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1 03/01/1997
From: Quentin Johnson email quican@sentex.net
I am writing to introduce myself to you, as a result of my latest efforts to trace back my mother's family roots on the Internet. My name is Quentin Johnson, I now live in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada and I have just stumbled upon your website. My mother's name was Helroise Cecilia Hawkins, and her brother's name was John Sylvester Hawkins, both are deceased. My brother and I (he lives in Dorset) were told that my mother's family were directly descended from Admiral Sir John Hawkins. My uncle died in 1993 without issue, he never married so this line I guess has now died out. My brother and I were bequeathed two paintings by my uncle. I have the oldest one which was painted in about 1625 and depicts the 6 grandchildren (or great grandchildren) of Sir John Hawkins. The other painting which my brother has is of the Hawkins family painted in about 1841 by a painter called Bridges, this branch of the family apparently lived in or near Oxford. I would be most interested to hear from you and perhaps you would be interested in seeing a photograph of the two paintings.

2 30/01/1997
From: P.L. Clements email philclem@tgis.co.uk
I doubt if there is any connection, but I'm researching Hawkins. It started when my wife discovered that she had an unknown aunt, who we have still to find. We have traced the Hawkins family back to the early 1700's. At the root of our tree is Henry Hawkins and Ann Pratt, both from Kings Sutton, Northants. They married in 1725 and moved to Adderbury

3 30/01/1997
From: Roger Hawkins email hawkinscr@cell2000.net
My name is Roger Hawkins and I live in Merced, California, USA. I have a family tree that shows that I am directly related to Sir John Hawkins (1532-1595). One of Sir Richard Hawkins son (unfortunately I don't have his first name) had a son named William Hawkins whose son was named Philemon Hawkins whose son was also named Philemon Hawkins came to the US in 1715. If you are interest in anymore info on this part of the Hawkins' family tree my Email:

4 31/01/1997
From: Richard Pierce email rapierce@trojan.neta.com
My mother was a Hawkins and I can trace our line back to Baltimore,MD with a few shaky generations(not totally confirmed yet). If my assumptions are correct a Robert Hawkins was born in Lancashire in 1695 and came to Baltimore in 1716. I have reasonably good data from there to current. See: http://www.neta.com/~rapierce Follow the genealogy link... The missing links are the ancestors of Robert. Seems to me that if enough Hawkins researchers use your site, an answer will

5 03/02/1997
From: John Hawkins email jhawkio@tpgi.com.au
It is a truth universally acknowledged that all Hawkins believe they are descended from the Admiral. I have a copy of an extensive tree constructed some forty years ago by C.E.Harvey Coney of Harlow, Essex. He died about twenty years ago but unfortunately left little in the way of research notes. It includes your tree as one branch and several others. It shows my particular line from Thomas, a younger brother of the Admiral, of Castor in Northamptonshire but recent research in my more recent (supposed) area (Hunts., Bedford, and Herts.) shows numerous inaccuracies including an erroneous insertion of my great-great-grandfather Richard (born about 1799 where?, died Henley on Thames 1843) of Medmenham, Buckinghamshire, whose origin is presently unknown. The spelling in places is difficult due the generation of copying. There must be a number of such Hawkins trees around but if thought worthwhile I could enter it into a database and perhaps provide a gedcom file for accessing but it would have to be seen for what it is and not any sort of primary data. (Or send a photocopy and let someone else do the dirty work!) Also a corrected version of the area I looked at could be available and my own somewhat limited tree. Incidentally the Harvey Coney tree shows Admiral Sir Richard married to Judith HELE (or HOLE?), his son Richard to Betsy DRAKE. The John HAWKINS married to Judith HAYNE appears as the son of John's first wife, Elizabeth GILBERT, not the second (Sarah GILBERT). Instead of John Gilbert Hayne HAWKINS being the son of John Gilbert Hayne HAWKINS (1771-1823 of the Royal Marines) and Jane SOUTAR the latter couple have four children, namely John, Gilbert Hayne (Royal Navy), William Gilbert and Jane but the branch ends there. Someone gave me the names of the following two books which are said to contain research results of the HAWKINS tree but I have not seen them: "Plymouth Armada Heroes" by Mary Hawkins, published 1888. "The Hawkins Dynasty" by Michael Lewis, published 1969. Kind regards and best wishes for your web site. Something like it is needed. -- John Hawkins 22 Janari Close Toormina NSW 2452 Phone (066) 581769

6 03/02/1997
From: John Hawkins email jhawkio@tpgi.com.au
Attached is promised descendant file of Richard Hawkins of Medmenham in gedcom. Anyone interested can have more details or related branches as required of course. I think a cross of St.George would be a safe bet for the galleon although all sorts of personal ensigns would have been flown. The Union flag was not developed until 1603. The attached pictures are from "The Spanish Armada" by Martin Parker 1988. The first is the "Black Pinnace" which brought the body of Sir Philip Sydney back after Zutphen in 1586 and would be like many of the small low-hulled pinnaces used on both sides. The second is John Hawkins' flagship "Jesus of L=FCbeck" captured by the Spanish in 1569 painted in 1546. Another painting in the book shows half a dozen ships in action in southwest Ireland in 1580 all with one to three flags of the cross of St.George. The following is the opening of the introduction to the above book: "It was 10 August I588 in the North Sea, and the summer weather was unseasonably bad. Before a brisk south-westerly gale, with storm-canvas set, ran the 600-ton English royal galleon Victory, scarred by recent action. Her gaudily-painted upperworks were stained with gunsmoke; the royal standard at the mainmast and the flags of St George which flapped at the fore and mizzen tops were in tatters. Some of the rigging showed signs of makeshift repair, the bowsprit and main mizzen were shot-splintered, and the ship's longboat was missing. And, although still seaworthy, the 34-gun Victory was in no condition to engage an enemy. Her shot lockers, upon which her whole capacity to fight depended, were completely empty. Less than a week earlier the ship had been in the thick of the longest and fiercest artillery action which had ever taken place at sea. Somewhere to leeward the huge Armada from Spain against which she had fought, severely battered but with its formidable order and discipline still largely intact, was loose in the northern seas. Its ammunition stocks, though depleted, were not exhausted, while its massed companies of shipboard infantry would still be irresistible in any boarding action. Worst of all, the English did not know where this fleet was, nor what it might yet do. In Victory's great cabin her captain, Sir John Hawkins, scrawled a postscript to the urgent report he had just completed, apologising for his poor handwriting: it was done, he explained, 'In haste and bad weather'. His dispatch, addressed to Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth, shows Hawkins to have been an extremely worried man. The Spanish fleet, he warned, was still 'here, and very forcible, and must be waited upon with all our force, which is little enough. There should be an infinite quantity of powder and shot provided, and continually sent abroad; without the which great hazard may grow to our country; for this is the greatest and strongest combination, to my understanding, that ever was gathered in Christendom; therefore I wish it, of all hands, to be mightily and diligently looked unto and cared for.'" The Royal Standard would presumably have been the three lions quartered with

7 06/02/1997
From: NEWTGUS email NEWTGUS@aol.com
I am just beginning to chart this part of my husbands tree. Mine has been researched back to England (Cox Family) to fifteenth century so thought this would be good to do for this family. This is all I have: James Darwin Hawkins Dec. 28, 1948 Parents: James Dallas Hawkins born 1906 Kansas? Maude Eileen Foreman James Dallas Hawkins Parents: Thomas A. Hawkins born ?? Deborah Knox born?? where should I go next since there appear to be so many lines? Any help is more than appreciated and I look forward to doing some leg work myself.

8 10/02/1997
From: Billye D. Jackson email coffey@mail.viptx.net
Descendants of Robert Hawkins Generation No. 1 1. Robert1 Hawkins was born 1752 in ,Amelia,VA, and died 19 Jan 1840 in ,Sumner,TN. He married Sarah Frances Gilliam 20 Sep 1808 in Farmville,Prince Edward,VA, daughter of John Gilliam and Frances Hopkins. Child of Robert Hawkins and Sarah Gilliam is: + 2 i. Richard Gilliam2 Hawkins, born 15 Jan 1821. Generation No. 2 2. Richard Gilliam2 Hawkins (Robert1) was born 15 Jan 1821. He married Eleanor Armstrong Davis 13 Dec 1846. Child of Richard Hawkins and Eleanor Davis is: + 3 i. Elizabeth Hester Anna3 Hawkins, born 13 Feb 1865 in ,Trousdale,TN; died 1937 in ,Macon,TN. Generation No. 3 3. Elizabeth Hester Anna3 Hawkins (Richard Gilliam2, Robert1) was born 13 Feb 1865 in ,Trousdale,TN, and died 1937 in ,Macon,TN. She married (1) William Timothy Meador 05 Nov 1882. She married (2) William Wesley Wilson 14 Oct 1896, son of George Wilson and Mary Tucker. Child of Elizabeth Hawkins and William Wilson is: + 4 i. Eugene Epperson4 Wilson, Sr, born 01 Sep 1899 in Red Boiling Springs,Macon,TN; died 05 Feb 1981 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY. Generation No. 4 4. Eugene Epperson4 Wilson, Sr (Elizabeth Hester Anna3 Hawkins, Richard Gilliam2, Robert1) was born 01 Sep 1899 in Red Boiling Springs,Macon,TN, and died 05 Feb 1981 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY. He married Velma Pearl Kirby 27 Aug 1925 in Moss,Clay,Tn, daughter of William Kirby and Lela Law. Child of Eugene Wilson and Velma Kirby is: + 5 i. Roger McKinnis5 Wilson, born 22 May 1936 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY. Generation No. 5 5. Roger McKinnis5 Wilson (Eugene Epperson4, Elizabeth Hester Anna3 Hawkins, Richard Gilliam2, Robert1) was born 22 May 1936 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY. He married (1) Helen Gibson in Louisville, Jefferson, KY. He married (2) Billye Dolores Cleveland 22 Jun 1962 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY, daughter of John Cleveland and Christine Bridewell. Child of Roger Wilson and Helen Gibson is: 6 i. Connie Sue6 Wilson, born 08 Jul 1955 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY. She married Stephen Irvin in Louisville, Jefferson, KY. Child of Roger Wilson and Billye Cleveland is: 7 i. Roger Alan6 Wilson, born 28 Dec 1966 in Louisville,Jefferson,KY.

9 10/02/1997
From: Tom Miller email scouse@inforamp.net
Looking for connections to the following family... John HAWKINS Occ. Engine Fitter. I. William HAWKINS b. ??-___-1842, Ireland, Occ. Gas Fitter, m. 25-Dec-1863, in Liverpool, St.Marys, Edge Hill, Ellen ROBERTS, b. ??-___-1844, Liverpool, Lancashire, (daughter of Robert Wright ROBERTS and Jane OSBORNE). A. John HAWKINS b. about -1865, Liverpool, Lancashire, Occ. Tinplate Worker, m. 21-Dec-1889, in Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale, Minnie Isabel SMART, b. ??-___-1866, (daughter of Harclose SMART). 1. Minnie HAWKINS b. 30-Sep-1890, Liverpool, 11 Calmet St, Kirkdale, Bap. 13-Oct-1890, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale. 2. Florence HAWKINS b. 5-Nov-1892, Liverpool, 11 Calmet St, Kirkdale, Bap. 12-Dec-1892, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale. 3. George Smart HAWKINS b. 23-Aug-1894, Liverpool, 97 Fountains Rd, Bap. 24-Sep-1894, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale. 4. Eva Elizabeth May HAWKINS b. 11-Feb-1896, Liverpool, 25 Chelmsford St, Bap. 30-Mar-1896, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale. 5. Elsie HAWKINS b. 4-Jul-1902, Liverpool, 25 Chelmsford St, Bap. 3-Aug-1902, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale, m. 1-Aug-1927, in Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale, John William ROBINSON, b. ??-___-1899, (son of Samuel ROBINSON) Occ. Labourer. 6. Harold Smart HAWKINS b. ??-___-1904, Occ. Steward, m. 25-Jun-1930, in Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale, May SEARCY, b. ??-___-1906, (daughter of Walter SEARCY). B. Mary Jane HAWKINS b. ??-___-1868, Liverpool, Lancashire, Bap. 23-Nov-1868, Liverpool, St.Peters. C. Thomas Wright HAWKINS b. ??-___-1871, Liverpool, Lancashire, Bap. 23-Jul-1871, Liverpool, St.Peters, Occ. Moulder's Apprentice (91), m. Sarah Ellen. 1. William HAWKINS b. 21-Nov-1896, Liverpool, 137 Buckingham St, Kirkdale, Bap. 31-Dec-1896, Liverpool, St.Marys, Kirkdale. D. William HAWKINS b. ??-___-1874, Occ. Plumber/Journeyman, m. 1-Aug-1897, in Liverpool, Christchurch, Everton, Katie Elizabeth PARSONS, b. ??-___-1877, (daughter of Charles PARSONS) d. 9-Apr-1951, Liverpool, Lancashire, Bur. Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, Lancashire. William died 06-Oct-1961, Liverpool, Lancashire, Bur. Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, Lancashire. 1. Katherine Elizabeth HAWKINS m. William John SOMERS. Katherine died 22-Aug-1988, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. 2. William Henry HAWKINS b. ??-___-1899, m. Margaret, d. ??-Jul-1988. William died 02-Aug-1978, Liverpool, Lancashire, Bur. Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, Lancashire. 3. Henry Howarth HAWKINS b. 14-Jan-1906, Liverpool, 10 Verger St, Everton, Occ. Insurance Agent, m. 07-Aug-1959, in Liverpool, Lancashire, May WILLIAMS, b. 07-May-1913, Liverpool, 66 Coniston Rd, Bap. Liverpool, St.Saviours, (daughter of Albert Henry WILLIAMS and Annie MORTON). Henry died 22-Dec-1974, Liverpool, Walton, Bur. Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, Lancashire. 4. Albert Edward HAWKINS 5. Frances HAWKINS 6. Esther HAWKINS m. Unknown HALL. 7. Violet HAWKINS m. Stanley CATHERWOOD. 8. Harold HAWKINS m. Winnie. 9. Mary May HAWKINS m. Unknown HUGHES. Mary died 05-Nov-1988. 10. Elsie HAWKINS m. Alfred CATHERALL. Elsie died ??-___-1994. 11. Margaret HAWKINS m. Unknown PRICE. 12. Robert Charles HAWKINS E. Emma HAWKINS b. ??-___-1879, Liverpool, Lancashire, m. 2-Apr-1899, in St. Polycarps, Liverpool, James Herbert GREGORY, b. ??-___-1880, (son of James GREGORY) Occ. Timekeeper, d. ??-Feb-1945, Liverpool, 46 Harrismith Road, Bur. 13-Feb-1945, Liverpool, Kirkdale Cemetery S22/1720. Emma died ??-Sep-1947, Liverpool, 34 Uyland Road, Huyton, Bur. 19-Sep-1947, Liverpool, Kirkdale Cemetery S22/1720. 1. William James GREGORY b. 1-Sep-1899, m. Hannah WORSWICK, b. 20-Apr-????. William died 24-Dec-1970, Fazackerley, Lancashire. 2. Herbert GREGORY b. ??-___-1905. 3. Sarah GREGORY b. ??-___-1912. 4. Emma GREGORY b. ??-___-1912. 5. Edith GREGORY m. William

10 13/02/1997
From: William Frazier email bfraz@yucca.net
Looking for info on Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Hawkins b. 1645 in England possible marriage record from Norton Bavant Church??? married Dorothy Mattack(Mattock, Mattach?) Sept. 12, 1662 Son: James Hawkins m. Mary Elliot May 4, 1705 in Falls Meeting, Pennsylvania, USA Would like to know if anyone has these names on record. Thank you.

11 09/03/1997
From: bill blount email lakeanna@mnsinc.com
I really don't have any evidence accept that I am 47 years old and I remember when I was 6 years old, my grandfather who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana (he was an uneducated farmer) told me that his father told him that Sir John Hawkins who carried slaves by ship was our descendant. I don't believe my grandfather would have heard of Sir John any other way than word of mouth through his family. Sincerely, Sheila Stone How can I get more info?

12 13/03/1997
From: email dr5249@aol.com
am trying to find any information about a William Hawkins who married a Martha Coleman. It is said he talked with an Irish brogue. He is buried in Kentucky. Any information appreciated.

13 24/03/1997
From: George Kouflie email kouflie@superlink.net
I'm looking for help in finding information on my grandfather's family. He was George Henry Hawkins. He was born April 21, 1888 in Hampshire, England, died Oct. 25, 1951 in Long Island, New York. Was one of six children (5 boys and 1 girl). He also had a twin brother. Parents were William Hawkins and Mary Bishop, dates unknown. Married Edith Georgina Rebecca Griffin (b.March 12, 1886 - d. Oct. of 1967) on Nov. 20, 1915.

14 11/04/1997
From: John Ware Lawshe email longball@sundial.net
Here is my line of descent from Sir John... Sir John(1532-1595) and Katherine Gonson, their son... Sir Richard Hawkins(1560-1622) and Judith Heale, their son... John Hawkins(1604-c1678) and Hester Richards, their son... John Hawkins(1643-?) and Mary Dewe, their son... Philemon Hawkins(1690-1725)(Emigrated to Virginia in 1715) and Anne Eleanor Howard, their son... Philemon Hawkins(1717-1801) and Delia Martin, their son... Benjamin Hawkins(1754-1816) and Lavinia Downs. Ben was the first Senator from North Carolina, a delegate to the Constitutional convention, a member of George Washington's staff in the Revolutionary War, and in 1796 was appointed by Washington as Indian Agent to all tribes south of the Ohio River, a post he held until death....their daughter... Cherokee Hawkins(1804-1843) married my GGG grandfather, Lewis Lawshe(locally famous Indian fighter, he fought beside Sam Houston,Davey Crockett and Andrew Jackson) in 1819..their son... Lewis Madison Lawshe(Capt.In Confederate Army)..his son Lewis M. Lawshe Jr...his son..Van Louis Lawshe..his son Van Louis Lawshe Jr.(Major U.S. Army, fought in Korea and WWII, died from his service connected injuries in 1966)...his son...(myself) John Ware Lawshe(1949- ) I have some info. on the other offspring of these relations, please E-mail any questions.

15 14/04/1997
From: Shirley Kurtzrock email bobert@panacom.com
Hello! Found your very interesting and informative website, and a few others by using the Infoseek search engine. Have found it to be just about the best, and one only has to plug in a surname. What could be simpler! I may be a 'johnny come lately' with HAWKINS data, but have found the following interesting websites which may add to other HAWKINS seekers: http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/home/hawkins.html The book, HAWKINS OF PLYMOUTH, by James A. Williamson, is cited as a source in the above webpage. http://www.wolfson.ox.ac.ul%7Eben/drake.htm above refers to English 16th Century sea history. http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jsnelson/armada.html above is Ships, Masters, Captains and Officers of the English Fleet of the Spanish Armada. http://www.aa.net/~davidco/drake1.htm above is article from THE ENGLISH MERCURIE - 22 July 1858 http://www.oup-usa.org/docs/0192116754.html above is The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy (parts thereto) http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~antsai/project.html#death_scene above is from Boswell's, LIFE OF JOHNSON. Sir John HAWKINS and Dr. Johnson were friends and contemporaries. Sir John was one of the executors of Johnson's Last Will Testament. There is also a book, THE VOYAGE OF THE ARMADA, The Spanish Story, by David HOWARTH. On the inside book cover, there is a photocopy of the portrait of Sir John HAWKINS which hangs in the Maritime Museum in London, England. This particular book addresses both sides of the battles of the Armada; I found it both informative and interesting. I compared the photocopy of Sir John from the above book, and one of my maternal great-grandpa John P. [I have come to believe the initial P. stands for Philemon] HAWKINS: the resemblance is amazing, down to mustache and beard! I can not - at present, anyway - claim descendancy from the famous admiral, but contemplation is very interesting! For those that have access to the LDS Library facilities, there is much HAWKINS data to be gleaned. One is particular is: LDS 929.273 H314SR Item 9 (At Belle Glade) MY FAMILY HAWKINS (York Co., VA 1587-1989 by Reginald Allison Smith) I do not have, nor have I seen this book in person. Apparently, there are some photos in it There is also an organization in the U.S., named the Patriotic Ancestral Society in America. I am not familiar with this society, but have just one page referring to several HAWKINS families. Apparently, this society puts out a publication - the page I have is sort of an index of HAWKINS articles, in various volumes. I don't have the address of this society, but it probably in 'on-line' somewhere, or one's local libary might have knowledge of it. I will go ahead and type this out - it is rather lengthly, but I think note-worthy. In re-looking at this, it may be this data is on file with the LDS system. I leave it to you readers to decide that. This is typed "as is", but I am spacing for easier reading: Patriotic Ancestral Society in America. Article on Col Alexander Leroy Hawkins (10th Inf. in the Philippines) b. 2/6/1843 in Pa. Vol 4, No. 2 "Some Recollections of a Longlived General" by Ralph C. Hawkins. Vol 5, No 1, Spring 1983 Relates origin of first Hawkins at time of Norman conquest 1066. Orbert de Hawking may have been norman, a sort of military knight to man Dover Castle between 1154 and 1182 (Kent Co.) etc. (Thiis good may want copy) Vol. 5, No 2 Contains history of Hawkins Association and book reviews Vol. 6, No. 1 Has good biography of Sir John Hawkins Vol 7, No. 1 "Founders of Early American Families". Robert and Mary Hawkins. John Camden Horton's, "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality Who Went >From Great Britain to America 1600-1700" There are three Hawkins listed: Robert came in "Elizabeth and Ann" 1635 to Charleston, Mass. Richard was in Boston 1638, died in Portsmouth, RI, 1639. William in Providence, RI, 1638, died there after 6/17/1699. Vol 7, No. 2 350th Anniversary celebration of Robert and Mary sailing and 50th Anniversary of the Hawkins Assn. Origination of the Hawkins name. Vol. III, No. 8, Nov 1974 Descendants of James Hawkins and Martha Hollowell: Joh, Isaac, Benjamin, Martha Cook, Nathan, James, and Amos. [side note: this is my branch] Also has good genealogy chart of HAWKINS of DEVON (good) Vol. 8, No. 1, winter 86 Earliest known Hawkins, Osbert de Hawking acquired surname when he becmae warden of Dover Castle above the White Cliffs on the Southeast coast of England during reign of Henry II (1154-1189). In return for patrolling and defending it, he received the use of land in the parish of Hawking, 6 mi. SW from the castle, and use of its name. (Description of castle follows) Vol a No. 1 (Fiche 929.27305) Origin of Assn. More about Dover Castle and describes Hawkins Coat of Arms. Call #929.27305, Film #77370333, Ser # 524 "Hawkins Family Records", Vo. III, No. 3, June 1974, 50c copy by Carl H. Hawkins, Indiana. Genealogy of Amos Hawkins, b. 11/5/1757 Loudoun City, Va. youngest of James Hawkins and Martha Hollowell; issue Jonatha, Charity, Eliza and Martha also Amos Hawkins, b. 3/11/1772 in S.C., 3d child of John H., Sr. and Mary (Molly) Moore, emigrated to Ohio 1807 also Amos Hawkins, b. 1/7/1769 in S.C. d b Caesars Creek, Ohio (age 64) m. 12/6/1791 in S.C., Phebe Wilson, eldest child of Isaac Hawkins and Margaret; grandson of Martha (Hollowell) and James Hawkins. (Most descendants migrated to Indiana, none to Fl.) Vol. III, No. 7 James Hawkins b. 1/23/1756 in Loudon Cty, VA., son of James and Mary Elliott, great grandson of Jeffrey and Dorothy Mattock, moved to Union, Sc.C. about 1766 then to Ohio 1806. Vol. 3, #2 Hawkins Family Records. Descendants of James Hawkins and Martha Hollowell. Issue: Nathan 1753, Pa.; Amos Hawkins and Rachel Jones, Issue: A. B. C. D. - Prudence b. 1815 m. H. Crooks. [Note: I have not scanned the above - nor what is to follow - am merely sharing this information.] The following [typed as is] is probably an LDS Film File: "Plymouth Armada Heroes-The Hawkins Family" Film 929.242 by Mary W.S. Hawkins Motto: "NIL DESPERANDUM" - NOTHING IS TO BE DESPAIRED OF Family of Devon,. connected with town of Plymouth during 16th century. Sir John Hawkins was elder brother of Capt. Wm Hawkins and his son, Sir Richard Hawkins commanded three ships: Victory, Gryfyn, Swallow. (very good map of Plymouth) Contents of Book: William Hawkins, the Elder Chap I 1 The Second Wm Hawkins, II 8 Sir John Hawkins, III 17 The Armada, IV 79 Sir Richard Hawkins, V 115 William Hawkins, III, VI 142 Descendants of Sir Richard VII 161 Pedigree 176 Appendix 177 A Genealogy Table of the Hawkins Family of Devon 6 pages following pg. 176 Admiral Richard Hawkins was only child of Sir John Hawkins. His mother was Sir John's second wife, Katherine, daughter of Benjamin Gonson, Treasurer of Navy 1549-1573. Richard was born 1500 at Plymouth. In 1582 made his first long voyage with uncle William. Richard married Judith daughter of ....Hele , died May 30, 1629. Tomb at Slapton Church. Children of Richard: Judith b. 6/27/1639; Hester b. 1640 ob 1644; John b. 1643 ob 1670 at Slapton May 12/1670; William b. 1644; Hester b. 1647. [must have been children named after dead children as was often done way back when]. Sir John Hawkins was son of Wm. Hawkins, mayor of Plymouth 1567-8; 1578-9; 1587-8 and Joan .... Sir John Hawkins b. 1532 - 1st wife Margaret Vaughn (bedchamber woman to Queen Elizabeth); second wife Katherine, daughter of Benjamin Gonson. Only son was Richard who married Judith.... John Hawkins=Judith...dau. of Hoyne ob 1802 John Gilbert=Habe day, Wn, if Siyter v, 1772 b. 1771n Ritak Narubes av 1826 >From Will of William Hawkins: Pg. 16, second wife Marie, died 7 Oct 1589, bur. Deptford, Kent. Issue: William (eldest by former wife) Richard (eldest by wife, Marie) Francis Nicholas William dau Judith Whitaker - her son Wm. Whitaker et other children. dau Clare Michaell dau Grace bur. 1582 Adm. Sir John Hawkins, 2d son of William Hawkins, the elder by Joan Trelawny b. Plymouth 1532 was married twice 1558=Katherine

