Robert Welbank = Sarah


Baptism record:

St Botolph's, Bishopgate. - 4th Feb 1778 - Cert. 180
Robert Welbank, 18 Days Old, son, of William and Jemima

Summary of the Will of Robert Welbank of the Priory, Parish of Tandridge in the County of Surrey.

If Sarah's two nephews are Hawkins, then either Sarah must be a Hawkins or else her sister must have married a Hawkins. The former case would be the third occurrence of a Welbank Hawkins marriage.

Robert Welbank, born on 17/2/1778 would be 33 by the time of the 1811 Voyage. This is a similar age of Captaincy to other Captains in the lists.

East India Company Register


When and from Whence sailed: Portsmouth, 28th Aug. 1814
Ship: Cuffnells
Voyage: 8
Charter Tonnage: 1200
Managing Owner: Francis P. Martin, Esq.
Commander: Robert Welbank
First Officer: Richard Roger
Second Officer: John Vincent
Third Officer: George Roberts
Fourth Officer: James Drayner
Surgeon: Edmund Paul
Purser: William Kershaw
Consignment: Bengal, Madras & China

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  Capt. Robert Welbank by the ship's owners, on sailing to the East Indies.
  16 pg printed booklet of 67 instructions to the captain. Marbled wrappers.
  Quarto. London: 1814. Part of paper spine lacking; covers lightly soiled;
  vertical fold along center; else, very good condition. Particularly
  interesting, as the standard demands are supplemented by several amusing
  ms. instructions on the last 2 blank leaves regarding purchase of drugs in
  India. Plus 27-pg. Charter Party, folded in half, laid in. $600.00.    

Additionally the following list of plants also contains references to Captain Welbank:

  1. CAMELLIA JAPONICA, Single Red,introduced by Lord Petre, in 1739.
  2. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno alba, Double White, brought to England by Captain Connor, in 1792, for the garden of the late J. Slater, Esq.
  3. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno alba minor, introduced by Mr. James Lee, in 1816.
  4. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno striata, Double Striped, brought to England by Captain Connor, in 1792, for the garden of the late J. Slater, Esq.
  5. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore plena rubra, Double Red, introduced by R. Preston, Esq. in 1794, at Woodford, in Essex.
  6. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore plena rubra var., commonly called Greville's Double Red Camellia, introduced by the Honourable Charles Greville, in 1801.
  7. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore semi-duplex, Semi Double, introduced by the Honourable Charles Greville, in 1808.
  8. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno virginis rubra, Maiden's Blush Camel- lia, introduced by Sir Abraham Hume, in 1806.
  9. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno incarnata, Double Pink, or Middle- mist's Camellia, introduced by Mr. Middlemist, about the year 1810.
  10. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno bicolor, Pompone Camellia, introduced into Kew Gardens in 1813.
  11. CAMELLIA SASANQUA flore simplice, Lady Banks's Camellia, introduced by Captain Welbank, in 1811.
  12. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore alba simplice, Single White, introduced by Mr. Rolleston, in 1813; or by a Lady who gave it him.
  13. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno anemoniflora, or Waratah Camellia, introduced into Kew Gardens in 1812.
  14. CAMELLIA JAP0NICA flore pleno anemoniflora alba, or White Waratah, introduced into Kew Gardens in 1812.
  15. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno atrorubens, or Dark Red Camellia, introduced by Messrs. Loddiges and Sons, about 1816.
  16. CAMELLIA JAPONICA flore pleno coccinea, Large Scarlet. I have only Mr. Palmer's authority for this variety.
  17. CAMELLIA flore plena paeoniaeflora, Paeony-Flowered Camellia, introduced into Kew Gardens about 1812.
  18. CAMELLIA SASANQUA flore pleno, or Double Blush Sasanqua, imported by Captain Rawes, in 1816.
  19. CAMELLIA OLEIFERA, Oil-bearing Single Camellia, introduced by the Horticultural Society, in 1820.
  20. CAMELLIA WELBANKIANA, or White Paeony-Flowered Camellia, introduced by Captain Rawes and Captain Welbank, in 1816.
  21. CAMELLIA, Semi-Double Waratah, introduced by Captain Rawes, for Mrs Palmer, in 1816.
  22. CAMELLIA, Double Pink Waratah, introduced by Captain Rawes for Mrs Palmer, in 1816.
  23. CAMELLIA HEXANGULARE, imported by Captain Rawes, in 1816 and 1820, flowered on board the Warren Hastings, East Indiaman.
  24. CAMELLIA, Fringed Petaled, at Messrs. Colville's.
  25. CAMELLIA diversaflora pleno, Various Flowered, imported by Captain Rawes, in 1820; blows white, red, and blush, at the same time.
  26. Varieties not yet flowered at Mr. Palmer's, imported by Captain Rawes.

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