
98 John's Will, 1732, gives 420 to younger son Robert and the residue to eldest son William. Twins William and john (1703) presumably died in infancy.  Welbank, John (I1006)
99 Lived in Camberwell after mother remarried to William Welbank. Welbank, Mary Ann Eliza (I017)
100 Living in the next house to John Stephen in 1931, so is he a son? On the other hand John's obituary only mentions a wife and siblings. Welbank, William (I1209)

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