16 21/04/1997
From: John T. Lannom email jtlannom@one.net
Descendants of Acton Hawkins Generation No. 1 1. ACTON1 HAWKINS was born February 04, 1804 in North Carolina1, and died Bef 1880 in Jackson Cty., Tennessee2. He married SALIE DAVIDSON. Individual: Hawkins, Acton County/State: Jackson Co., TN Location: 8th Civil District Page #: 74 Year: 1850 Children of Acton Hawkins and Salie Davidson are: i. WASHINGTON2 HAWKINS, b. Abt 1828. ii. PURLINA HAWKINS, b. Abt 1833; m. WILLIAM WADE GOOLSBY. iii. WILLIAM HAWKINS, b. Abt 1836. iv. SALLY HAWKINS, b. Abt 1838. v. JAMES HAWKINS, b. Abt 1841. vi. TENESSEE A. HAWKINS, b. Abt 1843. vii. ELIZABETH HAWKINS, b. Abt 1844. viii. NOAH H. HAWKINS, b. December 08, 1847, Jackson County, TN; d. February 12, 1923. ix. NANCY EMALINE HAWKINS, b. Abt 18493. -- John T. Lannom E-Mail: jtlannom@one.net or lannom@aol.com Genealogy Home Page: http:\\\\www.familytreemaker.com/users/l/a/n/John-T-Lannom/index/html

17 21/04/1997
From: Jerry Anderson email jandrson@usit.net
Hi ,,, Richard Anderson and Elizabeth Hawkins were married at All Honey's Lane at London on 20 Devember 1611 ... Richard Anderson was a descendant of Sir Edmund Anderson (by wife Madylin Smith). We have always 'suspected' a connection between our Eliz Hawkins and Admiral Sir John Hawkins' descendants. I have seen where her father was a William Hawkins. Richard Anderson came to Virginia in 1635 where his three sons (John-William-Richard) were already there. No record of Elizabeth making the voyage. Any comments would be appreciated.

18 22/04/1997
From: Jeanne Dahlman email jdahlman@admin.stkate.edu
You have a nice web page on Hawkinses. And I have a question that I'd like to get a clue about. There is a Mary Hawkins who married 13 July 1794 Robert Tizard baptized at Winterborne, St. Martin. They were buried at Litten Cheney, Dorset. Their son James Hawkins Tizard 1795-1853 has a large vaulted tomb there. Somewhere this family acquired arms, but I know not when or what circumstances. Do you know whether this Mary Hawkins was related to Admiral Sir John? I'd appreciate any hint in this direction. Jeanne Tizard Dahlman jdahlman@admin.stkate.edu

19 22/04/1997
From: Jerry Anderson email jandrson@usit.net
Paul .... The reason we have suspected a possible connection to the Admiral (Sir John Hawkins) is due to the ancestors of Richard Anderson .... Sir Edmund Anderson was also in the service of Queen Elizabeth and the proximity of dates, location and 'noble' status of the family etc ...... The Hawkins name is the next on our list to try to "nail down" ... You asked if I have data on Richrd Anderson after he arrived in VA in 1635 ... Yes I do ... my ANDERSONS were the first in VA of that surname. Richard Anderson and Elizabeth Hawkins are my 10th great grandparents. There is also a HOWARD and a STANLEY connection. ... my roots are deep into old line English families.=20 Jerry Anderson

20 22/04/1997
From: Mark Freeman email MarkFreemn@aol.com
Just getting my web site started at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/8415/index.html and want to link to yours and share info. Descended through Dewe, Philemon Anne Eleanor Howard, Sen. Benjamin (skipping generations each time). Have hundreds of descendants in my FTW file / can we compare notes? What format do you want / can you provide me

21 24/04/1997
From: Frank Potter email fpotter@mail.his.com
My Great-Great Grandfather was Edmund Miller Hawkins (1816-1893), who apparently was a Methodist minister in the Otley Circuit (Yorkshire), married Margaret Hudson (1813-1889) and who emigrated to the U.S. (or perhaps it was his son, Edmund Miller Hawkins (1846-1879), who married Mary Louise Oliver (1853-1898). His son, my grandfather, was George Frederick Hawkins (1874-1937). There is a myth that Sir John is an ancestor, but that's probably all it is.

22 24/04/1997
From: Robert Hawkins email rnhawk@erols.com
Thanks for the reply. I found your site extremely interesting. I'm the Robert Norman (Bob) you'll see in the attached tree, although there are plenty of Richards and Williams in my direct tree. I don't have a GEDCOM file so I've attached a .txt file I've culled from my database. If you want to put this information on the net, I'd appreciate it if you would omit people born after 1920. 1920 is the last US census data that has been made public. The information I have shows that John (1680-1740) son of John Hawkins and Mary Dewe came to Virginia about 1680. My records don't show it but Roger Hawkins (I contacted him through your site) says that John and Mary Dewe had at least one other son named Philemon. Moreover, my family legend says that three brothers came to America. I've asked him to send me the information he has. I hope this is of interest to you. I too would like to see the another side of our extensive tree and I'd appreciate it if you would send it to me. I have a GEDCOM reader somewhere so I can take it either as a .txt or GEDCOM file. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the PLYMOUTH ARMADA HEROES- when it appears on the net. If you have any trouble opening the attachment, let me know and I'll re-send.

23 02/05/1997
From: Robert Hawkins email rnhawk@erols.com
Sir Richard Hawkins b 1560 d 1622 m 1588 Dame Judity Hele 1. Judith bpz 7 Nov 1592, Deptford England m Tristram Sture 2. John 1604 3. Richard 4. Margaret 5. Joan 6. Mary 7. John Hawkins b 1604 d 1677 Slapton England m 1636 Hester Richards d 1660 1. John b 1639 2. Judith b 1640 3. Richard b 1641 4. John b 1643 5. William b 1644 6. Hester b 1647 7. Robert 8. Mary 9. Thomas 10. Nichalos John Hawkins b 1643 Oxfordshire England d 1695 m 1670 Mary Dewe 1. John b 1680 John Hawkins b 1680 in Oxfordshire England d 1740 in King William County Virginia m 1706 Mary Long 1. Joseph 2. William 3. Philemon 4. Elizabeth 5. Phoebe 6. Mary Joseph Hawkins b 1707 St Anne's Parish Essex City Virginia d 1769 m Jane Nicholas date unknown but was listed as wife in 1741 Spottsylvania County, Virginia deed books. 1. John b 1733 2. Joseph 3. Lucy 4. Sarah John Hawkins b 1733 in Spottsylvinia County, Virginia d 1786 m Mary Waller before 1753 as recorded in the Tennessee State Daugters of the American Revolution (DAR) records. 1. John b 1754 2. Hardress 3. Elizabeth 4. Mary b 1771 5. Francis John Hawkins b 1754 in Guilford County, Virginia d 1826 m 1796 Polly Goodman in Rowan City, North Carolina 1. Benjamin b 1803 2. John b 1825 Benjamin Hawkins b 1803 in Randolph County, North Carolina d 1885 m 1825 Elizabeth Kindley in Randolph County, North Carolina Moved to Smith County Mississippi before 1844 1. John b 1825 in Randolph County, North Carolina m 1848 Louisa Smith 2. Martha Patsy b 1827 in Randolph County, North Carolina m 1848 Anguist Gunn 3. Pleasant C b 1829 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Polly Westbrook b 1829 Benjamin Hawkins m 1831 Elizabeth Varner in Randolph County, North Carolina 1. William M. b 1832 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Mary McQuinn 2. Anderson b 1834 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Martha E McQuinn 3. Amos (Britt) b 1836 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Amelia Eakin 4. Jessie Dobson b 1839 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Catherine Johnson 5. Charles F. (Brim) b 1840 in Randolph County, North Carolina d 1861 20th Miss Inf CSA 6. Mary Ann b 1842 in Randolph County, North Carolina m Moses Lingle b 1836 7. Nancy b 1844 in Smith County Mississippi 8. Thomas b 1847 in Smith County Mississippi m Lucy Shirley 9. Sarah b 1855 in Smith County Mississippi m James Jenkens William M. Hawkins b 1832 m 1855 Mary McQuinn 1. Benjamin F b 1856 m 1880 Mary J. b 1860 and m 1910 Della W. b 1856 2. Daniel L b 1857 m Mary E? b 1857 3. Nancy E. b 1859 m ? Sersey 4. Margret E b 1862 m ? Stewart 5. Amminitus L b 1865 m Albert Husband 6. Lucy J. b 1868 m ? Arinder 7. James L. b 1869 m Susan? B 1873 8. Richard Thomas b 1873 m Florrie J. Clark 9. William Hicks b 1875 m Lizzy Mccarty b 1875 All of William M.'s children were born in Smith County Mississippi Richard Thomas Hawkins b 1873 m 1897 Florrie Clark 1. Emmit b 1897 m Orrie Russum 2. Rossie b 1899 m Alvie Gatewood 3. Ollie b 1907 m Guller Henderson 4. William Hillard b 1904 m Jewel Ball 5. Curtis E b 1907 m Mary Robbins 6. Yuell b 1910 m Ruby Curry 7. Revis R b 1913 m Ovina Edwards All of Richard Thomas' children were born in Smith County Mississippi William Hillard Hawkins b 1904 m 1934 Jewel Ball b 1909 1. William Hillard II 2. Richard Drew 3. Jewel Edrie 4. Robert Norman Robert Norman Hawkins b 1943, Jackson Mississippi m 1961 Sandra Harvey b 1942, St John's Newfoundland, Canada 1. Sonja Antrene b 1962 Magee,

24 05/05/1997
From: David Drake email ddrake@ix.netcom.com
Although to my current knowledge I am not a Hawkins descendant, I do have a connection to Sir John. In 1848 when my Irish Duhigg ancestors departed from Limerick, Ireland bound for Canada, they sailed on the ship, "John Hawkins." My 3rd gt gr mother, Margaret Halloran Duhigg, used to tell the story of their departure. Apparently the channel from Limerick harbor to the sea was so full of ships coming and going that autumn that it was difficult manoevering in the channel. Margaret and her husband Tim had their two small boys with them and she was terrified that something awful would happen before they could even reach the open sea. But her spirits were lifted by an English passenger sailing with them who was calmly having his supper. He said, "If I'm going to drown, I'm going to do it with a full stomach." Needless to say, the John Hawkins made the journey safely to New Brunswick, docking at Miramichi or St. John. This was recorded in a book on Irish Immigrants there. My husband may have a connection too. His Drake ancestors came from Devon, England. Is he descended from someone in Sir Francis' family? This is the question we have yet to answer. Dot Drake ddrake@ix.netcom.com

25 06/05/1997
From: Guy Ingram email grinfrog@lis.net.au
My GGGG-grandfather was Capt.Thomas Fitzherbert HAWKINS R.N. (1781-1837) who captained the "Berwick" during the Napoleonic wars. After the war his ship was de-commissioned and the crew paid out. He tried his hand at business, but after a lack of success, emmigrated to Australia 1822 with his family and headed the first family of the gentry to settle west of NSWs Great Dividing Range in that same year. With my internet server unable to provide WWW access at the moment I was unable to check your Gen site to see whether my HAWKINS line fits in, but the background would make it seem likely. Does Thomas Fitzherbert fit into Sir John's lineage? If so, do you already have any of the descendents from this line? If not I can add some detail. The Australian Biographical Dictionary indicates that portraits of Thomas and his wife Elizabeth are still in the hands of a Hawkins descendent, but to date I have not located her. I look forward to your reply (and getting back on the WWW!) Best regards Guy Ingram Lismore NSW Australia

26 06/05/1997
From: James E Phillips email jphillip@telesciences.com
Greetings, I have just recently started tracing my family tree. It was done in the past by deceased members of my family which showed the relation to Sir John Hawkins. That information is now lost. It has been and will be difficult as much of my family is dead. In actuality I have little information other than my deceased grandmother Cleo Hawkins(Rayfield) of Virginia and later Florida. If anyone can offer any clues I would appreciate it.

27 07/05/1997
From: Susie Hakins email shawk51006@aol.com
I'm not sure as to where to start by listing the information I have, but i have listed some data below. If there is something different I should do by submitting this information please E-Mail. This information was located on the Family Tree Maker Program: Vol. # 5 Stephen Hawkins File # 0090 on 04/04/97. Thank You Susie Hakins ( SHAWK51006@AOL.COM) William Hawkins BAbt 1569 in Colne, Wiltshire, England Died WFT Est. 1612-1661 Child of William Hawkins b.1609 England.D1699 Providence, Rhode Island. he married Margaret Hardwood Aft 1631 , USA There Children: John Hakwins,b.1643, Providence RI: d.RI: 1726 William Hawkin,b.ABT 1645 Providence RI: d. July 16,1723 Providence RI. Edward Hawkins,b.ABT 1647 Providence RI: d. May 24,1726 Providence RI. Madeline Hawkins,b. 1648 Providence RI: d. WFT EST 1685-1743 Mary Hawkins, b. 1649 Providence RI: d.1724 Providence RI. This is just a very small amount of the information I have. My late husband was James Albertus Hawkins II: b.03/23/47. d. 02/04/86 Galv. Tx. we have a son Kiel Gavin Hawkins: b. 08/18/83 I would like to be able to compile all of this information for him , So any thing you can share with us, would be really great. Thank You Again, And we look forward to hearing from you. SHAWK51006@AOL.COM

28 09/05/1997
From: Guy Ingram email grinfrog@lis.net.au
Now that Australian Telstra have restored the country's international cable I have had a chance to visit your site.... and the bells are ringing!!! Your message/invitation on GENUKI metioned Plymouth, it was only when I realised that Admiral Sir John Hawkins was a slave trader that I was able to make the connection. I have heard that an ancestor was a famous slave trader. It is not something we have taken great pride in. My recently found cousin Geoffrey Ingram, and others have been researching the Ingram family for much longer than I have, and I will be meeting Geoffrey in the flesh for the first time this weeekend, to exchange family stories and information. Given that my Hawkins ancestors were a Navy family, and that they were well connected (the Capt. Thomas Fitzherbert I mentioned had his first posting as Purser) and landed gentry (not tinkers and sailmakers like some claimants) I am confident that we will be able to supply you with a further line of descent quite soon. Thomas Fitzherbert's parents were George Hawkins and Sarah Waghorn of Sussex (from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, 1990). George had a cousin, Thomas who had one estate in Sussex called "Blackdown". In Australia, Capt. Thomas Fitzherbert and his eldest son Thomas Jarman are among the notable pioneers of this country. Their stories and Australian genealogies are well documented and published. Their children married into families such as the descendents of the MACKENZIEs, Lairds of Gairloch, descendents of the ancient kings of Scotland (from one of which marriages I and my cousin are descended) and other families of noble and notable descent. I expect that Geoffrey will have a much more exhaustive HAWKINS genealogy than I, or the Australian historical references I have consulted, could posibly supply to your own database. Geoffrey is a thourough researcher as are my other cousins, and does not jump to conclusions without the evidence like some others who have contacted you. If he confirms my tentative expectations I shall supply you with the Gedcom file shortly. If my intuitions prove groundless I will give you enough detail so that descendents of our HAWKINS can connect with the correct line after a rebuttal from the Admiral Sir John lineage. In expectation of calling you "cousin" Paul, best regards, Guy Ingram Lismore NSW Australia

29 10/05/1997
From: email CHawk36650@aol.com
Hi to fellow Hawkins researchers! This is to let you know of a Hawkins newsletter for those tracing Hawkins lineage. For info on how to subscribe to this free online newsletter, please contact CHawk36650@aol.com.

30 11/05/1997
From: Darlene Homme email Darlene_Homme@telusplanet.net
Hi there! Looking for William Hawkins, here is the information I have to date! William Hawkins b. abt 1763 in NC Became a soldier at the age of 14 and fought in the Revolutionary War. Had 9 children, 3 sons, 6 daughters. - There is a William E. Hawkins found on the 1828 Gasconade Co., MO Tax List. - Found on 1840 Census Gasconade Co., Bouleware Township in MO --- Wm. Hawkins - - - Males 1 (10-15), 1 (70-80) - - - Females 1 (15-20), 1 (50-60). William's daughter Katherine Hawkins b. abt 1800 in NC married Benjamin Walker in TN. They moved to MO sometime after 1824 and before 1833. - Found on 1830 Howard Co., MO census Pg 163, Benjamin Walker --- Males 1 (0-5), 1 (5-10), 1 (20-30) --- Females 1 (0-5), 1 (20-30). - Found again on 1840 Census, Gasconade Co., Boulware Township, three lines below Wm Hawkins, Benjamin Walker --- Males 1 (5-10), 1 (10-15), 1 (15-20), 1 (30-40) --- Females 1 (0-5), 1 (15-20), 1 (30-40). Any help with further information on this family appreciated. Darlene Homme hommer@telusplanet.net

31 13/05/1997
From: Sue Hawkins email suehawkins@global2000.net
I am looking for members of my Dad's family, which we can for sure tell (from the 1870 census in Appanoose County, Iowa) were in Missouri long enough to have 6 kids, then in Iowa long enough to have 2 more. Specifically, NOAH MORGAN HAWKINS (my G-Granddad) and his forebears (his Dad was Alman/Almon Hawkins, poss fr Kentucky). If any one knows anything... I am at suehawkins@global2000.net Thanks!! Sue Hawkins suehawkins@global2000.net

32 15/05/1997
From: Rhonda Hawkins email hawkins@atlcom.net
I'm seeking the ancestors of Littleberry Hawkins (b.c1806 NC) and wife Campassa (c1810 SC). Children from 1850 Paulding Co GA census are: Benjamin F. (1831), Hannah (c1831), John Thomas (1832), Augustus M (c1835), Sarah M (c1838), Nancy E. (c1840), Emily J (c1842), and Thedous (1850). Benjamin F. Hawkins (22 Apr 1831 Buncombe SC- 9 Feb 1912 Polk Co GA). He married Druscilla McGregor in 1865 in Paulding Co Ga (a section that may have become annexed by Polk by 1912). I have been able to find the following children for them-- my husband descends from Joseph: Fannie (1866), Joseph Brown (1867), Richard Marion (1868), Mary and Martha (twins c1874), Sarah (c1870), Leila Ida (1879),

33 25/05/1997
From: stone email lakeanna@mnsinc.com
Hello. I just found something like a family tree. I can go back to Dr. JOHN FULLER HAWKINS AUG. 27 1817 to Oct. 22,1882 Then Dexter Arnold Hawkings Dec. 13, 1858 to June 21, l933. Also Dexter HawkinsMar. 19, 1761 to April 19, 1830. I'm Sheila Hawkins. Is there somewhere I can put all this newly found information to tie into your memory Hawkins

34 01/07/1997
From: Roger Hawkins email hawkinscr@cell2000.net
Recently, yesterday, I received a copy of a Bible of one of my ancestors. From this I found out that one of my ancestors Benjamin Franklin Hawkins was born ten years earlier than I had him down for. That means he was three years old when his "parents got married". Of course this means that they weren't his parents. I got this misinformation from a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) application made by a women more than 60 years ago. It seems as though she must have fudged on the dates in order to prove that she was related to a veteran of the revolution. So what this means is, I am back to square one on my Hawkins geneology and that, at this time, I am not related to Sir John Hawkins. Here are the specifics so that you can correct what is on your website. Benjamin Franklin Hawkins, wife Sarah Chambers Hawkins, is not a son of John Hawkins and Sarah (Sallie) Macon Hawkins. Which means that all of the descendents of, and including this Benjamin Franklin Hawkins, is incorrect and not related to Sir John Hawkins. The rest of the geneology that I sent you is correct but unfortunately doesn't include my part of the family. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience (I know this makes extra work for you) but I thought that I had everything nailed down. >From a disappointed would be descendent. Roger Hawkins

35 04/07/1997
From: Jo Thiessen email Jogt@aol.com
I just today found your site, via a link I had on one of my KY county pages. This area has lots of Hawkins and Craigs who descended from Mary Hawkins and Tolliver Craig. You have Tolliver Craig in your database, do you stop entering when the surname changes, or are you also interested in descendants of the female Hawkins? I don't mean that I think you should enter all the people who descended from Mary Hawkins Craig, but I would like you to know that there are some well-documented databases of her descendants. My gedcom is at: http://members.aol.com/jogt/gregg/surnames.htm and the county page to which I referred is at: http://www.netcom.com/~jog1/ScottCo.html Jo Thiessen jogt@aol.com and

36 04/07/1997
From: John R. Hawkins email hawkins@execpc.com
Very glad to see that someone has begun this research. I was especially pleased to see that you have included the Mary Savery book from 1880! There is only one copy of this in the New York Public Library, and it is missing the genealogy chart from the back of the book!! I have my own copy which was purchased from Books On Demand, Ann Arbor , Michigan, USA 1-800-521-0600. They are most helpful. Also, I was able to obtain the Williamson book, from Lincoln Out-of-Print Book Search, Rhode Island, USA 1-401-647-2825 or e-mail to lincbook@aol.com The edition of the Williamson book is 1949. My understanding is that an earlier version of the book existed at one time. Do you have a copy of the earlier version? Finally, I have other information and some contacts via e-mail who will probably be interested in this research. I just discovered your page, however, and haven't examined it thoroughly yet. Looking forward to reading it all. Very truly yours, John R. Hawkins

37 04/07/1997
From: Mildred H. Forsyth email hilltopnan@kymtnnet.org
My Hawkins line goes as follows: John Hawkins, died before 1490 married Joan Amados, thier son William Hawkins, born c. 1500, died 1554/5 married Joan Towne Trelawny, their son, Sir John Hawkins, born 1532 in Plymouth, England, died November 12, 1595, married Joan Gonson, died July 1591, their son Sir Richard Hawkins, born 1561, died 1622, married before 1590 Julia Hele, born 1570, died 1629,, their son, Richard Hawkins immigrant to VA, born 1605, married Mary, their daughter, Elizabeth Hawkins, born 1635, married Humphrey Pope, died 1684 in Westmoreland co., VA. I'm not sure this is right. Can anyone else confirm it? Nancy Forsyth in Kentucky

38 09/07/1997
From: Herb & Janet email wallaceh@worldnetla.net
My HAWKINS are the family of; JOHN COLEMAN HAWKINS b.c1786 Hampshire Co,Va. d.c 1863 Ky. SARAH MARTHA BOND b.8 Feb 1782 Va. d.14 Jul !839 Ky. m.25 Mar 1808 Va. children; JOSEPH BOND HAWKINS b.c1809 Va. m.Jane Kelly JOHN COLEMAN HAWKINS JR. b.c 1811 Va. m.Mary Turnham DAVID HAWKINS b.22 Jan 1812 Va.d. 1 May 1891 Miller Co,Mo.m.Susan Wilker WILLIAM MILTON HAWKINS b.20 Jul 1815 Va. d.11 Sep 1862 Miller Co,Mo. m. Catherine McCubbins 5 Oct 1837 Ky. FRANCES HAWKINS b.c1817 Va. m. George Payne PRESLEY HAWKINS b.18 Feb 1819 Va.d.24 Jan 1859 Tx.buried Miller Co,Mo. m. Sarepta Ballard McCubbins 15 Jun 1843 Miller Co,Mo. EPPY D.HAWKINS b.c 1822 Va. m.Emily Hawkins ELIZABETH HAWKINS b.c 1824 Va. m.Alfred DeVore SARAH HAWKINS b.c1826 Va. m.Gabriel Thorpe NANCY JANE HAWKINS b.11 Feb 1828 d.19 Dec 1901 Miller Co,Mo. m.David Caldwell Janet Karr Wallace

39 12/07/1997
From: Jean Hedges email jhedges@ntr.net
Hi, I'm searching the Hawkins family.I have an article The Hawkins Family Among America's Earliest Settlers by Lizzie Hawkins Dean, I believe it was written 1934. Among the earlier settlers in the English Colony in America was William Hawkins, one of the younger sons of Sir John Hawkins,a Rear Admiral in the British Navy under Queen Elizabeth. For his glorious services in conquering the Spanish Armada, Queen Elizabeth gave Sir John Hawkins a large tract of land in what is now both Orange and Culpepper counties in Va. It goes on with info on him, William Hawkins died 114 yrs old, had 12 sons.One founded Hawkinsville Tenn., another settled in Mississippi,and Reubin Hawkins and his wife Rebecca Edwards, brought his family to Kentucky, this is my lineage.I'm trying to make this brief, I hope I'm not confusing you.If you have any info on Rubin's family I would greatly appreciate hearing from you or anyone that is researching the family in Ky. I don't know how I found your "Hawkins History," but it is without a doubt the most informative and interesting histoy of the Hawkins family that I have read. Thank you for the work that you have put into this book. If there is anyone that would be interested in the Hawkins in Ky., please let me know I will be happy to share the info that I have. Thanks Jean Hawkins Hedges Louisville,KY.

40 21/07/1997
From: Bert Paredes email bparedes@cquad.com
My compliments on your Hawkins site. It is informative and well organized and contains an impressive amount of material. My wife may be descended from the Admiral through the Mary Hawkins (daughter of John Hawkins and Mary Dewe) who married Toliver Craig. How could we get a list of the data sources that were used to connect this Mary Hawkins back to the Admiral? We have only been doing family research for two years, but have learned to collect sources for all our genealogical assertions. This early period is new territory for us as none of the other lines we are researching goes beyond 1700 yet. FYI, Toliver Craig's family/descendants had at least 3 other Hawkins marriages in the next generation or so. It

41 28/07/1997
From: email bettyschn@aol.com
Dr. Thomas Jefferson Carr and his wife Cornelia Viola Rice are my great grandparents. Their daughter Viola Jefferson Carr b. 1-13-1890 d. 1-16-1919 m. 1-22-1908 Agustus Ferdinand Aron b. 10-2-1874 d. 8-29-1926. Their son Albert Aron b. 12-3-1918 d. 1-16-1994 is my father. Are you related to the Carr family?

42 02/08/1997
From: Sheri Lynn Hawkins-Oliver email SLOLIVER33@aol.com
I've enjoyed all the Hawkins information available. Here is some more for your records. By the way, I have been told from my father that my decendents are also from Sir John Hawkins. You will note both my father and grandfather share William as their middle name. My Grandfather (Deceased): Lawrence William Hawkins of Baltimore, Maryland My Grandmother: Mildred F. Hawkins of Baltimore, Maryland My Father: Lawrence William Hawkins of Baltimore, Maryland My Mother: Janice G. Weinreich-Hawkins of Baltimore, Maryland Me: Sheri Lynn Hawkins-Oliver of Laurel, Maryland (married previously to Tom A. Andrejak) My Husband (2nd): Robert L. Oliver My daughter (from 1st marriage): Callie A. Andrejak My Sister: Crystal L. Hawkins-Ey of Bel Air, Maryland Sister's Husband: Jeffrey A. Ey of Bel Air, Maryland My Nephew (their son): Benjamin Hawkins Ey Please let me know if you need anymore information.

43 03/08/1997
From: Teresa M. Rozich email
I descend from John Hawkins, son of Philemon, who married Mary Wyatt. It was their daughter Mary Hawkins who married Nathaniel Bullock, parents of Anne Bullock who married Joseph Lumpkin. Joseph Lumpkin had daughters Mary and Martha Lumpkin, who both married KIMBELLs in GA. Can you help here? I'm fairly new to the Hawkins stuff (and hope I haven't left out a Joseph Lumpkin in my description).. Teresa Maro Rozich Maro.Net http://www.maro.net Kimball Genealogy Online http://www.maro.net/teresa/kimbell Warren Co NC GenWeb http://www.lofthouse.com/warren Butts Co GA GenWeb http://www.lofthouse.com/USA/ga/butts

44 06/08/1997
From: email Agd2Prfctn@aol.com
HAWKINS, Vera b1930 Tulsa,Tulsa, OK. Father Fred HAWKINS, b 1904 žor 06, in\nWarwick OK. d some time in 1990's. Father John Henryž Hawkins, b? d 22 May\n1935, Tulsa OK. md 1st indian girl name žunknown, or half indian have heard\nboth, 2nd Mary Elizabeth

45 10/08/1997
From: david miller email dmgen@worldnet.att.net
I am looking for information on Ephraim Hawkins, born in 1809 Virginia and then moving to Ohio. Any matching?

46 15/08/1997
From: Bert Paredes email bert@cquad.com
The Hawkins Web Site is very impressive. You have done an outstanding job. My wife, Dr. Katherine Blacklock, and I have been researching her genealogy and have established her direct descent from Toliver Craig, husband of Mary Hawkins. According to the information on your site, that makes her a direct descendant of Admiral Sir John Hawkins. We had been unable so far to make the connection from Mary Hawkins back to Sir John.(Mary Hawkins - John Hawkins & Mary Long - John Hawkins & Mary Dewe - John Sidney Hawkins & Hester Richards - Richard Hawkins & Mary Hele - Sir John Hawkins & Katherine Gonson) All we had determined is that her father's name was John.Would it be possible for you to share with us the sources of information that were used to establish these links? We would be more than willing to provide

47 17/08/1997
From: Betty Aron Schneider email bettyschn@aol.com
Hi, I came across your entry of the name THOMAS JEFFERSON CARR. He is my great grandfather on my Dad's mother's side. His daughter was VIOLA JEFFERSON CARR and she married AGUSTUS FERDINAND ARON son of ALBERT ARON and TERESA HEGMAN. I am very interested in anything you have and I am willing to share. Betty Aron Schneider BettySchn@aol.com 10431 Baywood Avenue San Diego, California 92126-3324 (619)271-5686

48 19/08/1997
From: Teresa M. Rozich email teresa@maro.net
Hi. I'm a descendant of John Hawkins and Mary Wyatt. Their daughter, Mary Hawkins married Nathaniel Bullock. I also head the Warren Co NC USGenWeb project, and have added a couple HAWKINS family bibles of late. http://www.lofthouse.com/warren/bibles/hawkins.htm Philemon Hawkins (son of Philemon Hawkins and Deliah Martin) http://www.lofthouse.com/warren/bibles/hawk2.htm Thomas Hawkins of Warrenton NC. (doesn't show up on the list, but bet he's a descendant of the same Philemon as above). My line from John: John Hawkins Mary Hawkins married Nathaniel Bulllock Anne Bullock married Joseph Lumpkin Jr Martha Lumpkin married Joseph Walker Kimbell Cornelius Kimbell married Mattie Cole John Henry Kimbell married Claudia Earl Roquemore Mattie Clyde Kimbell (My grandmother, still living). Teresa Maro Rozich Maro.Net http://www.maro.net Kimball Genealogy Online http://www.maro.net/teresa/kimbell Warren Co NC GenWeb http://www.lofthouse.com/warren Butts Co GA GenWeb

49 21/08/1997
From: Gary Kueber email GaryDottyKueber@worldnet.att.net
am a Hawkins descendent through Toliver Craig, Sr. and Mary Hawkins who were 7-greats grandparents of mine. However, I do not know that I have any information of interest to you. I very much appreciate the information I found here on the Hawkins line. Gary Kueber

50 01/09/1997
From: Terry Rensberger email trensber@skyenet.net
Hi! I found your address on the Net and am wondering if you have any knowledge of my ancestor. His name was William Jefferson Hawkins, b 1830 in In or Ohio. He married Serepta Williams in Crawford Co., In in 1861 and he lived there near Leavenworth until he died in 1870-1873. Thanks for your consideration in this matter. Sharon Rensberger

51 07/09/1997
From: Pat Patterson email patpnyc@escape.com
Hi, I can't address you by name because I didn't find it - but I think we have similar aims on the web! I'm trying to gather info on Sir John Hawkins descendants and also post collected Hawkins records, particularly from the eastern third of the US, to help other searchers. Would you list my pages? And I'll gladly add links to your pages, wherever you prefer them to be. If you yourself tie into Sir John's descent, I'd like to include some of your info or link from my chart to yours at appropriate locations. (Your call, obviously!) I myself do NOT have a proven descent from JH. It's just family tradition and I'd like to find out for sure, some day! http://www.patpnyc.com/ Homepage http://www.patpnyc.com/hawkins.htm Hawkins queries, interactive http://www.patpnyc.com/hawk-fam.htm Story of my line in MO http://www.patpnyc.com/md-imm.htm Early MD immigrants incl. H's http://www.patpnyc.com/hawk-imm.htm Early H's in VA http://www.patpnyc.com/marrhawk.htm H marriages, eastern US mostly Please visit! Pat Patterson addresses updated Oct 2003

52 08/09/1997
From: Ron Wortham email RonWortham@aol.com
CREED is a name that has been honored in our lines here in the states. I would be honored if you would share your GEDCOM with me. I will be happy to do the same if you wish. My project statement is attached. Regards, Ron Wortham Route 1 Box 1-A Sadler, TX USA 76264-9701 PS Do you know anything of an old castle on a bend of the Bibble river once used as an abbey? This was once Wortham (Pen-Wortham) property, I believe.

53 21/09/1997
From: Kenneth Hawkins email 13ncinf@classic.msn.com
James W. Hawkins, born in NC ca. 1800 and living in 1850 in Mecklenburg Co. NC with his wife Mary (also NC native b. 1806) is the earliest in my line. Two of his sons Joseph P. b. 1837 and Fields b. 1841 served in 13th NC Infantry throughout Civil War. In ca. 1868 the former married Emily Eliz. Simpson b. NC 1839 and my Hawkins line descended from them in and around Charlotte into the 1920s: James F. 1873-1913 married Ida E. Auten b. 1877> Robert Gaither b. 1898 married Ethel ? ca. 1917 in Charlotte and Ina Mae Lamb ca. 1925 in Chicago and Alvina Brock in Chicago date unknown. I suspect but do not know that James W. Hawkins descends from a Hawkins line that arrived in northeastern counties of NC ca. 1790s from VA. I will gladly trade info and assistance. Thanks, Ken Hawkins, Washington DC

54 22/09/1997
From: Kenneth Hawkins email 13ncinf@classic.msn.com
Im looking for my any living descendents of ROBERT GAITHER HAWKINS, b. 1898, near Charlotte NC, d. 1968 in Chicago. His first marriage was ca. 1917 to Ethel ? and they had children Mildred b. 1917 and Erskine b. 1919. His second marriage was to Ina Mae Lamb, b. 1903 in AL, they were married ca. 1925 in Chicago, and had one son Robert Edward Hawkins, b. 1931. They divorced and Robert Gaither Hawkins ran a general cement contracting business in Chicago. He married Alvina Brock, dates unknown, and they had at least two boys, one named Bobby. They ran a fishing and hunting lodge in Spooner WISC throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. I would very much like to get in touch with any descendents of ROBERT GAITHER HAWKINS to share genealogical information. Thanks, Ken Hawkins. Washington

55 16/10/1997
From: MRS BARBARA J MCCLANAHAN email KGXG41A@prodigy.com
Subject: John Hawkins of Burke/McDowell Co., NC Have been trying to connect this John Hawkins with ANYBODY for 25 years! He is believed to have been born ca 1783 in NC or VA. He married Elizabeth Jamison in Burke Co., NC, 27-May-1809. They appear to have had a large family, per the censuses, with a large number of females. The only child's name I am sure of is that of my ancestor Samuel who was their youngest son. John and Elizabeth's land appears to have been in that part of Burke Co. which became part of McDowel when it was created in 1842. John died 4-MAR-1870 and Elizabeth 4- JUN-1869 and both are buried in the Providence cemetery in McDowell Co. A family story says that "two Hawkins brothers came to this country and one went to live with the Indians. The other one was our ancestor." Can anyone

56 20/10/1997
From: Wayne Hawkins email red1@voyager.net
fROM Wayne Freeman Hawkins Jr. Although I don't know that I am or not a descendent of Sir John Hawkins but my third great grandfather was a John Hawkins from Oxfordshire County, England. I don't have any information on his birth or death, but he married Ann Krune that died December 2, 1884. They had four children (that I know of). Edward Hawkins, Effie Hawkins, Jane Hawkins and a brother unknown. Edward Hawkins born August 16, 1830 in Stratton Audley England. He married Ann Freeman born January 25, 1831 in Chesterton England. Edward was a stable worker while living in England and lived in a home built of stone. There children were: Thomas E born August 9, 1855 Stratton Audley England, Edwin born February 25, 1857 Stratton Audley, Harry E born September 25, 11859 Stratton Audley, William born ?, Mary E born August 22, 1863, George born October 8, 1865, Sarah born in 1874 in Canada, and three childred had died in England. The family came to North America in 1874 and worked there way over in class C storage, in the lower section of the boat where the animals and freight were stored. Edward had a brother and their family came with them. They had lived in Canada and worked for the government to help pay the cost of the trip from England and afterwards came to Michigan, USA, and applied for naturalization papers. Ann (Freeman) Hawkins was injured on the ocean trip and because of it she died in 1883. Edward Hawkins later re-married Sarah Johnson, and setteled in Hudson Michigan, USA. I would appreciate any information that anyone could help in finding further information on the Hawkins Family History. red1@voyager.net

57 30/10/1997
From: Roger Hawkins email roger.hawkins@hds.com
http://www.chartiers.com/beers-project/articles/hawkins-378.html http://www.state.pa.us/PA_Exec/Military_Affairs/1-110th/110hist.htm Roger Hawkins son of Harry Wayne Hawkins son of Samuel R Hawkins related to Col. Alexander Hawkins of the 110th Pennsylvania Infantry

58 27/11/1997
From: Teresa Marie Maro Rozich email WTHR1@aol.com
Hi. Are you interested in more data to add to your online gedcom? I have some of the descendants of John Hawkins who married Mary Wyatt. I have enclosed a descendants chart. This DOES, however, include those living descendants as well, but that was more to let you know where I fit in (Teresa Marie Maro Rozich) The descendants are as follows: Hawkins 1 John HAWKINS John{XE "HAWKINS:John (1717- )"} was born Gloucester Co., Virginia 28 Sep 1717. May have been Charles City Co., Virginia He{XE "HAWKINS:John (1717- )"} married Mary WYATT{XE "WYATT:Mary (1726- )"} abt 1743. 2 Mary HAWKINS Mary{XE "HAWKINS:Mary (ABT 1746-1830)"} was born in Granville Co., North Carolina Abt 1746. She{XE "HAWKINS:Mary (ABT 1746-1830)"} married Nathaniel BULLOCK{XE "BULLOCK:Nathaniel (ABT 1740-1804)"} in Granville Co., North Carolina, August 12, 1760. Filed in Marriage Bonds at Oxford, Granville Co, NC, Nathaniel Bullock & Mary Hawkins, August 12, 1760, consent of John hawkins, Father of Mary. Early American Marriages: Atlantic South Bullock, Nathaniel married Hawkins, Mary on 12 Aug 1760 in Granville County, North Carolina Mary{XE "HAWKINS:Mary (ABT 1746-1830)"} died 1830 Ogelthorpe Co., Georgia, at 84 years of age. 3 Hawkins BULLOCK 3 Susan BULLOCK 3 Frances BULLOCK 3 Agetha BULLOCK 3 Wyatt BULLOCK 3 John BULLOCK 3 Anne BULLOCK Anne{XE "BULLOCK:Anne (ABT 1775-AFT 1841)"} was born in Wilkes Co., Georgia Abt 1775. She{XE "BULLOCK:Anne (ABT 1775-AFT 1841)"} married Joseph LUMPKIN Jr.{XE "LUMPKIN:Joseph, Jr. (ABT 1779-ABT 1841)"} Ogelthorpe Co., Georgia, 07 Mar, 1804. Anne{XE "BULLOCK:Anne (ABT 1775-AFT 1841)"} died aft 1841. 4 MARTHA LUMPKIN MARTHA{XE "LUMPKIN:MARTHA ( -ABT 1895)"} died about 1895. 5 ELIZABETH A KIMBELL ELIZABETH{XE "KIMBELL:ELIZABETH A (1842-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1842. 5 JOSEPH KIMBELL JOSEPH{XE "KIMBELL:JOSEPH (1844-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1844. 5 FINNEY KIMBELL FINNEY{XE "KIMBELL:FINNEY (1846-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1846. 5 JAMES L KIMBELL JAMES{XE "KIMBELL:JAMES L (1848-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1848. 5 JOHN KIMBELL JOHN{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN (1850-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1850. 5 MARY KIMBELL MARY{XE "KIMBELL:MARY (1852-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1852. 5 COLUMBUS I KIMBELL COLUMBUS{XE "KIMBELL:COLUMBUS I (1854-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1854. 5 HIRAM C KIMBELL HIRAM{XE "KIMBELL:HIRAM C (1856-dec.)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia 1856. 5 CORNELIUS ANDREW KIMBELL CORNELIUS{XE "KIMBELL:CORNELIUS ANDREW (1858-1919)"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia August 12, 1858. He{XE "KIMBELL:CORNELIUS ANDREW (1858-1919)"} married MARTHA JANE COLE{XE "COLE:MARTHA JANE (1860-1933)"} in Butts County, Georgia, June 15, 1880. CORNELIUS{XE "KIMBELL:CORNELIUS ANDREW (1858-1919)"} died 1919 at 60 years of age. 6 IDA ARDELLA KIMBALL IDA{XE "KIMBALL:IDA ARDELLA (1880-1959)"} was born in Henry Co, Georgia November 11, 1880. IDA{XE "KIMBALL:IDA ARDELLA (1880-1959)"} died February 21, 1959 at 78 years of age. 6 CARRIE KIMBALL CARRIE{XE "KIMBALL:CARRIE (1882-dec.)"} was born in Henry Co, Georgia February 4, 1882. 6 JOHN HENRY KIMBELL JOHN{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN HENRY (1883-1920)"} was born in Henry Co, Georgia February 4, 1883. He{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN HENRY (1883-1920)"} married CLAUDIA EARL ROQUEMORE{XE "ROQUEMORE:CLAUDIA EARL (1884-1947)"} in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia, November 17, 1907. JOHN{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN HENRY (1883-1920)"} died August 18, 1920 in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia, at 37 years of age. 7 DOYLE CARLTON KIMBELL DOYLE{XE "KIMBELL:DOYLE CARLTON (1909-1973)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia September 3, 1909. DOYLE{XE "KIMBELL:DOYLE CARLTON (1909-1973)"} died Mar 1973 at 63 years of age. 7 JOHN ZELLNER KIMBELL JOHN{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN ZELLNER (1911-1963)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia April 28, 1911. JOHN{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN ZELLNER (1911-1963)"} died November 13, 1963 in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia, at 52 years of age. 7 MATTIE CLYDE KIMBELL MATTIE{XE "KIMBELL:MATTIE CLYDE (1915- )"} was born in Jackson, Butts Co, Georgia September 20, 1915. She{XE "KIMBELL:MATTIE CLYDE (1915- )"} married JOHN CLARENCE DORSEY{XE "DORSEY:JOHN CLARENCE (1911-1968)"} in FULTON CO, GEORGIA, November 23, 1935. 8 DAN ALLEN DORSEY DAN{XE "DORSEY:DAN ALLEN (1937- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia April 16, 1937. He{XE "DORSEY:DAN ALLEN (1937- )"} married JO ANN THRASHER{XE "THRASHER:JO ANN (1932- )"} in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, July 19, 1959. 9 CHARLES ALLEN DORSEY CHARLES{XE "DORSEY:CHARLES ALLEN (1951- )"} was born January 1, 1951. 9 MICHAEL EDWARD DORSEY MICHAEL{XE "DORSEY:MICHAEL EDWARD (1952- )"} was born September 27, 1952. 9 SANDRA LYNN DORSEY SANDRA{XE "DORSEY:SANDRA LYNN (1970- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia January 28, 1970. 8 BARBARA HELEN DORSEY BARBARA{XE "DORSEY:BARBARA HELEN (1940- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia July 2, 1940. She{XE "DORSEY:BARBARA HELEN (1940- )"} married WILLIAM EARL PERRY{XE "PERRY:WILLIAM EARL (1939- )"} in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, July 10, 1959. 9 WILLIAM EARL PERRY JR WILLIAM{XE "PERRY:WILLIAM EARL, JR (1962- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia March 7, 1962. 9 MICHAEL THOMAS PERRY MICHAEL{XE "PERRY:MICHAEL THOMAS (1964- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia March 20, 1964. 8 Marie Elaine DORSEY Marie{XE "DORSEY:Marie Elaine (1943- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia January 20, 1943. She{XE "DORSEY:Marie Elaine (1943- )"} married Lee Alton MARO{XE "MARO:Lee Alton (1941- )"} in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, December 21, 1967. 9 Robert John MARO He{XE "MARO:Robert John (1961- )"} married Stephanie Kay KENNEDY{XE "KENNEDY:Stephanie Kay (1964- )"}. Robert{XE "MARO:Robert John (1961- )"} was born in FT MCPHERSON, ATLANTA, FULTON CO, GEORGIA April 15, 1961. He{XE "MARO:Robert John (1961- )"} married Paula MCALLISTER{XE "McAllister:Paula ( - )"} 1986. 10 Alicia Sheree MARO Alicia{XE "MARO:Alicia Sheree (1987- )"} was born Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama August 19, 1987. 10 Alexis Brooke MARO Alexis{XE "MARO:Alexis Brooke (1995- )"} was born Marietta Georgia March 26, 1995. 10 Christopher John Andrew MARO Christopher{XE "MARO:Christopher John Andrew (1996- )"} was born Marietta Georgia May 31, 1996. Chrisopher John Andrew uses the name of Andrew. 9 Teresa Marie MARO Teresa{XE "MARO:Teresa Marie (1962- )"} was born in Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia June 16, 1962. She{XE "MARO:Teresa Marie (1962- )"} married Douglas Michael ROZICH{XE "ROZICH:Douglas Michael (1962- )"} in Rantoul, Champaign Co., Illinois, March 21, 1987. They were married in the Chanute Air Force Base chapel, by Chaplain Christensen. 9 Anthony Wallace MARO Anthony{XE "MARO:Anthony Wallace (1971- )"} was born in FT BELVOIR, VIRGINIA March 3, 1971. 8 WILLIAM HENRY DORSEY WILLIAM{XE "DORSEY:WILLIAM HENRY (1945- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia November 18, 1945. He{XE "DORSEY:WILLIAM HENRY (1945- )"} married JUDY PRICE{XE "PRICE:JUDY ( -dec.)"} April 5, 1968. He{XE "DORSEY:WILLIAM HENRY (1945- )"} married PATRICIA MADEE YOUNG{XE "YOUNG:PATRICIA MADEE ( -dec.)"} December 21, 1974. 9 WILLIAM HENRY DORSEY JR WILLIAM{XE "DORSEY:WILLIAM HENRY, JR (1977- )"} was born February 26, 1977. 9 Drew DORSEY Drew{XE "DORSEY:Drew (1980- )"} was born in Florida 1980. 8 JOHNNY RAY DORSEY He{XE "DORSEY:JOHNNY RAY (1954- )"} married Anne{XE ":Anne ( -dec.)"} in California. JOHNNY{XE "DORSEY:JOHNNY RAY (1954- )"} was born in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia November 26, 1954. 9 SAMUEL DORSEY SAMUEL{XE "DORSEY:SAMUEL (1995- )"} was born in California October 1995. 6 ALMA ELSIE KIMBALL ALMA{XE "KIMBALL:ALMA ELSIE (1885-dec.)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia February 24, 1885. 6 HUGH LUMPKIN KIMBELL HUGH{XE "KIMBELL:HUGH LUMPKIN (1887-1961)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia March 10, 1887. HUGH{XE "KIMBELL:HUGH LUMPKIN (1887-1961)"} died January 11, 1961 at 73 years of age. 6 JOSEPH WASHINGTON KIMBELL JOSEPH{XE "KIMBELL:JOSEPH WASHINGTON (1889-1965)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia June 2, 1889. JOSEPH{XE "KIMBELL:JOSEPH WASHINGTON (1889-1965)"} died Oct 1965 in Georgia, at 76 years of age. 6 WILLIAM GRADY KIMBELL WILLIAM{XE "KIMBELL:WILLIAM GRADY (1891-1959)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia March 16, 1891. WILLIAM{XE "KIMBELL:WILLIAM GRADY (1891-1959)"} died May 1, 1959 at 68 years of age. 6 CHARLES TILLSMAN KIMBELL CHARLES{XE "KIMBELL:CHARLES TILLSMAN (1893-1946)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia April 26, 1893. CHARLES{XE "KIMBELL:CHARLES TILLSMAN (1893-1946)"} died June 19, 1946 at 53 years of age. 6 MINNIE B KIMBALL MINNIE{XE "KIMBALL:MINNIE B (1895-1950)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia August 18, 1895. MINNIE{XE "KIMBALL:MINNIE B (1895-1950)"} died August 15, 1950 at 54 years of age. 6 ROBERT OSCAR KIMBELL ROBERT{XE "KIMBELL:ROBERT OSCAR (1897-1953)"} was born in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia December 8, 1897. ROBERT{XE "KIMBELL:ROBERT OSCAR (1897-1953)"} died September 29, 1953 at 55 years of age. 4 MARY PITTMAN LUMPKIN MARY{XE "LUMPKIN:MARY PITTMAN (1810-1888)"} was born in OGLETHORPE CO, GEORGIA March 16, 1810. She{XE "LUMPKIN:MARY PITTMAN (1810-1888)"} married JOHN THOMAS KIMBELL{XE "KIMBELL:JOHN THOMAS (1814-1899)"} in Ogelthorpe County, Georgia, March 27, 1834. MARY{XE "LUMPKIN:MARY PITTMAN (1810-1888)"} died January 26, 1888 in Butts Co, Georgia, at 77 years of age. 5 JAMES GIDEON KIMBELL JAMES{XE "KIMBELL:JAMES GIDEON (1827-1912)"} was born in Ogelthorpe County, Georgia May 1, 1827. He{XE "KIMBELL:JAMES GIDEON (1827-1912)"} married FRANCES SIMS{XE "SIMS:FRANCES ( -dec.)"} in Butts Co, Georgia, November 24, 1847. JAMES{XE "KIMBELL:JAMES GIDEON (1827-1912)"} died February 25, 1912 at 84 years of age. 6 Lilla James KIMBELL 5 WILLIAM JOSEPH KIMBELL WILLIAM{XE "KIMBELL:WILLIAM JOSEPH (1835-1914)"} was born in Ogelthorpe County, Georgia May 17, 1835. He{XE "KIMBELL:WILLIAM JOSEPH (1835-1914)"} married ANGELINE ANTINETT CURRY{XE "CURRY:ANGELINE ANTINETT (1835-1917)"} in Butts Co, Georgia, December 11, 1855. WILLIAM{XE "KIMBELL:WILLIAM JOSEPH (1835-1914)"} died November 26, 1914 in GEORGIA, at 79 years of age. 6 FANNIE KIMBELL 6 ELIZABETH KIMBELL 6 MARY WATTS KIMBELL MARY{XE "KIMBELL:MARY WATTS (1856-dec.)"} was born November 4, 1856. She{XE "KIMBELL:MARY WATTS (1856-dec.)"} married GOODMAN S THOMPSON{XE "THOMPSON:GOODMAN S (1852-dec.)"} November 28, 1873. 7 URSULA THOMPSON URSULA{XE "THOMPSON:URSULA (1874-dec.)"} was born May 1874. 7 JOHN W THOMPSON JOHN{XE "THOMPSON:JOHN W (1876-dec.)"} was born 1876. 7 SHAW THOMPSON SHAW{XE "THOMPSON:SHAW (ABT 1878-dec.)"} was born about 1878. 7 MARY 0. THOMPSON MARY{XE "THOMPSON:MARY 0. (1881-dec.)"} was born 1881. 7 GENEVA THOMPSON GENEVA{XE "THOMPSON:GENEVA (1884-1974)"} was born September 1884. GENEVA{XE "THOMPSON:GENEVA (1884-1974)"} died 1974 at 89 years of age. 8 PEARL DODSON PEARL{XE "DODSON:PEARL ( -dec.)"} was born MAY 5, 1915. 9 BILLIE CRISP BILLIE{XE "CRISP:BILLIE (ABT 1933- )"} was born about 1933. 9 FLORIDA CRISP FLORIDA{XE "CRISP:FLORIDA (1936- )"} was born 1936. 9 CLAY CRISP CLAY{XE "CRISP:CLAY (1938- )"} was born 1938. 9 RICHARD CRISP RICHARD{XE "CRISP:RICHARD (ABT 1940- )"} was born about 1940. 8 WILLIAM ALMOND DODSON WILLIAM{XE "DODSON:WILLIAM ALMOND (1907-1969)"} was born 1907. WILLIAM{XE "DODSON:WILLIAM ALMOND (1907-1969)"} died 1969 at 62 years of age. 9 BERNICE DODSON BERNICE{XE "DODSON:BERNICE (ABT 1942- )"} was born about 1942. 8 LILLIAN ATRICE DODSON LILLIAN{XE "DODSON:LILLIAN ATRICE (1908-1993)"} was born January 12, 1908. LILLIAN{XE "DODSON:LILLIAN ATRICE (1908-1993)"} died 1993 at 85 years of age. 9 JAMES LAWRENCE WEEKS JAMES{XE "WEEKS:JAMES LAWRENCE (1929- )"} was born 1929. 10 SUSAN WEEKS 10 JAMES LAWRENCE JR WEEKS JAMES{XE "WEEKS:JAMES LAWRENCE JR (1951- )"} was born July 18, 1951. 9 PAT WEEKS PAT{XE "WEEKS:PAT (ABT 1930- )"} was born about 1930. 10 GREG GAFFNEY 10 DAVID CLAYTON GAFFNEY DAVID{XE "GAFFNEY:DAVID CLAYTON (1954- )"} was born August 9, 1954. 11 DAVID CLAYTON GAFFNEY JR DAVID{XE "GAFFNEY:DAVID CLAYTON, JR (1974- )"} was born May 9, 1974. 12 CHELSEA SIMONE GAFFNEY CHELSEA{XE "GAFFNEY:CHELSEA SIMONE ( -dec.)"} was born JULY 10, 1992. 11 KELLY LORRAINE GAFFNEY ANDERSON KELLY{XE "GAFFNEY:KELLY LORRAINE, ANDERSON (1978- )"} was born May 26, 1978. 10 CHRIS GAFFNEY CHRIS{XE "GAFFNEY:CHRIS (1960- )"} was born 1960. 11 CHRISTY GAFFNEY CHRISTY{XE "GAFFNEY:CHRISTY (1981- )"} was born May 26, 1981. 11 CHRISTOPHER JAMES GAFFNEY CHRISTOPHER{XE "GAFFNEY:CHRISTOPHER JAMES (1983- )"} was born December 9, 1983. 11 MATTHEW MCCAULLA GAFFNEY MATTHEW{XE "GAFFNEY:MATTHEW MCCAULLA (1989- )"} was born December 11, 1989. 11 ELLEN GRACE GAFFNEY ELLEN{XE "GAFFNEY:ELLEN GRACE (1992- )"} was born January 8, 1992. 10 TODD MICHAEL GAFFNEY TODD{XE "GAFFNEY:TODD MICHAEL (1960- )"} was born 1960. 11 DUSTIN MICAHEL GAFFNEY DUSTIN{XE "GAFFNEY:DUSTIN MICAHEL (1984- )"} was born August 24, 1984. 9 ANNETTE WEEKS ANNETTE{XE "WEEKS:ANNETTE (1933- )"} was born 1933. 9 DAVID MICHAEL WEEKS DAVID{XE "WEEKS:DAVID MICHAEL (1942- )"} was born December 7, 1942. 10 KIM MICHELLE WEEKS KIM{XE "WEEKS:KIM MICHELLE (1962- )"} was born May 16, 1962. 10 MELANIE KAY WEEKS MELANIE{XE "WEEKS:MELANIE KAY (1966- )"} was born January 19, 1966. 11 KATHERINE MICHELLE RYAN KATHERINE{XE "RYAN:KATHERINE MICHELLE (1991- )"} was born September 26, 1991. 10 TERRY MICHAEL WEEKS TERRY{XE "WEEKS:TERRY MICHAEL (1971- )"} was born May 6, 1971. 8 MARY DODSON MARY{XE "DODSON:MARY (1909- )"} was born 1909. 8 ANNIE LAURA DODSON ANNIE{XE "DODSON:ANNIE LAURA (1911-1980)"} was born 1911. ANNIE{XE "DODSON:ANNIE LAURA (1911-1980)"} died 1980 at 69 years of age. 9 WILLIAM EARL ROOKS WILLIAM{XE "ROOKS:WILLIAM EARL (1928- )"} was born March 6, 1928. He{XE "ROOKS:WILLIAM EARL (1928- )"} married PATSY MORRIS{XE "MORRIS:PATSY ( -dec.)"} about 1948. He{XE "ROOKS:WILLIAM EARL (1928- )"} married VIRGINIA LEE BURNS{XE "BURNS:VIRGINIA LEE ( -dec.)"} about 1953. 10 ALAN DAVID ROOKS ALAN{XE "ROOKS:ALAN DAVID (1950- )"} was born September 9, 1950. 10 JAQUELIN LYNN ROOKS JAQUELIN{XE "ROOKS:JAQUELIN LYNN (1951- )"} was born November 30, 1951. 10 STEPHEN ALAN ROOKS STEPHEN{XE "ROOKS:STEPHEN ALAN (1958- )"} was born May 2, 1958. 11 DIANA LUCY ROOKS DIANA{XE "ROOKS:DIANA LUCY (1979- )"} was born September 1979. 11 ERICA ROOKS ERICA{XE "ROOKS:ERICA (1982- )"} was born February 1982. 10 KIM ELIZABETH ROOKS KIM{XE "ROOKS:KIM ELIZABETH (1959- )"} was born May 12, 1959. 11 JOSEPH TIMOTHY ALIOSIO JOSEPH{XE "ALIOSIO:JOSEPH TIMOTHY (1986- )"} was born April 9, 1986. 11 NICOLE JANET ALIOSIO NICOLE{XE "ALIOSIO:NICOLE JANET (1988- )"} was born January 2, 1988. 9 VICTOR BERT ROOKS VICTOR{XE "ROOKS:VICTOR BERT (1930- )"} was born October 18, 1930. 10 ROBIN VICKI ROOKS ROBIN{XE "ROOKS:ROBIN VICKI (1954- )"} was born April 20, 1954. 11 JUSTIN FOREST REEVES JUSTIN{XE "REEVES:JUSTIN FOREST (1979- )"} was born December 4, 1979. 11 CAMERON THOMAS BLACK CAMERON{XE "BLACK:CAMERON THOMAS (1989- )"} was born February 4, 1989. 10 STEPHEN CORBIN ROOKS STEPHEN{XE "ROOKS:STEPHEN CORBIN (1955- )"} was born November 19, 1955. 11 JASON CORBIN ROOKS JASON{XE "ROOKS:JASON CORBIN (1978- )"} was born February 16, 1978. 11 CORBIN SHANE ROOKS CORBIN{XE "ROOKS:CORBIN SHANE (1990- )"} was born December 5, 1990. 11 SAMUEL ISAAC ROOKS SAMUEL{XE "ROOKS:SAMUEL ISAAC (1995- )"} was born July 3, 1995. 10 CAROL ELIZABETH ROOKS CAROL{XE "ROOKS:CAROL ELIZABETH (1959- )"} was born April 22, 1959. 11 STEPHEN MATTHEW PORTER STEPHEN{XE "PORTER:STEPHEN MATTHEW (1993- )"} was born July 2, 1993. 9 GERALD ARNOLD ROOKS GERALD{XE "ROOKS:GERALD ARNOLD (1934- )"} was born July 11, 1934. 10 VIRGINIA ANNE ROOKS VIRGINIA{XE "ROOKS:VIRGINIA ANNE (1957- )"} was born August 25, 1957. 11 JEFFREY STEVEN VYAIN JEFFREY{XE "VYAIN:JEFFREY STEVEN (1983- )"} was born December 13, 1983. 11 ALEXA LYNNE VYAIN ALEXA{XE "VYAIN:ALEXA LYNNE (1989- )"} was born January 10, 1989. 10 SUSAN LYNNE ROOKS SUSAN{XE "ROOKS:SUSAN LYNNE (1959- )"} was born January 24, 1959. 10 GERALD ARNOLD ROOKS JR GERALD{XE "ROOKS:GERALD ARNOLD, JR (1961- )"} was born August 7, 1961. 11 DRU MARIE ROOKS DRU{XE "ROOKS:DRU MARIE (1986- )"} was born July 14, 1986. 11 JUSTIN JAMES ROOKS JUSTIN{XE "ROOKS:JUSTIN JAMES (1990- )"} was born May 24, 1990. 8 KATIE LOUISE DODSON KATIE{XE "DODSON:KATIE LOUISE (1913-1974)"} was born September 4, 1913. KATIE{XE "DODSON:KATIE LOUISE (1913-1974)"} died 1974 at 60 years of age. 8 RUTH DODSON RUTH{XE "DODSON:RUTH (1919- )"} was born May 6, 1919. 9 NANCY LOUISE CARTER NANCY{XE "CARTER:NANCY LOUISE (1944- )"} was born March 10, 1944. 10 LISA KATHLEEN CRANSTON LISA{XE "CRANSTON:LISA KATHLEEN (1965- )"} was born May 10, 1965. 11 CHRISTOPHER

59 15/02/1998
From: Donna DeLeon email dldeleon@ix.netcom.com
I am a Hawkins descendant, but so far I have only traced my line back to James Hawkins born 1845 in Virginia. I am anxious to learn where my roots lead. When checking out your page I tried to link to the Family Bible pages but was unable. Would you let me know when this is corrected? Donna

60 20/02/1998
From: John Hawkins email john@abacus.co.za
My family tree goes back to 1768 so far where they lived on the Somerset /Dorset border about 6 miles from Poole,It is unlikly that the family is unrelated to John Hawkins. Our Family names in the 1700s were John& Richard . I do not have the recorded link yet but only started last year. If you know anything that could help please let me know John Hawkins P O Box50332 Waterfront 8002 Cape Town South Africa john@abacus.co.za

61 06/03/1998
From: Terry Hawkins email thawkins@digisys.com
I recently found your interesting web site and I am very pleased to find the "Armada Heros" text. I have traced my direct lineage back to William, Sir John Hawkins elder brother. I have considerable information on my line with refernce to many Hawkins descendants now living in the Missouri area. I would very much like to share information with anyone interested in this branch of the Hawkins line. A summary of my lineage is as follows. Generation #1- William married MArie Halsa, #2 William(b1587-d1655) married Sarah, #3 John(b1615-d1675) married Susannah, #4 Edward(b1660-d1720) married Elinor, #5 Micheal married Agness Eaton, #6 Joshua (b1725-d1801) married Sarah Cook, #7 William Eaton married Catherine, #8 William Eaton Jr. married Permilia Carr Duncan, #9 Lemuel Barry maried Elizabeth Craig, #10 Elebert Henry married Nancy Jane Anderson, #11 Lemuel Gentry married Eva Morrison, #12 Marvin Gentry married Francis Gibson, #13 Richard Terry married Joan Maloney. I believe that generation #5 Micheal immigrated to the United States. I have very little information on Micheal and would appretiate hearing from anyone that can provide any information regarding him.

62 12/03/1998
From: Andrew Hawkins email crunchie@sprawl.co.uk
My GreatGrandfather John Robert Hawkins [b?,d?]was a Protistent who married Margaret Parkes [b.1900, Dublin], an Irish Catholic. They moved to Middlesbrough shortly after where my Grandfather, John Francis Hawkins [b.1929], was born. My Father, John David Hawkins [b.1954] was born in Nottingham. I know its relatively recent history, but I'm interested in John Robert Hawkins and the Hawkins line above him. rgds, Andrew Hawkins

63 24/03/1998
From: Jim email Abinadab@aol.com
Hello, I just learned yesterday that I had a Hawkins ancestor when I received a death certificate that had the maiden name of my great-great grandmother Malinda HAWKINS Connor 1827 in Orange Co., N.Y. to Nov. 11, 1885 in Muscatine, Iowa. Naturally, I'm jumping into a new surname search and that's always exciting. I'll be ordering census films and going forward in a month or so. In the meantime, I was wondering if any other Hawkins investigators have gleaned anything from Orange County, N.Y. New York has not been the easiest state from which to find information. Odd, isn't it? You'd think New York would be in the vanguard, but I've run into a couple of dead ends there. Oddly, two states reviled by a lot of folks as unsophisticated - Arkansas and Tennessee - have been gold mines for me. Fortunately, that's where most of my forebears flourished after starting out in Virginia, a state that worships its ancestors. Any way, I'd appreciate a note from anyone who might have some info. Thanks, Jim

64 26/03/1998
From: email KKSCRIB69@aol.com
Hello, I am currently trying to trace my Hawkins line, trying to find info on a branch that would have stayed in England til the mid to late 1800's. Any info would be appreciated.

65 29/04/1998
From: Quentin Johnson email quentin@quican.com
Finally after many attempts since I last communicated, please find attached a gif file of a painting in my possession from my late uncle's estate. His name was John Hawkins and he had two paintings of descendants of Sir John Hawkins. This picture was assessed as being painted in about 1625 and the subjects are believed to be the grandchildren of Sir John Hawkins. What is unusual about the picture is the subject matter. Because of high childhood mortality rates in that period, it is unusual to have a portrait of children. The other feature is the eldest boy on the left hand side. His right arm appears to be crippled. The painting is in my house. Please let me know if the attached file is readable. If it is not, could you tell me how to resend it (I am a relative novice when it comes to e-mail files etc.) I look forward to your comments. Thanks, Quentin

66 02/05/1998
From: Kathy Meyer email km13693@cedarnet.org
My maiden surname is Hocken and I am descendant from the Hockens of Cornwall. I have gone back to John Hocken b. April 14, 1722 in Lanteglas by Camelford, Cornwall, England. He married Margaret Browne December 15, 1744 in Minster, Cornwall, England. I am told that somewhere they are descendants from a Sir "Hocken" and that Hocken, Hockin, Hawkin, Hawkins are all different spellings of the same surname. What do you think? Kathy km13693@cedarnet.org

67 01/06/1998
From: Gordon Jensen email jenseng@ican.net
I am researching a line of Hawkins in Canada descended from a successive emigration, first from Devonshire to Wexford/Carlow County Ireland and then to Lanark County Canada. My information to date shows that Roger Hawkins was born in Devonshire, England before 1787. He emigrated to Enniscorthy in Wexford County, Ireland and married an Irish girl Mary Elizabeth Griffith. They susequently emigrated from Enniscorthy, Wexford City, Ireland in 1819 aboard the ship "Maria". They arrived 29 June 1819 at Port of Quebec and Roger was assigned Lot 12, Concession 8 in Beckwith Township in the County of Lanark, Ontario, Canada. He was accompanied to Canada by his wife Mary Elizabeth Griffith, their five children and Roger's brother Henry Hawkins. Roger's siblings were Richard Hawkins (1778-?), William Hawkins (1785?), Joseph Hawkins (1790?), Ann Hawkins (1790), and Henry Hawkins (1794). His parents were passed to me as Richard Hawkins and Agness Robynse. His children were Harriet, Henry, William, Eliza, and Thomas. All of his children were born in Ireland prior to emigrating to Canada in 1819. I am trying to find the family of Roger in Devon and more information on Richard Hawkins and Agness Robynse, as well as information on the family remaining in Ireland. The Hawkins were very involved in the Wexford Rebellion in 1798, with a large number killed and at least one transported to Australia. I do have a fair bit of information on Rogers descendants in Canada and the US and would like to tie them in to the old world family. Any information would be very much appreciated. Gordon Jensen jenseng@ican.net http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/j/e/n/Ronald-G-Jensen/

68 10/06/1998
From: Trudy Belcher email Dig4u10729@aol.com
I have Mary HAWKINS who died 27 May 1880, wife of Adam BURGHER(1805-Greene Co TN) Mary is dau of Joseph HAWKINS(ca1780-NC) & Susanna WILLIAMS(ca1775-SC) d. 19 OCt 1862 Polk Co TN Joseph is son of Benjamin HAWKINS(19 May 1747 NC) & Mary S. (SOMEBODY) PHILEEYY Benjamin is son of James HAWKINS(1715-PA) & Martha HOLLOWELL(1721-PA) James is son of James HAWKINS(1674-PA) & Mary ELLIOTT(1683-PA) Trudy Belcher

69 18/06/1998
From: email Mhawkster@aol.com
I am new but I would like info on my family tree. I don't have much to contribute. My father is Donald C Hawkins, married Margaret Smith. Grandfather Nelson Hawkins out of Williamsport PA. Thats All for now. We are not a close family

70 19/06/1998
From: Wayne Greene email Wgreen19@aol.com
Hi,\n\nMy name is Wayne Greene from Dunedin, FL USA. My great žgrandparents were\nElizabeth Hawkins and Colonel Humphrey Pope. žShe was the daughter of Richard\nand Elizabeth Hawkins. žAccording to the data I just found, Richard Hawkins\nwas the son žof A

71 30/06/1998
From: Pamela S. Waters email h2ostip@mail.lig.bellsouth.net
Hi, I have a great deal of info on Benjamin Hawkins of Randolph Co.,NC. and his descendants. I'm also looking for any other lines that connect into the Hawkins tree. Pam Hawkins Waters

72 02/08/1998
From: Alan C. Hawkins email hawkins@datacomm.ch
Landed here by chance when trying to find out which of two possible=coats-of-arms is the right one for our family. I'm interested,=therefore, to find out any infos on the Hawkins Families in / around=North Staffordshire (Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme). Mails=welcome, Alan C. Hawkins, Erlinsbach, Switzerland

73 05/08/1998
From: Pamela S. Waters email h2ostip@mail.lig.bellsouth.net
Hi, My line is through Benjamin Hawkins b. 03 June 1803 in North Carolina and moved with his family to Smith Co.,MS. I have been collecting info on the Hawkins Family since 1977 but never could sit down and organize it until lately. I gave my info which included Willie Shearer's work to someone and they started working on it. They sent me word back that there was a big error. John Hawkins who everyone had use to join the DAR was in fact two separate people. I found that true two weeks ago when I checked the "Officers Roster off the Revolution". There is one from Maryland that was in the 4th & 5th Maryland Battalion, (he died in 1786) and there is one from Virginia that was taken prisoner at Charleston and remaained til the end of the war (he died 1805). Both were made Captain during the war. There was also a John Hawkins who served from NC. I have over 5000 descendants of Benjamin Hawkins from Miss, if anyone needs info I'll be glad to share. Pam

74 12/08/1998
From: John Hawkins email john@abacus.co.za
Hi I have traced my family back to 1600's with 4 of them back to 1558. 3 of these Ann Grace and John Hawkins where burried on the same day in Jan 1558. My family was living in Charlton Horethorne Somerset/Dorset border in the late 1600's With the above mentioned 3 in Horsington close by. Do you know of any possible connection,I see plenty of people mentioned in your tree without issue,also is there any news as to what happend to Henry Williams brother . I have a Thomas Hawkins a church warden in 1666 in Charlton Horethorne He was born there in 1635 after him all of my

75 16/08/1998
From: Melissa Caldwell email redfox@gulftel.com
We are trying to trace a John Henry Hawkins, married in 1902 to an Alice Rodgers, possibly of Indian heritage, we know of one daughter, Alice who married Angus Mason McLeod. John is believed to have died around 1929/1930. His father is believed to be a Mathue Hawkins, who married 3 times. Thanks for your time trying to help us. Melissa

76 20/08/1998
From: David Hawkins email hawkins@hargray.com
I am related to Issac Hawkins who married Ann French on Dec 24 1851 in the Whitestauton, Somerset Parish Church. Isaac was 20 and Ann was 19 at the time of marriage. Isaac's father was John Hawkins. All were from Whitestatuton Somerset. Can anyone help be link back. Thanks David Hawkins Hilton Head Island South Carolina USA

77 20/08/1998
From: Paul Welbank email paul@welbank.net
am looking for information on John Hawkins, b. 1801, wife Elizabeth Gardiner, resident in Sloane Sq. Chelsea in 1841. Children: 1: Elizabeth 1832, Middx. 2: Mary Ann 1832, Middx. 3: Sophia 1834, Middx. 4: John 1836, Middx. 5: Jane 1836, Middx 6: Gilbert 1840, Middx. There appear to be 2 sets of twins among the children! Child 2, Mary Ann married my g-g-grandfather Richard Welbank on 3rd May 1852, St Saviours, Upper Chelsea, Middx. Does anyone have connections to

78 07/09/1998
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
here is a link that may help http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/5525/ here is some family history: The following has been passed to me by relatives. there is a Thomas Hawkins b. 5feb1762 Baltimore, Md. d.? m. Mary Hargis (Steele/widow) offspring include my ancestor (confirmed) - Gregory Farmer Hawkins b. 26mar1789 at Greenbrier, Va d. 15dec1859 at Canton,Mo m. 5jan1815 Sarah Cannon 2-4-1794- apr1872 I have visited his grave at the Waconda church cemetary, Mo. My father was born in that area. back to Thomas 5feb1762-his parents were Gregory Farmer Hawkins b.11may1733 at Baltimore, Md. d. 18june1810 at Bethel, Bath Co. Ky . m. Elizabeth Matson b.21apr1739 d. 18oct1805 also Bethel,Ky G.F.H. 5feb1762 (notice alternating Thomases and G.F.s)was son of: Thomas Hawkins 25nov 1712 at Baltimore, Md., d.?, m.24jan1731 to Elizabeth Farmer b.17dec1714, daughter of Gregory Farmer and Sarah Hughes d.22oct1745, daughter of Samuel Hughes and Anne? T.H. 5feb1762 was son of: Robert Hawkins b. about1684 at Baltimore, Md, d.5aug1761 m.15nov1709 to Ann Preb(b)le, daughter of Thomas Preble and Mary? b.8nov1689 at Baltimore,Md R.H. 1684 was son of John Hawkins b.22mar1640 in England In 1939 the daughter of John Henry Bayne and Unicy Anne Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins Bayne, then 77 of her 96 years wrote: "John Hawkins was born in London, England, March22,1640 and came to America in 1652 with his parents and brothers, Thomas and William. He lived on the James River in Virginia until he was 21. At age 21 he married Elizabeth Farmer (born in Bristol, England, Sept. 15, 1643) who had come with her parents to America in 1656. The names John, Thomas, and Gregory Farmer occur most frequently in the subsequent family records. They were all patriotc and were staunch adherents of the Episcopal Church. My great grandfather, Thomas Hawkins, was born Jan. 20, 1760 (ed. note: date does not agree with above). He married Mary Hargis Steele (widow) and my grandfather, Gregory Farmer Hawkins, their eldest son, was born March 26, 1789 and died Dec. 15, 1859. He, Gregory Farmer Hawkins, married Sarah Cannon (born Feb.4, 1795) Jan. 15 1815. They lived near Greenbriar, Va. but afterwards moved to Bath County Ky., where first 8 children were born,- they had 11 in all (my mother was the 4th). In 1830 my grandparents and family and their slaves went to Marysville, Ky. and took a boat on the Ohio River. At Cairo, Ill. they re-embarked and ascended the Mississippi as far as Hannibal,Missouri. From there they went by land to Canton on the Mississippi, arriving on the day on which the first town lots were sold. My Grandfather was a farmer and also he had a mill. He became a judge, but of what rank I am unable to say. My mother had a great admiration for her father and both were invenerate readers. All my grandparents died before I was born except my grandmother Hawkins, of whom I stood in awe. My widowed grandmother continued to live at the home place, served by two of the ex-slaves who stayed with her until her death in april 1872. The Episcopal tradition was broken in my grandfather's time though it was his preference. My grandmother's father was a very strong Baptist and she could not see her way clear to becomming a member of a church with so much ritual. Finally they compromised on the Methodist Episcopal and were charter members of that faith established in Canton. She was my present age when she died-77. She wore lace caps and, being Rheumatic, walked with a cane. If she could "revisit the glimpses of the moon", I wonder what she would think of the doings of her twentieth century grand daughter. The Hawkins's in Virginia were pretty numerous and as I have previously said, were patriotic. Capt. Ruben Hawkins was in the Va. Millitia, Capt. Moses Hawkins was serving in the Revolution in 1777, so also was Samuel Hawkins, and Capt. John Hawkins was in the 3rd. Va. Regiment of the Continental Army." Hoping we Hawkins will get this all worked out. It isn't easy with so many

79 09/09/1998
From: Larry Wendt email wendt@pacbell.net
I recently came into posession of a photograph which is labeled "Elizabeth Varner Hawkins Born 7/9/1791" in the hand of her great granddaughter (and my grandmother). By chance, I did a search of this name and ended up at your site. I also have a copy of a diary which was kept by Bolina Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth's daughter, and Eliza Jane Wakeland, Elizabeth's granddaughter, which outlines a history of the Hawkins family. The following is more or less their genealogy with a couple of additions which I have found: First Generation: 1. John Hawkins born 6 Mar 1779, near Indianapolis, IN, married (1) 29 Dec 1796, Mary Goodman, born 10 Jan 1781, married (2) 20 May 1810, in North Carolina, Elizabeth Varner, born 9 Jul 1791, North Carolina, died 13 Sep 1873, Morgan Co., IN, Buried: Olivet Cemetery. John died 24 Sep 1832, Indiana. Note on John: Also known as "John Hawkins Senior." A will for a John Hawkins exists in Marion Co., IN, Probate Records-Wills Book A Page 24, 30 July 1832 which lists an "Elizabeth Hawkins" as his wife but not his children by name. Children by Mary Goodman: (i) John Hawkins born 26 Apr 1794. (ii) Patsey Hawkins born 2 Aug 1799. (iii) Betsey Hawkins born 3 Oct 1801. (iv) Benjamin Hawkins born 23 Jun 1803. (v)Dolly Hawkins born 8 Apr 1805. Children by Elizabeth Varner: (vi) Flardreys Hawkins born 28 Feb 1811. (vii) Fanny Hawkins born 24 Feb 1813. (2. viii) Nancy Hawkins born 18 Jan 1815. (ix) Catherine Hawkins born 9 Dec 1816. (x) Charlotte Hawkins born 20 Aug 1818. (xi) David Hawkins born 11 Jun 1820, died 23 May 1842. (xii) Alfred Hawkins born 30 Dec 1822, died about 1927. Note: A daguerreotype exists with "Alfred Hawkins & Wife" written on the back along with "lived to be 105 practiced medicine until he was 95 years old." (xiii) Henry Hawkins born 20 Apr 1824. (xiv) Caroline Hawkins born 3 Oct 1826, died 10 Feb 1851. (xv) Addeline Matilda Hawkins born 6 Mar 1828. (3. xvi) Bolina Sally Hawkins born 30 Jan 1830. Second Generation: 2. Nancy Hawkins born 18 Jan 1815, NC, Occupation: Nurse, Civil War Vet. Nancy died 21 Mar 1904, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, Buried: 23 Mar 1904, Crown Hill Cemetery. Note: "Aunt Nancy" was the first nurse in Indianapolis and was a volunteer nurse for the Union during the Civil War. A newspaper obituary and photograph of her exists. Children: (i) Eliza J. Hawkins born about 1865. 3. Bolina Sally Hawkins born 30 Jan 1830, married 16 Oct 1853, in Old Augusta, Marion Co., IN, Preston D. Wakeland, born 23 Aug 1831, Butler Co., OH, (son of Turner R. Wakeland and Nianetta McArthur) Civil War Veteran, died 31 May 1896, Cedar Rapids, Boone Co., NE, Buried: 1 Jun 1896, Sunset Cemetry. Bolina died 24 Sep 1919, Forestville, CA, Buried: Sebastapol Memorial Lawn Cemetery. Note: Always known as Sarah P. Wakeland, the middle name appears to be derived from one of her husband's sisters, Permelia. Kept a diary which was continued by her daughter, Eliza from which this genealogy of the Hawkins' family was derived. Children: (i) Edwilda Jane Wakeland born 23 Oct 1855, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, died about 1864, Marion Co., IN. (ii) Turner Rodgers Wakeland born 12 Oct 1857, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, married in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, Alice Fowler, (daughter of H. D. Fowler). Turner died 1 Aug 1892, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, Buried: 4 Aug 1892, Retts cemetery. (iii) Clytus Clay Wakeland born 26 Oct 1859, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, married (1) in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, Juretta Knoy, born May 1859, IN, died Dec 1, Buried: Forestville Cemetery, married (2) 25 Jan 1906, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA, Charlotte Oden. Clytus died about 1944, Buried: Forestville Cemetery. (iv) Eliza Jane Wakeland born 27 Oct 1861, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, married 23 Jul 1887, in Albion, Boone Co., NE, John Bolton Thompson, born 12 Nov 1851, Limestone, Green Co., TN, (son of Vincent Thompson and Lydia Meyers Bolton) died 2 Dec 1935, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA, Buried: Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery. Eliza died Napa, Napa Co., CA, Buried: 13 Mar 1931, Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery. (v) John James Wakeland born 6 Jul 1865, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, married (1) about 1892, in NE, Sadie Roselma Davis, born Boone Co., NE, married (2) Sara E., born 1864, died 1943, Buried: Forestville Cemetery, CA. John died 2 Jul 1954, Forestville, Sonoma Co., CA, Buried: 6 Jul 1954, Gilliam Cemetery, Graton. (vi) Charlie Arthur Wakeland born 4 Jul 1868, Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, married 16 Feb 1899, Maggie Emma Baggs, born 24 Oct 1878, Linn Co., Iowa, (daughter of Charles John Baggs and Isabella Patience (Belle) Wolcott) died 20 Mar 1965, Buried: Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery. Charlie died 14 Jan 1903, Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., CA, Buried: 15 Jan 1903, Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery. As you may notice, there are a few matches with the material which you have for a John Hawkins + Mary Goodman and a Benjamin Hawkins + (1) Elizabeth Kindley (2) Elizabeth Varner. But there is a lot which is different too. I was wondering if you might have some more material that could help explain this confussion. I have done an extensive amount of work on other parts of my grandmother's family, but have not had much luck confirming

80 09/09/1998
From: Lonnie Hawkins email LONNIE HAWKINS
lhawkins@ArkansasUSA.com subject:

81 13/09/1998
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
Dear Hawkins, This lineage has been confirmed by research with, I belive, the exception of the date noted and the John Hawkins - Elizabeth Farmer generation which is from a family Bible entry. No supporting British documents have been found for either birth. The folowing generations are fairly well documented to the present. The work is in the hands of a cousin of my father who has been searching for over 25 years. This has been the dead end for generations. I include the entire letter for the added historical information. In 1939 the daughter of John Henry Bayne and Unicy Anne Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins Bayne, then 77 of her 96 years wrote: "John Hawkins was born in London, England, March22,1640 and came to America in 1652 with his parents and brothers, Thomas and William. He lived on the James River in Virginia until he was 21. At age 21 he married Elizabeth Farmer (born in Bristol, England, Sept. 15, 1643) who had come with her parents to America in 1656. The names John, Thomas, and Gregory Farmer occur most frequently in the subsequent family records. They were all patriotc and were staunch adherents of the Episcopal Church. My great grandfather, Thomas Hawkins, was born Jan. 20, 1760 (ed. note: date does not agree with above). He married Mary Hargis Steele (widow) and my grandfather, Gregory Farmer Hawkins, their eldest son, was born March 26, 1789 and died Dec. 15, 1859. He, Gregory Farmer Hawkins, married Sarah Cannon (born Feb.4, 1795) Jan. 15 1815. They lived near Greenbriar, Va. but afterwards moved to Bath County Ky., where first 8 children were born,- they had 11 in all (my mother was the 4th). In 1830 my grandparents and family and their slaves went to Marysville, Ky. and took a boat on the Ohio River. At Cairo, Ill. they re-embarked and ascended the Mississippi as far as Hannibal,Missouri. From there they went by land to Canton on the Mississippi, arriving on the day on which the first town lots were sold. My Grandfather was a farmer and also he had a mill. He became a judge, but of what rank I am unable to say. My mother had a great admiration for her father and both were invenerate readers. All my grandparents died before I was born except my grandmother Hawkins, of whom I stood in awe. My widowed grandmother continued to live at the home place, served by two of the ex-slaves who stayed with her until her death in april 1872. The Episcopal tradition was broken in my grandfather's time though it was his preference. My grandmother's father was a very strong Baptist and she could not see her way clear to becomming a member of a church with so much ritual. Finally they compromised on the Methodist Episcopal and were charter members of that faith established in Canton. She was my present age when she died-77. She wore lace caps and, being Rheumatic, walked with a cane. If she could "revisit the glimpses of the moon", I wonder what she would think of the doings of her twentieth century grand daughter. The Hawkins's in Virginia were pretty numerous and as I have previously said, were patriotic. Capt. Ruben Hawkins was in the Va. Millitia, Capt. Moses Hawkins was serving in the Revolution in 1777, so also was Samuel Hawkins, and Capt. John Hawkins was in the 3rd. Va. Regiment of the Continental Army." Sincerely, Thomas (Tom) Milton Hawkins Jr. b.7/8/1948 ps over a year ago someone looking for me found more than 200 tom hawkins with e-mail addresses. I thought it wise to include my birth date

82 26/09/1998
From: Mark Freeman email MarkFreemn@aol.com
Hi, I have continued to update my "descendants of Sir John Hawkins" and have a report of these descendants at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/8415/hawk.html . In addition, I enclose a gedcom of the ten generations of descendants listed. Thanks for continuing to work on this - there are a bunch of different sources for the info here, including web pages, WFT files and cousins who found me. Not all sources have been listed in the comments, and there are bound to be some inaccuracies. You're welcome to use what you want of this, or to just add a link to my page. I just updated my link to yours as it was out of date. Mark Freeman Texas

83 30/09/1998
From: Dale Jason Hawkins email taz@mind.net
My Name is Dale Jason Hawkins, Born 03-25-72 in Medford Oregon. I to am interested in my family roots, but unfortunatly don't know how to go about getting started. I have done the herritage things at the mall, and they say I to am in the Admirals branches. I would like to find out for sure to pass the information to my own kids, I feel it is very important for them (and myself to know).My fathers name is Delmar Dale Hawkins, His father is Floyd Hawkins who married Kitty Fae, I'm not sure of her maiden name.If you have came accross anything that might help, or would be so kind as to let me know how to find this stuff out on the net,( I'm new on the computer), I, along with my family, would be very greatfull. Thank you,

84 02/10/1998
From: Linda Harvey email lharvey3@ix.netcom.com
Hi, I was researching my Pearsall family line through altra vista search engine and was pleasantly surprised when I came upon the name Hawkins.. Here's all I have on my ggggrandmother: Elizabeth Hawkins b. October 10, 1789 d. March 18, 1840 married Benjamin Pearsall New York Children 5 How can I go about finding more information on her? I'm very new at researching. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You, Linda Pearsall

85 06/10/1998
From: Claude S. Hawkins email chawkins@ipa.net
I can trace my ancestory back to Philemon Hawkins, born 3 December 1752, and died 27 Jan 1833. With the information from your web site, it allows me to go back several more generations. What is the source material for the links from Philemon back to Sir John Hawkins? I found the family bible of Philemon Hawkins especially interesting since it is in my line. The last entry shown from the bible is "..... A. Hawkins was born the 20 of Septembe 1811." This must be a reference to my great-great-grandfather, Henry Atkinson Hawkins who was born Sept. 20, 1811. He was the first in my line to move from North Carolina to Arkansas, and he is buried on a farm in southwest Arkansas near the Red River. Thanks for the great web site, and I would appreciate receiving some information regarding your source material for the links from Sir John to the

86 22/10/1998
From: Elbert Robbins email erobbin@den.k12.de.us
I am not sure of any connection with John Hawkins. My earliest known Hawkins is Isham Hawkins of Lunenbury Co., VA. His son, William Howard Hawkins (March 15, 1818-March 8, 1906) married (1st) Mary Yerby. They had the following children: Zekie, Blake, Calvin, Henry (died young), Elizabeth who married John Hull, Laura who married Henry Edwards, Alice who married Tom Hawkins her first cousin, and Dora who married Jim Moss. He married (2nd) Cora Elizabeth Felts (Mar. 21, 1853-Oct. 16, 1936). They had two children: Kearney J. Hawkins and Susan Winifred Hawkins. Kearney married Pattie Grey Daniel of Mecklenburg Co. Va. They were my grandparents. Any help will be appreciated. Sincerely, Elbert

87 01/11/1998
From: George Hawkins email GeorgeHks@aol.com
I've just yesterday discovered your web site. Like most Hawkins families, we too have a story about descent from Sir John. Our earliest known ancestor is William Hawkins, who married Elizabeth Ensor March 24, 1694/5 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire. We don't know where or when William was born. Because of the story that we're descended from Sir John (a story which I frankly doubt), I've tried to start with Sir John and work down. What I've seen shows that most of the ties posted on the web have to be wrong. Most tie to one John Hawkins, born 21 Sep 1643 in Oxfordshire. They then equate this John to John, the grandson of Sir Richard, who was born 21 Sep 1643 in Slapton, Devonshire. I have no idea if the birth in Oxfordshire can be documented, but if it can/is, it cannot be the grandson of Sir Richard. Sir Richard's grandson John, died in 1670. At that time, he was living at his father's house in Slapton. He was twenty-seven years old, and there is no evidence John ever married. John's will was probated by his sister, according to Mary Hawkins' book. Someone needs to sort out this problem. George Hawkins

88 06/11/1998
From: Darby Penney email copldjp@omh.state.ny.us
I'm interested in finding the ancestry of Robert Hawkins (b @ 1610) who emigrated from England to Charlestown, MA in 1635 aboard the ship Elizabeth and Anne, as well as that of his wife, Mary (maiden name unknown). It is thought that his father's name was John, and that he came from Essex Co., north of London. Thanks

89 22/11/1998
From: Betty Haley email haley.haley@worldnet.att.net
Wish I could contribute an official or verifiable Sir John Hawkins family tree; however I am trying to determine the parentage of the John Hawkins, b 21 Sep 1643, Oxfordshire, UK; d aft 1698, Stokefleming, Plymouth, UK who m Mary Dewe sometime before 1671. (Children: (1.) William, b 1673, UK; d Va; m Margaret??, Essex Co, Va (2) Joseph (3) John H, b abt 1680, Slapton, Devonshire, UK; d 1764, St George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co, Va; m [1] // Johnson [2] 1706, Botetourt Co, Va, Mary Long (4) Philemon Hawkins, b 1695, Slapton, Devonshire, UK; d 1725 Spotsylvania Co, Va; m 1714, UK, Ann Eleanor Howard I am descended from above John's fourth son, Philemon; and the best I can offer up regarding a "tree" is transcript of his grandson's bible. Many Hawkins' from the "Deep South" in the US are descended from the above John, but except for references in "Plymouth Armada Heroes," there are few other references to him available to American researchers. I suspect above John's father might have been Sir John's son, Henry, and he might have come from Cornwall, but have no way of proving even that theory. Any suggestions? Betty

90 04/12/1998
From: Steve Barton email smokyrox@erols.com
Dear Researchers, In researching my family's past, I reached a point where I found a Georgiana Hawkins married to one of my ancestors,James Barton, who was a Captain in the Royal Artillery. James was born circa 1794 and died in East India in 1829. In searching your website, I find no information regarding a marriage of Georgiana. Is it possible that this is the Georgiana Hawkins in my family tree? All my life I've been told that we were remotely related to Sir Francis Drake. Any information you have concerning this relationship would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Steve Barton

91 23/12/1998
From: George Landrum email LandrumGC@aol.com
I have some comments/questions concerning the John Hawkins that you show as having been born ca 1680 in Oxfordshire, and d 1740 in King William Co., or Essex Co., VA. In your note (NI467) you indicate that there may be two John Hawkins. Given the data, and the dates of birth and death that you give, it would seem that there are at least three. John Hawkins of Essex County, Gent, made the land purchases in Spotsylvania Co (1,280 acre from Thomas Chew and 501 acres from Larkin Chew, both of which were dated and recorded 3 Nov 1724). The 17 Feb 1725/6 will of John Hawkins, (Essex Will Book 4, p 135), leaves 'all the land I bought of Larkin Chew' to his son William. By a number of deeds and wills, this John Hawkins is shown to be the only son and heir of Thomas Hawkins. My question concerns the Mary Long who is said to have married one of the other John Hawkins. Do you have any information concerning who her parents were? I look forward to hearing from you. George Landrum

92 11/01/1999
From: Dorothy Drake email ddrake@ix.netcom.com
I am trying to find the ancestry and/or connections of John Hawkins of Ashill, Dorset, England. His daughter Joan married Thomas Alford in 1618. Given that Dorset and Devon are close I'm wondering if there is any connection to Sir John Hawkins. If you have any information on this John of Ashill, would you please email me. Thanking you in advance, Dot

93 14/01/1999
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
here is a Hawkins genealogy hot spot. http://members.tripod.com/~Cathleen_H/ tom hawkins

95 18/02/1999
From: Rene'e Hawkins email SROB5157@aol.com

96 21/02/1999
From: Jill Wagner email Risdene@aol.com
Hello, I am Jill S. Wagner, my great grandfather was a Rueben Hawkins born Dec. 10th.1857, he married a Sarah Elizabeth Gratton born Mar.2nd.1855 , they were married at St. Marys ,Stafford , UK. by the Rev.R.D. Norman on March. 26th.1883 . I am new to this genealogy thing . Have you come across these names in any of your research. Also the name Denten/Denton Hawkins , dont know if this was a brother or maybe his father. Would appreciate any information if the names have crossed your path. Sincerly Jill S. Wagner ......... Risdene @aol.com

97 05/03/1999
From: Ron Hawkins email Ron & Val hawkins@net-link.net
Hi all, Would you like to increase traffic to your website? Well I have something to offer you and of course it is free. I just created a webring for folks who have Hawkins Genealogy websites and info on Hawkins family's. In order to get this webring listed in a directory I need to have 4 more besides myself who wish to be in it. On the following url you can see a sample of what the banner would look like on your page with the exception it would say this site is owned by "your name". If you know of any Hawkins websites drop me a line and let me know so I can invite them to join as well. Or if you want you may ask them. Here's the addy for the sample: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5800/cwring.html If you are interested let me know as soon as you can. I must have at least a total of 5 to activate this. Thanks for your time, Ron

98 08/03/1999
From: Suzanne Davis email SUZANNE@farino.freeserve.co.uk
Hi , i am new to all this but my maiden name is hawkins, my mother was Doris Bessie Hawkins born 27/04/1922 in Newport Gwent[then called Monmouthshire] My grandfather was George Fredrick Hawkins born approx 1881 , he married Bessie May Packer from Cwmfelinfach . They had 4 children , George Henry,Edith Iris ,Roland Fredrick ,Doris Bessie.My great grandfather was Joseph Hawkins who was born approx 1849 in Tedbury Gloucester,he married Sarah , they had 5 children Emily,Thomas,Alice ,Goerge,Albert. This is as much as i know, any help would be appreciated,Suzanne Davies

99 17/03/1999
From: Diane Sanders email daks@tsn.cc
I am the grand-daughter of William Hawkins born around the mid 1880's and died around 1951, around the late 1920's he married Minnie Goddard born August 1894, died December 1975, they had heaps of children including, Dorothy, Therese(Joan), Eva (1935) and Albert. They lived around Liverpool in England, Joan and Albert still live there. Dorothy is in Southern England and Eva moved to Australia in 1970. Do you know if a family tree has been made?, or if we are part of an unfinished tree, I think William spent his childhood in Ireland. I'd like a reply if you have any Info.... thanks

100 18/03/1999
From: Val Bryant email dvbdiamond@mobiletel.com
am looking for any info on a Mary Helen Hawkins out of the Kentucky or Indiana area. She married an Albert Leblanc. Thank you, Val

101 25/03/1999
From: Joan Mathew email joanm@bigfoot.com
Looking for information about the marriage between William HAWKINS and Sarah ? (maiden name unknown). I believe this would have been in the early 1800's, but I have no dates on these folks. They went on to have several children that I know of: Elmyra Jane, John, Henry, Steve, Amos, Jim, Mary Ann, and Elizabeth. Elmyra Jane HAWKINS later married Isaac BROOKS, and had several children: Nora, Etta, Isaac, William Walter, Sheldon, and India Ola (some references are India Nola). India Ola BROOKS was born on Feb 2, 1864. These children were probably born in that period, so their parents were probably born sometime in the 1830's or 1840's. Please contact Joan Mathew at joanm@bigfoot.com -- Email:

102 27/03/1999
From: Patrick Navin email PNavin@compuserve.com
I am a descendant of John Hawkins through Mary Hawkins. Patrick Navin

103 31/03/1999
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
notice the close connection between Payne and Hawkins in colonial Virginia. The Templar Masonic roots of early Virginia becomes more clear. Michael Stewart in THE FORGOTTEN MONARCHY OF SCOTLAND makes the causes of migration more clear. http://www.mindspring.com/~papayne/finally.html I am 11th generation from John Payne below. Notice that a Thomas Hawkins lives next door. http://www.linkline.com/personal/xymox/roh/payne.htm here is the hot tip on Hawkins Genealogy in the U.S.A. http://members.tripod.com/~Cathleen_H/index.html

104 01/04/1999
From: Eula Dennis email ejdennis@cvalley.net
Do you know how I can fine the descentants Of Sir William Hawkins borther of Sir John Hawkins. We belive we are from the youngest son of Sir William, but need more Infomation. Our line is from William Hawkins of Devon. Will share what I have. Thanks much. Eula J.(Hawkins) Dennis

105 05/04/1999
From: Mark Freeman email markfreeman@home.com
Hello again, I just had a kind note from a researcher of the Westmoreland, VA branch of the Hawkins descendants (Elizabeth Hawkins married Humphrey Pope) who is convinced that "no evidence" links that Elizabeth to Sir Richard & Sir John. I have again updated (and shortened) my web listing of the descendants of Sir John Hawkins. I notice on your Hawkins page you refer to my page; its address has changed. The Sir John Hawkins page, which now includes primarily your info, and little of what it once was, is at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/8415/hawkins.html and my Virginia Hawkins family including Philemon Hawkins and the Warren Co., NC descendants are separately at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/8415/hawkinva.html Thank you for continuing to host the best Hawkins web

106 19/04/1999
From: Mike Shaver email MPShaver@aol.com
HI: I have recently completed a research project in which I have succeeded in linking a portion of the Lightfoot Family pedigree with that of Sir John Hawkins. There are numerous Lightfoot researchers on the net so I am hoping that you will publish my results on your web page. I am attaching a GedCom file that connects Sir Richard Hawkins with one of my Lightfoot ancestors John B. Lightfoot and his wife Elizabeth Barrow thru whose maternal lines I have managed the make the connection. I will also be sending a copy of an FTM Genealogy Report that I have copied to and MS Word document. Please feel free to post that also if you think it might be useful to your visitors in identifying the documentation for the

107 23/04/1999
From: Diane Sanders email daks@tsn.cc
I am looking for information on my grandfather WILLIAM JOSEPH HAWKINS who was born around 1882, in Liverpool or Ireland, his mother Katherine? died during childbirth. He was raised in Cork, Ireland, by his aunt, he had an older sister named Katie? who later became a McMillan. His aunt possibly had daughters named Eva and Maud. William married Minnie (nee Goddard, b 1894 d 1975 in Merseyside) and they had many children. William died in Liverpool in 1951.I'd like any further information. Diane Sanders daks@tsn.cc

108 10/05/1999
From: Phil Hawkins email phawkins@flash.net
Jeffrey Hawkins, wife Dorothy Mattock, and children arrived in Philadelphia, PA on the "Welcome" in 1682, and were listed from Norton Bavant in Wiltshire. Jeffrey had a brother, Roger. Can any one furnish any connections to their ancestors? Phil Hawkins 10 May 1999 phawkins@flash.net

109 28/05/1999
From: Jeffrey Hawkins email KPH@filetek.com
Hello! My name is Jeffrey S. Hawkins. Somebody please help! I have been searching for the link to Sir John Hawkins. The furthest back I can get is John Hawkins who died March 8, 1808 in Darlington County, South Carolina. I do not know when or where he was born. I have a hunch he was in Spotsylvania County, Virginia in the mid 1700's and then migrated to the Cheraw District, later to be named Darlington County, South Carolina. He owned quite a lot of land near present day Hartsville, South Carolina. His wife's name may have been Constance. My father always told us we were related to Sir John Hawkins, but can't prove it. John Hawkins and Constance had at least two sons, John (my g-g-g grandfather) and Zachariah. John Hawkins Jr. 1790's-1848 married Lydia Sellers (1790's-1860). Zachariah Hawkins married Charlotte Oglesby, this family seems to have relocated to Tennesee. John Hawkins Jr. and Lydia Sellers children were Elizabeth, Sara, Constance, John, William, Thomas, and Daniel (my g-g grandfather). I really hope someone out there can help with this or at least point me in the right direction. I have been trying to find the father of John Hawkins who died in 1808 for about 10 years now!! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Jeffrey S. Hawkins

110 03/06/1999
From: Elbert Robbins email abbierob@shore.intercom.net
I am descended from Isham Hawkins father of William Howard Hawkins (1818) who married Mary Yerby and then Cora Elizabeth Felts. They were from Lunenberg Co. Va and later Franklin Co. NC. Any help will be appreciated. Elbert Robbins

111 08/06/1999
From: John Hawkins email john@abacus.co.za
Please have a look at the attached deeds. It seems that John Hawkins snr's father was also John and he had a brther John probably from a different marriage The deeds to check are 44,45,46 & 48 tho they are all interesting John Hawkins [ Deeds are too big to include here, but are included elsewhere on this site. pw.] LINK

112 19/06/1999
From: Martin Hawkins email mj.hawkins@virgin.net
Just to introduce myself. I'm Martin Hawkins from Derby England. I have traced my family back to around 1780 in Derbyshire.If anyone shares a "Derby" Hawkins there could be a link. mj.hawkins@virgin.net See our family homepage- http://homepage.virgin.net/mj.hawkins/index.htm.running.html

113 21/06/1999
From: Brian Hawkins email HAWKINSR@prodigy.net
Hello My name is Brian Hawkins I am the Eldest Grandson of Charles Thomas Hawkins and also I am a Descendant of Benjamin Hawkins who helped George Washington with the Creek Indians. I was wondering if you can E-mail me some good starting points for my Hawkins Family Tree. Also if you can give me any information on Henricus Hawkins Born in the year 1312 because he is the first documented Hawkins in History. His original spelling was Hawkyns and was later changed to the Present spelling. Please help me if you can. My E-mail address is HawkinsR@prodigy.net

114 23/06/1999
From: Becca email Becca3k@aol.com
Nathan Byrd Hawkins of Portland, Indiana. b. 1811 (DAR records show 1816) d. 1853 Son of John Jay Hawkins 1762 son of Col. Samuel Hawkins b 1762 son ofJoseph Hawkins b. 1712 son of John Hawkins b 1669 Oxforshire England m. Mary Long son of John Hawkins b. 1643 son of John Sidney Hawkins before 1694 m Mary Dewe son of Richard Hawkins son of Sir John Hawkins I know this is a bit sketchy, but I thought you might like a copy of Nathans painting. Nathan lived in Portand, Indiana. You can write to me at Becca3k@aol.com or call at 518 462 3269

115 23/06/1999
From: Michelle Gore email jumic@earthlink.net
My Grandfather traced our family tree back to Sir John Hawkins. I'm not sure how it works. My Grandfather died last year. I believe it may have been on his mother's side of the family. My Grandfather's name is Cyril Herbert. He was the youngest I believe of four boys and lived in Sussex for most of his childhood and then moved to Stroud, Gloucestershire. If you have any information you could share with me that would be great.

116 02/07/1999
From: Beverley & Brynne email bbb@pdq.net
I thought I'd help with some info I found in Burke's Peerages of England. John Hawkins, descended from the sea captain, in the time of Elizabeth, m. Mary, daughter of Edward Dewe,esq. of Islip and grandneice of Thomas Tesdale, esq. one of the founders of Pembroke College, Oxford, and had issue: 1) John, who m. Miss Wainwright and had issue: a) William who married Miss Sarah Grant b) John m. Miss Conyers c) Thomas m. Mary Leavor (d/o Thomas Leavor of Oxford) d) Catherine m. Thomas Smith, Esq. of Northamptonshire e) Elizabeth m. John Smith, Esq. of Hampton 2) William, sargeant at arms, who m. first Miss Jenyns, sister to the M.P. for Cambridgeshire and second, Miss Ram, of Coleraine, in Ireland, sister to the member for Gowry. a) William, of bampton, in Holy Orders, m. Miss Blanch Griffiths, and had issue: James, Rector of Duckington and John. b) Phillip, in Holy Orders, of Ashford, Kent, who m. Miss Ann Hulton 3) ____ who m. Dr. Newcombe 4) Catherine who m. Thomas Leaver of Oxford

117 02/07/1999
From: Debbie Roth email emkr@temecula.com
Hello, I am a descendant of a John Hawkins of Lincoln Co KY. He died in 1810 in Madison Co. KY. One of his children was named Nancy Hawkins. died in 1879 and she married a James Davis in Lincoln Co KY in 1797. I am not sure if this connects to your Admiral Sir John Hawkins. Could you check out my information to see if it could connect somewhere? I would really appreciate this. Thank you Debbie emkr@temecula.com

118 13/07/1999
From: Ernie Perry email EPERRY4616@aol.com
Hello -- Thanks for your website; it is most informative. I have three Hawkins females which I cannot yet identify however. 1) Pheobe Hawkins m John Boling, Jr. (s/o John Boling Sr. and Ursula Bell, d/o Roger Bell b1710 d 1774 Orange Co., VA) 2) Lucy Hawkins m Francis Moore on Nov 9, 1761, Orange Co., VA. Francis was the son of Col. Francis Moore (b1711). 3) Sarah Hawkins, d/o Nicholas Hawkins married Robert Thomas who was bron < 1685; died Oct 12, 1732 Caroline Co., VA. Can you help me identify the families of these Hawkins ladies? Ernie Perry

119 04/08/1999
From: Wendy Hawkins email WHAWK22@aol.com
Hello, My husband is a "hawkins" and his family has formed a family history book that goes back to John Thomas Hawkins. I noticed in the book it is Sir John Hawkins (1532 - 1595) is mentioned and also Sir Francis Drake. I would like to see if this is the right set of "Hawkins". The book is alittle out of date, was copyrighted in 1984. Please email me back and we might have the same set of Hawkins. I'll share whatever information I have with you if it is. Thanks Wendy

120 04/08/1999
From: Sandy Kelly email sandykelly@mindspring.com
Hello, I have been visiting your Hawkins site on numerous occasions and I am very impressed with it! Your website gets better with each visit. This was my first time seeing the painting of the supposed grandchildren of Sir John---very interesting. It would be wonderful to know the names of them. I, too, am a Hawkins descendant and have provided my descendant line for you to look over if you would like. It has every bit of information that I have collected through the years, though I have omitted all dates and locations for living individuals. I would be very interested in any comments that you would have on it since you seem to be very knowledgable on this line. I do hope to hear from you. Thank you! Sandy L. Landrum-Kelly Atlanta, Georgia

121 19/08/1999
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
subject: hawkins
This link http://www.payn.org/index.shtml leads to an interesting view of North Atlantic trade and our ancestors part in it. The family names involved in this history are the same that I find on my family tree and in my community in California. The Domesday Book families.

122 26/08/1999
From: Karen email Silvomom@aol.com
subject: ohn hawkins son of john and hester richards
I saw that on the Mary W.S gif file it shows that John Hawkins (son of John Sidney Hawkins and Hester Richards) was born in 1643 died in 1970 and he left everything to his sister. Most sites and gedcom files I've looked at list him as the John who married Mary Dewe and had John, William, and Philemon. What is the current thinking on this? Thanks, Karen

123 28/08/1999
From: Bob Stramler email rws@itexas.net
subject: Hawkins Genealogy
My mother was La Rue Hawkins. We can trace with certainty John Hawkins c 1687-1748, m Hanna Alee 1702. John might be the son of Thomas who m. Sara Crocker. These Hawkins were in Kent Co., Delaware until about 1805. They moved to Indiana, and came to Texas in about 1850. One married a descendant of John Alden. The Delaware Hawkins were supposed to be descendants of Sir John. Have you encountered the Delaware Hawkins? Thanks. Bob Stramler

124 31/08/1999
From: Tom Hawkins email hawkins@silcom.com
subject: Hawkins and Payne
Paul, I don't see J.G.H. Hawkins in the pamphlet "HAWKINS FAMILY RECORDS" by J. Montgomery Seaver 1929, from the American Historical-Genealogical Society, republished 1971 by American Genealogical Research Institute as "Hawkins Family History". There may be useful information for you in it. There are four pedigrees, some history, and a number of Who's Who entries in the 36 pages. Bit mapped it is about 18 megabytes. I won't attach it in that form unless/until you are interested. If you don't have it, let me know how to get a copy to you.

125 13/09/1999
From: Jan Hoover email HOOVERJ@wes.army.mil
subject: Captain Hawkins' Great Fish
Was Captain Hawkins the first European to see a North American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula)? I am a biologist studying sturgeons and paddlefish in the lower Mississippi River and am trying to determine whether Hawkins observed paddlefish during his first voyage to the New World. N.J. Berrill (Journey into Wonder , 1952, Dodd, Mead and Co., NY, 338 pp.) reports that Hawkins and his crew ascended a Florida River and encountered marooned French sailors. Hawkins' record-keeper, John Sparke the Younger, notes 'great fish, some the length of a man and longer, being of bigness according, having a snout much like a sword a yard long." Berrill, a marine zoologist, states that this must be a paddlefish, but the species does not occur in present-day Florida and the fish might have been another species (e.g., a sawfish). If Hawkins' crew did see a paddlefish, then the distribution of the species was substantially greater than it is now. Unfortunately, Berrill did not include a reference to this account. Where exactly did this incident take place ? Is there anyway for me to read Sparke's original account (and hopefully a more complete description) of the "great fish?" If anyone can help me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks. Jan Hoover Research Fishery Biologist U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station Vicksburg, MS USA 601-634-3996 601-634-3560 FAX hooverj@wes.army.mil

126 14/09/1999
From: email AMARK10@aol.com
subject: Hawkins Geneology
My Great Great Grandmother was a Phoebe Hawkins. She was born in London and married a James(?) Fisher. They had seven sons and one daughter that I know of. Her name was Elizabeth or Eliza Emily Fisher and she lived at 1 Giraud or Girand Street,Poplar E14, London. She claimed to be connected to Sir John Hawkins and was in possession of things that belonged to him. Where they are now, I don`t know. Phoebe`s son James married my great grandmother and moved to Aberdeen where my great grandmother lived.

127 07/10/1999
From: David Fairall email fairall@psyber.com
subject: Hawkins descendant
I recently was told I am descended from Sir John Hawkins, went to your website and did not find my complete Hawkins connection. First I wanted to have you check out the data I have to make sure that what I was sent is legitimate and second, if it is, I wanted to get an illustration of his coat of arms. Could you let me know if you or someone else can check my genealogical data and if cou can, how I should send it? Thanks. Take Care and God Bless, David Fairall, fairall@psyber.com Researching SURNAMES Alley, Arms, Bellon, Campbell, Coleman Courtney, Curtis, Dallam, Dimond, Drake, Eddy, Fairall, Foreman, Grant, Guillan, Hawkins, Holliday, Hudgens, Hyatt, Knight, Lowe, MacMillan, Paca, Price, Priest, Robison, Speakman, Vorpagel and Williams. RESEARCHING Nevada and California history, Civil War, American Revolutionary War, French & Indian War, and the Donner Party.

128 07/10/1999
From: Malcolm COUTTS email s.com.au Malcolm_COUTTS/ACC/NSW/McDona
lds/Au@mcdonalds.com.au subject: Robert Hawkins & others
Congratulations on your wonderfull website which I came across through a simple websearch. I am a descendant (gggrandson) of a James Martin Hawkins who came to Portland, Victoria, Australia, with his brother Samual Proudfoot Hawkins, from Lockerbie, Dumfries, around 1848. Evidently they & their families enjoyed considerable success in Australia. James parents were: Robert Hawkins (b.c 1769 Dumfrieshire; d 26 - 4 - 1841 Paticroft , Lancashire) married Penelope Carruthers. Roberts parents were : John Hawkins (b.c.1732 Castlebank; d 29.12.1819 Relief, Scotland) married Christian Carruthers (b.c. 1749. died 1.10.1814 Relief) Johns parents were: Robert Hawkins (bap. 24.1.1703 Dumfries; died 12.8.1769 Castlebank) married Unknown. The lineage is correct to here. In the lineage given to me by an elderly relative I beleive there is a 'leap of faith' from here which is not yet proven. It goes from Robert above to Robert Hawkins (details unknown), then John Hawkins (details unknown) then Robert HAWKINS (son of John Sidney) who , I think, married June unknown http://www.starnet.demon.co.uk/hawkins/html/d0000/g0000053.htm#I134 There is a lot of oral history dating from James & Samuel that the family came from the UK originally & was related to the Admiral Hawkins. (as every Hawkins probably does) I am curious whether anyone recognises this tree after Robert & June Regards Malcolm COUTTS

190 23/01/2003
From: Kate email k.burhouse@ntlworld.com
subject: HAWKINS Descendants
I see on your website that you have a reference to this gentleman 'Hawkins, J. Staples, Esq. . . . St. Fenton's, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin.' as a subscriber on this page. http://www.welbank.net/hawkins/pah/chap8.html I beleive this to be my husband's GG Grandfather, John Staples HAWKINS. Do you have any futher information relating to his ancestry as we are trying to research it. I will galdly provide you with any details of his descendants if this is of interest to you. Kate in Exmouth, Devon

129 19/10/1999
From: David Fairall email fairall@psyber.com
subject: Genealogy Question
Hi! I have read in some historical accounts, including encyclopedia's, that Sir John Hawkins was a first cousin to Francis Drake. Can you tell me how this is or the source of statements like this. I am curious as I am a descendant of Sir John through Lucy Ohio Hawkins. Thank you for your time. Take Care and God Bless, David Fairall, fairall@psyber.com Researching SURNAMES Alley, Arms, Bellon, Campbell, Coleman Courtney, Curtis, Dallam, Dimond, Drake, Eddy, Fairall, Foreman, Grant, Guillan, Hawkins, Holliday, Hudgens, Hyatt, Knight, Lowe, MacMillan, Paca, Price, Priest, Robison, Speakman, Vorpagel and Williams. RESEARCHING Nevada and California history, Civil War, American Revolutionary War, French & Indian War, and the Donner Party.

130 24/10/1999
From: Ann Townsend Krischer email Kris0680@cs.com
subject: Hawkins
My mother's mother was Sarah Ethel Hawkins Lewis(17 Dec 1906-7 May 1951) daughter of Robert Casper Hawkins (27 Aug 1879-24 Oct 1943) and Lillie C. Finch Hawkins (9 May 1885-30 Sep 1954). Sarah's siblings were Max, Gaines, Emory, Emily (twins), Jewel and Douglas. She and her parents are buried in the Flora cemetary in Mississippi. Robert Casper was a son of Thomas Hawkins and Lucy Shirley. Thomas and Lucy don't have headstones but they are buried there as well. In that same cemetary are Joseph C. Hawkins (1870-1939) and his wife Rosa A. Hawkins (1872-1964). Jewel is still alive and I believe Max is also. I thought you might like this info. I have a photocopy of a family history compiled in 1976 by Willie H. Shearer who was (is) my mom's relative. She gave it to my mom and her sister to encourage them to join the DAR. I can get further generations and dates if you are interested. Thanks Ann Townsend Krischer

131 27/10/1999
From: Ted A. Jones email jonesta@home.com
I would like your permission to add a link, and recreate some of the information on your site. My Mother is a decendant of Mary Hawkins, Dau of John Hawkins the III. My Web site is located at http://members.home.net/jonesta Thanks in advance Ted A. Jones

132 18/11/1999
From: Delores Hawkins Imparato email Imparato@freewwweb.com
subject: Hawkins-Philadelphia,Pennsylvania USA
I am searching for my ancestors who came from UK an then to USA and settled in Pennsylvania.Alfred William Hawkins-b 4 5 1833 and wife Adlaide Mary Clark b 7 1836.. Children were Edward-Alice-Louise Emma and Alfred William (my grand father) b 7 9 1864 in Canada . I will be glad if this can help and if there is any information out there I will be most grateful. Sincerely ,Delores Hawkins Imparato

133 29/11/1999
From: Margaret Schmidt email MSCHMIDT@dfkv.com
subject: Genealogy
Dear Hawkins Researchers, I'm looking for the ancestors of a Byron Hawkins, born in Iowa. By family mythology, his family is related to the Hawkins who sailed with Sir Francis Drake, and came to the United States through Canada. Are there any websited that might help me? Thanks, Margaret Schmidt MSchmidt@DFKV.com

134 10/12/1999
From: Jean Stanley email bdsjems@webtv.net
subject: Genealogy Search
My father was Walter John Hawkins,born in Wiltshire,England in 1894.He emigrated to Canada in September,1922. His father was Walter John Hawkins,born in Hilcot,England in1860.He worked at Woodborough Station and was a roadman for 26 years in Hilcot and district. Pictures of him taken just before his death in 1949 bear a strong resemblance to the portraits and busts of Sir John. Is there any way in which you might assist me in determining if there was any relationship? Respectfully, Jean Stanley (nee Hawkins)

135 21/12/1999
From: Daniel Simms email daniel.simms@cplc.com
subject: Descendant
I have been told that I am in the descendant chain from Sir John. My grandmother is Virginia Hawkins Darling. Her father traveled to Alaska in the late 1800's during the gold rush and opened a general store named "Brown and Hawkins", which still exists today and is still run by the Darling family. I would be very interested in a descendant chain, if one is available. If I can answer any other question please ask. Email me at dsimms659@earthlink.net. Thank you Daniel Simms

136 26/12/1999
From: paul hawkins email speck35aus@yahoo.com.uk
subject: hawkins,geneoligy
hi there my name is paul hawkins,i live in australia now but i was born in bristol, where elisabeth farmer came from. i also have an uncle called jhon hawkins,so you can see why i am so interested in this subject.any information would be helpfull.my email is. speck35aus@yahoo.com.uk. Thankyou

137 01/01/2000
From: SUE DOYLE email suesew@freewwweb.com
subject: Hawkins Family
I am searching for information on James Mitchelll Hawkins married Ella Georgiana Coleman, in Perry County, Tn Social security # 414-16-2784, Place of death Lexington, TN about 1951 ,he was born about 1870 or72. He lived in TN for many years. Their children were Elmer, Eva, and two babies that died as infants. Do you have any information on TENNESSEE HAWKINS. THANK YOU, SUE DOYLE

138 03/01/2000
From: amanda hawkins email "a d hawkins"@one.net.au
subject: i'm just starting out
my name is amanda hawkins and i'm just starting to research my family history, maybe we are of no relation at all but it seemed like a good place to start. my father's name is john patrick hawkins, he has one sister, carol and dad married my mother vivienne anne gleeson. maybe this info is not relevant or i need to give you more, but maybe this will be enough to start with. my email address is adhawkins@one.net.au amanda hawkins

139 07/01/2000
From: Charles Leech email leech@nbnet.nb.ca
subject: i have watch fob
My mother informed me that i was a distant relation of john(jack)hawkins ,who was an admiral in the english navy.Her mother was born on jersey channel islands off the coast of france.Her name was florence noel and her mothers name was ELISE COURTNEY DeHUME NOEL.It was her mother that gave my grandmother the watch fob.My grandmother was told that john hawkins was her great-great uncle and the momento was has been in the family for years.This watch fob is iengraved with his intials.If you would like my grandmothers family tree i could gain this for you.

140 08/01/2000
From: email Nrfc98@aol.com
My Great Grandfather's name was James W. Hawkins m Estalla Stella (White) Hawkins in 1877 in Baxter County Arkansas I believe, they had ten children two died Steve and Mandy they were buried in the Athens Cemetery in Arkansas. Willie, Beckie, Charcie,Dellar,Frank, Laura, Tressie and Josie Ann who was my Grandmother were the other children. I have been told that my Great Grandfather was adopted I am not sure if this was as an infant or in later years. He was born around 1852 in Missouri maybe? He was said to be a quarter Indian. His wife was full blooded Irish born around 1857 in Georgia. Any help with this family would be appreciated.

141 26/01/2000
From: Cleda (Perry) Carter-Stephens email STEPHENSCleda@aol.com
Found your site tonight. I am decending from John H Hawkins born ca 1669 Oxfordshire, England, died ca 1742 Essex Co., VA, son of John Hawkins and Mary (Dewes) Does this mean anything to you? Do you know if they come from Sir John Hawkins. Would enjoy hearing from you at stephenscleda@aol.com. Thanks. Cleda (Perry) Carter-Stephens

142 28/01/2000
From: kris email Kris0680@cs.com
subject: Benjamin Hawkins
I noticed you have several Hawkins--descendants of Benjamin Hawkins (1803-1865) listed as being born or dying in Smith Co., MI. This is a mistake. The state abbreviation should have been MS which is Mississippi. Benjamin and Elizabeth Varner Varner Hawkins had nine children. One of them was the father of Robert Casper Hawkins who was my great grandfather. I just can't figure out which one. Anyway, that whole family was in Mississippi for awhile and many of their descendants are still there.

143 10/02/2000
From: Deborah Hawkins Lundgren email flundgren@att.net
subject: Hawkins Family
Are you seeking Hawkins descendants? Perhaps I can help. Deborah Hawkins Lundgren USA

144 21/02/2000
From: Kenneth Trout email scamp@internetcds.com
subject: Lennette Hawkins
I believe my "limb" begins with my father:e-mail Leonard Anthony Hawkins; Pink Hawkins; Pinkney Hawkins; Benjamin Hawkins; William Eaton Hawkins; Joshua Hawkins; Michael Hawkins; Edward Hawkins; John Hawkins(1615) William Hawkins; William Amadas Hawkins;William Hawkins(1506). There is information of John Hawkins(1744), ending with the same William Hawkins (1506). Would enjoy any help in linking these two branches. e-mail: scamp@internetcds.com

145 05/04/2000
From: Terry Hawkins email thawkins@magicnet.net
subject: Terence Hawkins
I am Terence S C Hawkins, born in Clapham London on 11-11-53. Only son of Sidney & Elsie Lillian Hawkins. I'd like to try and trace my ancestors. Regards Terry Hawkins

146 16/04/2000
From: PAGE M. BEAGLE email farislandeyes@lsw1.com

147 12/05/2000
From: email JOSH20TH@aol.com
I have an ancestor, Nehemiah Hawkins, b 7/7/1762 - guessing in Rhode Island, USA. He married a Hannah Winsor. They had a son named Ephriam b. 2/6/1769. Any information?

148 18/05/2000
From: Patricia Hardenstine email nellers1@email.msn.com
subject: Hawkins Family
Dear Fellow Hawkins Researcher. I would like to introduce myself. I am Patricia L. (Moore) Hardenstine and I am a descendant of Brehan/Brehon Hawkins who was one of the sons of Philemon Hawkins. Philemon had a few wives and I am unsure which one my Brehon would belong to. I tend to believe it might have been Mary Christmas. Mildred Twitty doesn't seem to fit the picture. I know he was not the son of Jacobina Sherrod. I have forwarded my family information to Mark Freeman in hopes that it might be useful to some other researchers. If you need or know of additional information I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks for having the site and all of the wonderful infomation and photos. PS Just for the record, I think the oldest living Hawkins descend of my Brehon, is Abrahan Lincoln Hawkins who turned 101 years old at the end of Feb 2000. He loves to talk about his past. Just thought I would pass on that little tidbit of information. Sincerely, Patricia Hardenstine nellers1@msn.com

149 24/05/2000
From: Michael Friesen email friesen@mc.net
subject: John Isaac Hawkins / Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
I am a relatively newcomer to the Internet living in suburban Chicago, USA, and just discovered this site via Ask Jeeves UK. I am trying to research details of John Isaac Hawkins, b. 15 March 1772 in Taunton, who came to the USA in the 1790s, settled in or near Philadelphia, married, returned to England in 1803, spent most of his time thereafter in the London area, returned to the USA in 1848 or 1849, and then died in Elizabeth New Jersey in 1854. While in Philadelphia he invented a portable grand piano, a polygraph, and a physiognotrace, and was associated with Peale's Museum. In Britain he was primarily a civil engineer, inventor, and patent agent. His father was Isaac Hawkins of Hillfarrance (near Taunton), but by 1800 Isaac lived in Glossop. I wonder if Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, born in London in 1807, who became famous at the time as a sculptor and paleontologist, and came to the USA in the 1860s, was John Isaac's son. Neither of them have any modern biography. Can any readers of this e-mail shed any light? As an aside, I can inform them that there is not only the Sir John Hawkins who was an admiral, but also a Sir John Hawkins who is famous for writing a treatise on musical theory. Neither of these Johns is related to my John Isaac. Please feel free to e-mail me at . Thank you.

150 25/05/2000
From: Mary Ellen Cross email Mercat@aol.com
subject: Mary Polly Hawkins Craig
Mary Polly Hawkins Craig is my great grandmother's great grandmother's mother 1 Mary Polly Hawkins m. Taliaferro Craig 2 Sarah Sally Craig m. Manoah Singleton 3 Anna Singleton m. James Hiter 4 Elizabeth Y. Hiter m. Elijah Pollard 5 William Pollard m. Rachel Olivet (Ollie) Vanderen 6 Emma E. Pollard m. Henry Vaden 7 Emma Vaden m. William W. Ferrell 8 Virginia Ferrell m. John Howell Cross 9 Mary Ellen Cross - me It seems that Mary Polly is descended as follows but it does get rather confusing: 1 William Hawkins m. Joan Trelawney 2 John Hawkins, Admiral Sir m. Katherine Gonson 3 Richard Sir Hawkins m. Judith Hele 4 John Sr. Hawkins m. Hestor Richards 5 John Hawkins II m. Mary Dewe or Dewes 6 John Hawkins III m. Mary Long 7 Mary Polly Hawkins

151 12/06/2000
From: Rebecca James email Becca3k@aol.com
subject: Samuel Hawkins
Looking for information regarding COL. Samuel HAWKINS B. 1762 IN Botecourt Co, VA. D. IN 1816, buried in Eaton, Ohio m. Christina WORTHINGTON b. 1759 in Ireland of English parents. d. 1813 buried in Eaton Ohio Samuels father was Joseph HAWKINS b. 1712 wife possibly Anneke Edwards b. 1719 Josephs father Samuel or John came to America in 1685 I have heard that Col. Samuel is the uncle of Davy Crockett. Gets very confusing when I get to KY. because a Sarah Marlin married a Samuel. I always heard our line descended from Sir John but I cannot get definitive answers past the Joseph born in 1712. Rebecca James PS Col Samuels son was John Jay HAWKINS of Indiana and his son was Nathan Byrd HAWKINS. I am in possession of Nathan's Portrait.

152 15/07/2000
From: Kyle Hawkins email MizzouLax@aol.com
subject: Hawkins questions
My family has long held the "family story" that we were decendants of Sir John Hawkins, Pirate. My family also holds that we came from the North Carolina and Virginia area. Right before the Civil war, though, my branch of the Hawkins family moved to Texas and other western states. I have just started my family research, and have found a lot on all my family branches, EXCEPT for the Hawkins line. Can you help connect my gggrandfather to your research at all? I only know that his name was Albert Pierce Hawkins, and that he was born on 12-25-1853, and that he married Francis Matlilda Jones, and had children. He died in 1930 in Cisco, Texas. I don't know where he was born, or to whom, or any of that other information that would be useful. Perhaps you have an Albert being born and lost track of him (hopefully) or something similar. Perhaps you lost track of his father. I will continue my search to see if I can find out anything more about Albert and where he came from, although I think the story has some merit. Any help you can provide would be very helpful. Kyle Hawkins Head Coach University of Missouri Men's Lacrosse Program

153 27/07/2000
From: Judy Grant email jkg003@webtv.net
subject: Hawkins
I have information on the decendents of Henry Clay Hawkins b 1844 d1923. I am told that his family was from N.C. but I can't find them. I'm a little new at this. Maybe you have some information on him. if you would like to have info on Henry Clay let me know.

154 31/07/2000
From: Ted Jones email tedjones2@home.com
subject: Hawkins in the United States
If you are interested the is a large amount of history of the Hawkins Families in the United States. Mary Polly Hawkins in Noted in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) registry for the battle of Boon station. The Singleton Family (Manoah married Mary Hawkins) is known for the Traveling Church, The invention of Bourbon Whisky, and the founders of Many famous places in Kentucky. Ted A. Jones

155 20/08/2000
From: Peter Hawkins email PJ2H@aol.com
subject: Roger Hawkins/Devonshire,England
I am interested in hearing of any connections to Roger Hawkins of Devonshire England, born approximately 1775. He later settled in Wexford County Ireland and with his family, relocated to Lanark County , Ontario, Canada in 1819. PJ2H@aol.com Peter Hawkins

156 02/09/2000
From: email Lillobber@aol.com
subject: Hawkins & Mary Dewe
The John Hawkins and Mary Dew children listing conflicts with research done in parish records of Great Milton, Oxford. The marriage of John and Mary Dew produced the following children: 1. Susanna, Sept. 30, 1683; 2. Mary, Aug. 10, 1684; 3. Jane, Oct. 25, 1685; 4. John, Jan. 13, 1686; 5. Katharine, July 29, 1688; 6. Edward, Oct. 6, 1689; 7. Richard, Oct. 5, 1690; 8. Charles, Dec. 9, 1691; did not live into adulthood. 9. Jonathan, Oct. 12, 1694; 10. Henry, Sept. 25, 1696; 11. Lucretia, Jan. 25, 1697. The marriage of John Hawkins, of the Inner Temple, London, Esq. and Mary Dew of Oxford took place Feb. 18, 1679/80 at "St. Michael, St. Mary Magdalen or St. Giles, Oxford".

157 03/09/2000
From: email nhawkins@gm.dreamcast.com
i am going backwards from Thomas Hawkins who married Ma ry Stoate Farthing in 1789 at Kingston, Taunton UK to link up with eithe r Sir John Hawkins or his brother William. Going the other way is provin g to be mind and bum numbing.Please can you help in any way. With thanks AH.

158 07/09/2000
From: Rafael Madan email Rafael.Madan@usdoj.gov
subject: Some information on Schutz, Vandeput, Drury, & al
Your site contains data on members of the above-referenced families, with respect to which I may be able to provide some additional information that may be of interest to you: Baron Augustus Schutz (b Jan 1690; d. 26 Apr 1757) (the Barony is a German barony, from the Duchy of Zelle; he did not use the title in England, nor did any of his descendants in the male line (all of whom would have been entitled to use it)) of Shotover, Oxon., married Penelope Madan (my first cousin, seven times removed; b. Apr 1699; d. 21 Jan 1771; daughter of Martin Madan (mother's surname: Fagan) and Penelope Russell (mother's surname: Tyrrell)) on 13 Jun 1717. They had 14 children, the third of whom, (Baroness) Mary Judith Schutz (b. 1720; d. ca. May 1771), married Sir George Vandeput, MP, (2d Baronet (upon the 25 Aug 1748 death of his father); b. 1729; d. 17 Jun 1784; mother's surname: Matthews). This couple's only child to survive infancy, Frances Schutz Vandeput (b. 1750), married Richard Vere Drury (mother's surname: Cavell), and had 4 children: (1) George Vandeput Drury (b. 1777), who married Charlotte-Jane Thompson (dau of Henry Thompson of Kirby Hall, Yorks.), and who inherited the Shotover estate in 1839 from his first cousin, (Baron) Thomas James Shutz, last surviving son of (Baron) George Frederick Schutz (fifth son of Augustus and Penelope); (2) Cap. Augustus Vere Drury, R.N. (b. 1778; d. 9 Feb 1845), who married first (1803) Maria Smyth (dau of Cap. Charles William Smyth (b. Apr 1792; mother's surname: Wood) and Philadelphia Vandeput (illeg dau of Sir George Vandeput, MP, 2d Baronet, above)), and, after being widowed, second (1833) Jane Williams (dau of Sir George Williams, Baronet), by whom he had at least two daughters; (3) Richard Vere Drury, who is reported to have "died at Woolwich"; and (4) Frances Schutz Drury (d. 22 Oct 1817), who married John Hawkins (b. 19 Apr 1782; d. 19 Feb 1831; mother's surname: Creed; and about whom you know far more than I). I hope at least some of this is useful to you. If you ever discover that any of the grandchildren of Frances Schutz Drury and John Hawkins had any descendants, I would very much appreciate your letting me know. Rafael Madan

159 19/09/2000
From: Cheryl Hawkins Brewer email CLYNN@worldshare.net
subject: William Hawkins
I am looking for some information on my ggg grandfather, William Hawkins. He was born around 1780 in NC and was in KY by 1805. There were some other Hawkins who were in Ky around the same time: Thomas, John, and Moses. My gg grandfather was Henry B. Hawkins, great grandfather, William G., and grandfather Henry B. I cannot find the parents or spouse of the 1780 William Hawkins. The Mormon site list a William Hawkins born 1780 as the son of Col. Benjamin Hawkins and unknown, but I cannot find William listed anywhere else as Benjamin's son. Any information you have on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheryl Hawkins Brewer

160 22/09/2000
From: email Foxyfl62@aol.com
subject: Hawkins family tree
Hi there. I am just starting out on my adventure of the Hawkins lineage. My father was Paul E. Hawkins b-10/21/1917 in Newark Ohio, now deceased. He had one brother Karl Emmett Hawkins b-3/15/1917 d-4/13/1973. Their father was Paul Eagen Hawkins b-2/21/1894 in Quaker City, Ohio d-11/1965 .....mother was Margaurite Price b-3/20/1901 or 1907. Not sure of her death date...she died in Newark, Ohio. Pauls father was Oliver John Hawkins b-4/3/1856 died in or around 1955 He was married to Mary Jane Lydick no dates on her at all. Have sent for birth and death records on Paul Eagen and Margaurite Price. None of the family seems to know where Oliver came from. We heard it was somewhere near London, England. If anyone knows anymore than I do I would appreciate any info you can spare. My email address is foxyfl62@aol.com

161 30/09/2000
From: Maureen Brookhart email ismadmax@home.com
subject: Curious!
Hi, I have on hand a copy of an insert from the Hawkin's Bible which belonged to George Hawkins (1807-1900) who is said to be the last in the male line of Sir John Hawkins of Plymouth. Is there any way I can verify this? George Hawkin's father was Stephen Hawkins. George Hawkins was married 3 times. His first wife is buried at Highgate cemetery. His eldest child, Sarah Hawkins (1842-1900), married Alfred Winter (1840-1905), from Norwich. Alfred Winter was an architect, working under George Hawkins. Alfred Winter's father was a clergyman living in Norwhich. Alfred George Winter and Sarah Hawkin's 3rd daughter Emelia (b. 1871) married John Barnes (b.1865). Emelia and John Barnes are my grandmother's parents. Can anyone help me? Thanks MBrookhart

162 07/10/2000
From: Jon Saunders email jcs_gfc@hotmail.com
subject: Sir John Hawkins website
Hi, I live in Medway, close to Chatham Dockyard. SirJH was, I believe, controller of ship building and defences at Chatham Dockyard. Near to where I live is a house called Macklands. This is in Lower Rainham approx. 8 km east of Chatham Dockyard. I remember reading somewhere in the past that SirJH lived at Macklands during his time at Chatham. Parts of the current house are dated back to early Queen Anne, which is after SirJH but I have also heard another story that the current house was built by the descendents of SirJH. Do you know anything of this story, or of SirJH time spent at Chatham? This crosses over several of my interests, nautical, local history and that if SirJH did live at Macklands then I was basically born in what would have been his garden. About 4 km along the Estuary coast from Macklands is the village of Upchurch. Sir Francis Drake's father was vicar at Upchurch and Drake learnt to sail a dinghy on the Thames Estuary. I have read many times that Drake and Hawkins were kinsmen, in fact that Hawkins was Drake's Uncle. Do you know were they related in anyway? Many thanks for any help you can provide. Jon Saunders

163 17/10/2000
From: Evelyn Hawkins email FormalActs@aol.com
subject: McDowell County, NC Hawkins
I am a descendant of William Jasper Hawkins born abt. 1867 or 1876. He had several sons and my gf Charlie Roscoe Hawkins b. 1898 was one of them. Baxter, Ben, Jane, Mattie were part of the children. Looking for any information as to who the father of William J. Hawkins is? Thanks Evelyn Hawkins

164 18/10/2000
From: Paul D. Smith email oscar78@bellsouth.net
subject: Possible Connection
Hi, The Hawkins side of my family has published a family history tracing our descent from John Thomas Hawkins, b. 11/16/1832, in North Carolina. I noticed many North Carolina entries in the John Hawkins family tree found on your site. I believe the families are connected, and am looking for the link. Our history starts with John Thomas, and we don't know who his parents were. If you have any information you could share I would appreciate it. Thanks, Paul D. Smith

165 18/10/2000
From: Carole Hawkins email megawo@bellsouth.net
subject: HAWKINS
My grandfather was Joseph Brown Hawkins, born inWoodstock, GA in 1898. His father was a Methodist minister with the same name and his mother was Nannie Hammond. They came to Georgia from Virginia (date unknown) but he had a brother, Bernardo Hawkins, who stayed in Virginia which is where the trail ends. Am looking for any information or relatives of the lost (to us) Bernardo. I also know that there was a Dr. Hawkins who, with his wife, settled in Brunswick, GA in the mid or early 1700's about the time of Gen. James Oglethorpe. They may have returned to England.

166 21/02/2001
From: Lorraine Dabson email middlehill@yahoo.co.uk
subject: Hawkins
I'm very new to all this and am wondering if anyone can help out on my "Hawkins" mission?? I am Lorraine Hawkins- My Grandfather was Daniel Hawkins - a lighthouse keeper born in Ireland. He died in 1954. He married Mary Kate Barrons who died in 1959- they had 4 children Edward, Beatrice,Mary and Michael (my father) Daniel had 3 brothers Willie,Charles and Frank also 3 sisters Nelly, Lily and Teresa (who I think died when very young) His father was named Charles who was married to Alice Jane Oxton (from Birkenhead area). As far as I know my Grandmother Mary Kate Barrons was born around the Pollatomas area in Co Mayo. I know very little else but if anyone can identify with this information or give me a few pointers on where to go next I would be very grateful - Lorraine

167 12/04/2001
From: Larry D. Hamilton Coats email larcoa@aspermont.esc14.net
subject: Hawkins family
I descend from a Nicholas Hawkins, b.c.1682 and who d. in Spotsylvania Co. Virginia in 1754. His parentage is not confirmed, however, and some believe that he was a son of a John Hawkins by a Mary Lieux. I have been unable to find any evidence that backs this assertion. On the other hand, I am reviewing other possibilities and trying to either rule them in or out. One of those deals with the Nicholas Hawkins that you describe in your site as having married Alice_____. If this is the same Nicholas who was b.c. 1624-35, it would seem that he would be too old to be the father of my Nicholas b.c. 1682. But could he be the grandfather? If it isn't too much difficulty, could you give me some details regarding your Nicholas and his known children/grandchildren? Would greatly appreciate the help. Regards, Larry D. Hamilton Coats P.O. Box 823 Aspermont, TX 79502

168 08/05/2001
From: Janette King email Janette_King@readersdigest.co.uk
subject: John Hawkins/Freemen of River Medway/Rochester Oyster
I am trying to track down the history of the Freemen of the River Medway (Rochester, Kent) and gather that John Hawkins has some connection to them and to the Royal Charter which granted these Freemen private fishing rights to the rivers of the Medway. I am wondering whether anyone out there has any further info on the above. Regards. J King

169 05/07/2001
From: wayne hawkins email flamingo_pimp@hotmail.com
hello. my name is tory hawkins and i live in russellville, arkansas. i am mailing to inquire if i am related to this line of the hawkins clan. my family comes from lubbock, texas and my clan fought at the alamo. if you have any information, that would be much appreciated. thank you, tory wayne hawkins

170 19/07/2001
From: timothy mccall hawkins email tmhawkins@imation.com
subject: questions!!
is this site a place where i can put in a query? also, i've found two hawkins coat of arms for the english faimly, both have 5 fluer de leys (sic). one on a saltire and the other with the fluers on an upright cross. can you explain the reasons for the differences and is one more proper for me to display in my home than another. thanks, timothy mccall hawkins

171 20/08/2001
From: Diane email dixiediane@hotmail.com
subject: Hawkins family tree
From: dixiediane@hotmail.com I am a direct descendent from Sir John Hawkins. My grandmother's name was Eva Adeline Hawkins Sutterfield. I have a copy of my family tree tracing this lineage back to Sir John in England. This has been researched and is on file in the state archives in my home state. I see a lot of people with the name Hawkins on your website, but many of them seem not to be descended from Sir John Hawkins. Please e-mail me if you are interested in more information.

172 27/09/2001
From: Kenneth Kohlman email kakohlmann@ejourney.com
subject: John HAWKINS and Ann KRUNE family
My g-g-g-g-father, John HAWKINS, resided in Straton Audley, Oxfordshire, ENG. His wife Ann KRUNE d. 02 Dec 1884. They had four children: Edward, Effie, Jane, and Son (name unknown). Tradition indicates that both sons, Edward and unnamed brother came to America (Canada) in 1874. Am looking cousins working the line.

173 30/09/2001
From: email Bbamay@aol.com
subject: Burke's
The parish records at Oxford list the baptisms of the children of John Hawkins and Mary Dewe as: Susanna, Mary, Jane, John, Katherine, Edward, Richard, Charles, Joanna, Dorothy, Jonathan, Henry and Lucretia. One must question, therefore, the accuracy of Burke's.

174 14/10/2001
From: Robert (Bob) Hawkins email jason.hawkins@3web.net
subject: Hawkins Family Tree
Hi, my name is Robert John Havelock Hawkins born in Quebec Canada in 1944, married Patricia Elizabeth Teel, 4 Children Tina Marie Paige (Adopted) born 1966, John Bradley Teel born 1969, Jason Patrick Havelock, born 1971 and Megan Elizabeth Frances, born 1976. John Bradley Teel Hawkins married Tracy Abbs 1997, has one son born October 30, 2000 My Father was John Louis Hawkins (married Francis Taylor 2nd wife) born 1909 in Montreal Quebec Canada died 1987, 2 children Rosalyn (daughter of his 1st wife, died 1941) and myself, a product of his second marriage. His Father was also John Hawkins ( married Alexina Brault).... unfortunately I do not have his date of birth however he died in 1944 just before my birth. There were 8 surviving children in my fathers family, Harold (Harry), Alice, Beatrice, Walter, John ( my father aka Ernest ) Gladys, Norman (Pat) Gordon. Of course like many others I am led to believe that we are descendants of Sir John. At this time we have no evidence of this and are just starting to trace our family tree. Any assistanc you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have a book that was amongst my fathers possesions it is Titled "Seamen Of The Sixteenth Century and is a compilation of lecture given at Oxford University at the turn of the century. The book deals with the exploits of both Hawkins and Drake. Thank you for the great site Sincerely Robert (Bob) Hawkins

175 03/11/2001
From: Tom Gibbons email nurinkle@earthlink.net
subject: Hawkins kin
JOHN HENRY HAWKINS, my greatgrandfather married MARY. At JOHN'S death she married a VARBLE. My grandfather HENRY CLIFTON HAWKINS was born in 1882 at HARDIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY. Are any of my kin out there reading this? Thanks for a reply.Blessings! Tom Gibbons

176 05/11/2001
From: Kristin Michelle Peterson email Maliberry@aol.com
I'm a Hawkins descendent, but not sure what kind of information you're looking for, but here's what I have. I didn't include dates after the 1700's. Name: John Esquire HAWKINS Birth: in England Death: by or before 1490 in Plymouth England or Tavistock. Marriage 1 Joan AMADAS b: in Launceston Children Captain William Amadas HAWKINS b: ABT 1495 in Plymouth, Devon, England, UK Name: Captain William Amadas HAWKINS Birth: ABT 1495 in Plymouth, Devon, England, UK Death: 1553 in England Title: Captain MARC: abt 1529 Plymouth, Devon, England Father: John Esquire HAWKINS b: in England Mother: Joan AMADAS b: in Launceston Marriage 1 Joan Towne TRELAWNY b: Abt 1500- 1508 or before 1500 in Launceton, Cornwall, England or Plymouth, Devon, England or Brightorre, England Children [] Sir John HAWKINS b: 1532 in Kinterbury St, Plymouth Devon, England Name: Sir John HAWKINS Birth: 1532 in Kinterbury St, Plymouth Devon, England Death: 12 Nov 1595 in at sea off Puerto Rico Title: Admiral Sir MARC: 1559 England Father: Captain William Amadas HAWKINS b: ABT 1495 in Plymouth, Devon, England, UK Mother: Joan Towne TRELAWNY b: Abt 1500- 1508 or before 1500 in Launceton, Cornwall, England or Plymouth, Devon, England or Brightorre, England Marriage 1 Dame Katherine GONSON b: ABT 1534- 1540 in Plymouth, Devon, England Children Sir Richard HAWKINS b: 1560 or 1562 in Plymouth Devon, England, Uk Name: Sir Richard HAWKINS Birth: 1560 or 1562 in Plymouth Devon, England, Uk Death: 17 Apr 1622 in Slapton, Devonshire, England Burial: Slapton MARC: before 1592 Plymouth, Devonshire England Title: (The Complete Seaman) Admiral Father: Sir John HAWKINS b: 1532 in Kinterbury St, Plymouth Devon, England Mother: Dame Katherine GONSON b: ABT 1534- 1540 in Plymouth, Devon, England Marriage 1 Judith HELE b: Abt 1568 in England Children John Sidney HAWKYNS b: 16 Mar 1605 in St Andrew's, Plymouth Devon, England Name: John Sidney HAWKYNS Birth: 16 Mar 1605 in St Andrew's, Plymouth Devon, England Death: 1678 in Stokefleming, Slapton, England, Uk MARC: 27 Oct 1636 Dartmouth, , Plymouth, Devon, England Christening: 16 Mar 1604 Plymouth, Devonshire, England, (st. Andrew's) Burial: 1678 Slapton, Devonshire, England Father: Sir Richard HAWKINS b: 1560 or 1562 in Plymouth Devon, England, Uk Mother: Judith HELE b: Abt 1568 in England Marriage 1 Hester RICHARDS b: Abt 1613 in Dartmouth, England Children John HAWKYNS b: 21 Sep 1643 in Gt Milton, Oxfordshire, England Name: John HAWKYNS Birth: 21 Sep 1643 in Gt Milton, Oxfordshire, England Death: 1695 in King William County, VA MARC: 1671-1680? Oxfordshire, England Burial: 12 May 1670 Slapton, , England Father: John Sidney HAWKYNS b: 16 Mar 1605 in St Andrew's, Plymouth Devon, England Mother: Hester RICHARDS b: Abt 1613 in Dartmouth, England Marriage 1 Mary DEWES b: Abt 1645 in Islip Of, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, England Married: 1670 Children John H. HAWKINS b: 1680 in Oxfordshire, England or Great Milton, Spottsylvania, Plymouth, England Name: John H. HAWKINS Birth: 1680 in Oxfordshire, England or Great Milton, Spottsylvania, Plymouth, England Death: Oct 7 1740 in King William County, VA or Essex Co. VA MARC: ABT 1698- 1714 or 1706 St Anne's Parish,Essex,VA or Botetourt Co., VA Burial: Abt 1728 St. Anne's Par, Essex, Virginia Father: John HAWKYNS b: 21 Sep 1643 in Gt Milton, Oxfordshire, England Mother: Mary DEWES b: Abt 1645 in Islip Of, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, England Marriage 1 Mary Lieux LONG b: ABT 1680 in England or VA Married: children Joseph HAWKINS b: ABT 1725 or 1712 or 1722 in Frederick Co., Va or Essex Co, VA Name: William HAWKINS Birth: ABT 1723 in Prince William Co., Virginia Death: 1776 in Orange Co., Virginia Marriage 1 Mary Hawkins Children Benjamin HAWKINS b: Culpeper County, Virginia Name: Benjamin HAWKINS Birth: Culpeper County, Virginia Father: William HAWKINS b: ABT 1723 in Prince William Co., Virginia Mother: Mary Hawkins Marriage 1 Sarah Willis Children Moses HAWKINS b: 1750 in Culpeper County, Virginia William HAWKINS Benjamin HAWKINS Capt. James HAWKINS b: 1763 in Orange County, Virginia Name: William HAWKINS Father: Benjamin HAWKINS b: Culpeper County, Virginia Mother: Sarah Willis Marriage 1 Elizabeth Bourne Child of William Hawkins and Elizabeth Bourne: Jesse Hawkins Jesse married: Cary A. Jones Child: John Hawkins John Married: Sidney Fischer Child: Ann Hawkins Ann married: John Lawrence Child: Andrew Jackson Lawrence Andrew married: Ida E. Riceland child: Iva May Lawrence Iva married: Clarence McMillan child: Ida Melba McMillan Ida married: Ray Rockweiler

177 22/11/2001
From: Kaye Buckner Presley email KPre833757@aol.com
subject: Hawkins Descendants
Looking for any information on this family. Any ideas? Descendants of Benjamin Hawkins 1 Benjamin Hawkins 1740 - 1827 . +Mary "Molly" Taylor ...... 2 Joseph Hawkins 1775 - 1880 .......... +Susannah Williams 1775 - 1860 .............. 3 James Hawkins 1810 - 1900 .................. +Mary ? 1810 - 1900 ...................... 4 William Hawkins 1841 - ...................... 4 Emily Hawkins 1844 - ...................... 4 John J. Hawkins 1848 - 1890 .......................... +Arty M.A. Hooker 1852 - 1929 .............................. 5 Dorcas Hawkins 1875 - 1932 .................................. +William Henry Hooker 1864 - 1896 .............................. 5 Mary Hawkins 1877 - .............................. 5 Leona "Oney" Hawkins 1879 - 1929 .................................. +John Hooker .............................. 5 Lydia H. Hawkins 1882 - .............................. 5 John F. Hawkins 1886 - ...................... 4 Sarah Hawkins 1850 - ...................... 4 Samuel Hawkins 1852 - ...................... 4 James T. Hawkins 1855 - .......................... +Roda E. Millsaps 1878 - .............................. 5 John H. Hawkins 1884 - .............................. 5 Nancy C. Hawkins 1889 - .............. 3 Mary Hawkins - 1880 .................. +Adam Burger ...................... 4 Joseph Burger ...................... 4 Nancy Burger .............. 3 Sarah " Sallie" Hawkins .................. +James McKinney .............. 3 David Hawkins 1800 - .................. +Sarah ? ...................... 4 Davy Hawkins 1833 - ...................... 4 Elizabeth Hawkins 1845 - .............. 3 Artilissie Millie Hawkins 1805 - 1838 .................. +Thomas Pack .............. 3 Micheal Hawkins 1825 - .................. +Rebecca ? - 1860 ...................... 4 James Hawkins 1841 - ...................... 4 Mary Hawkins 1843 - ...................... 4 Susannah Hawkins 1846 - ...................... 4 Abraham Hawkins 1848 - ...................... 4 Anaias Hawkins 1859 - ...... 2 James Hawkins ...... 2 Benjamin Hawkins ...... 2 William Hawkins - 1850 .......... +Rebecca Dillon .............. 3 James Mathew Hawkins 1813 - 1895 .................. +Mary Margaret McMurray .............. 3 Benjamin Hawkins 1815 - .............. 3 William Hawkins 1824 - ...... 2 Sally Hawkins .......... +Daniel Newman ...... 2 Blanche Hawkins .......... +John Campbell ...... 2 Nancy Hawkins .......... +John Templeton ...... 2 Polly Hawkins ...... 2 John Hawkins 1790 - 1860 .......... +Elizabeth Cook .............. 3 Benjamin Hawkins 1819 - 1882 .................. +Jane Hannah ...................... 4 Mary Hawkins .......................... +John Gates ...................... 4 Nancy E. Hawkins 1847 - .......................... +Lofty ...................... 4 Hannah Jane Hawkins 1848 - 1937 .......................... +[1] Pleasant Dallas Phillips ...................... 4 Harmon Hawkins 1849 - 1922 .......................... +Louisa Scott ...................... 4 Sarah Hawkins 1852 - 1890 .......................... +[1] Pleasant Dallas Phillips ...................... 4 Amanda Hawkins 1854 - .......................... +Jacob T. "Tol" Beene ...................... 4 Alexander Hawkins 1855 - ...................... 4 John Bell Hawkins 1857 - 1921 .......................... +Sarah Sessions ...................... 4 Benjamin Franklin Hawkins 1865 - 1920 .......................... +Martha Lucretia Price .............. 3 Alexander Hawkins 1821 - 1902 .................. +Martha J. Forrester ...................... 4 John Hawkins 1846 - 1860 ...................... 4 James K. Hawkins 1847 - 1922 .......................... +Paulina Beene ...................... 4 Tennessee Hawkins 1850 - 1896 .......................... +Jacob Morgan ...................... 4 Raliegh Hawkins 1852 - 1933 .......................... +Sarah Ann Crabtree ...................... 4 Calander Edward Hawkins 1856 - 1944 .......................... +Mary Virginia Harris ...................... 4 Francis Marion Hawkins 1858 - 1925 .......................... +Mattie Etta Hollingsworth ...................... *2nd Wife of Francis Marion Hawkins: .......................... +Nancy Gray ...................... 4 Mary L. Hawkins 1860 - 1939 .......................... +Steve Brown ...................... 4 Josephine Hawkins 1863 - 1946 .......................... +Christopher Columbus Parrish ...................... 4 Tippy Bradford Hawkins 1866 - 1950 .......................... +America L. Humble ...................... 4 Amanda Hawkins 1869 - 1956 .......................... +John M. Lee ...................... 4 William A. Hawkins 1871 - 1951 .......................... +Prudence Crow .............. 3 Raliegh Hawkins 1823 - 1900 .............. 3 Lucinda Hawkins 1824 - 1907 .................. +James Cooper .............. 3 John Hawkins II 1827 - 1880 .................. +Amanda Beene ...................... 4 Benjamin Franklin Hawkins 1862 - 1907 .......................... +Lucy B. Henegar ...................... 4 Robert Lee Hawkins 1865 - 1946 .......................... +Mena Lively .............. 3 Mahulda Jane Hawkins 1832 - 1910 .................. +Francis Marion Street .............. 3 James Hawkins 1836 - 1886 .................. +Rebecca Gatlin ...................... 4 George Hawkins .......................... +Stella A. Cordell ...................... 4 Will Hawkins .......................... +Ida Cochran .............. *2nd Wife of James Hawkins: .................. +Martha Elizabeth Beene ...................... 4 Mariah Louisa Hawkins 1857 - 1948 .......................... +George Montgomery Morgan ...................... 4 John J. Hawkins 1859 - 1875 ...................... 4 Jefferson Davis Hawkins 1861 - 1862 ...................... 4 Nancy Elizabeth Hawkins 1863 - .......................... +Jessie Miller ...................... 4 Alexander Hawkins 1866 - 1945 ...................... 4 Sarah Cornelia Hawkins 1868 - 1947 .......................... +William Hayes ...................... 4 Jacob Beene Hawkins 1870 - 1870 ...................... 4 Margaret E. Hawkins 1874 - .......................... +Thomas B. Blake ...................... 4 James Tolliver Hawkins 1874 - 1960 .......................... +Nora Lee Keown ...................... 4 Hattie Olivia Hawkins 1881 - 1950 .......................... +Alexander McMillan Myers ...................... 4 Mahulda "Mollie" Hawkins 1882 - 1927 .............. 3 Preston Hawkins 1837 - .................. +Martha Hicks ...................... 4 Jessie Mary Hawkins 1887 - .......................... +Stewart Chadwick .............. 3 William Hawkins 1840 - 1872 .................. +Mary Ann Beene ...................... 4 William Jacob Hawkins 1863 - 1940 .......................... +Hannah Lucinda Crow ...................... *2nd Wife of William Jacob Hawkins: .......................... +Venie Chadwick ...................... 4 Nancy Elizabeth Hawkins 1867 - 1937 .......................... +George Washington Crow ...................... 4 John Preston Hawkins 1869 - 1925 .......................... +Ida B. Crow ...................... 4 Amanda Jane Hawkins 1872 - .......................... +Levi Koger .............. 3 Mary Ann Hawkins 1841 - 1919 .................. +George Welch .............. *2nd Husband of Mary Ann Hawkins: .................. +Lemuel Cook .............. 3 Jerusha Elizabeth Hawkins 1843 - 1885 .................. +James Monroe Lowery .............. 3 Blanchey Emaline Hawkins 1845 - 1920 .................. +George R. Chadwick ...... 2 Raliegh Hawkins 1800 - 1882 .......... +Henrietta ? .............. 3 Mary "Polly" Hawkins 1829 - 1900 .................. +Nathan Lowery .............. 3 Nancy Hawkins 1825 - 1882 .................. +Henry Frost .............. 3 Elizabeth Jane Hawkins 1827 - .................. +Gatlin .............. 3 William C. Hawkins 1833 - 1912 .................. +Sarah M. Blanchard .............. *2nd Wife of William C. Hawkins: .................. +Martha Scott .............. 3 John Jackson Hawkins 1836 - 1893 .................. +Mary Missie .............. 3 James Taylor Hawkins 1838 -

178 22/11/2001
From: Jill email STUDIOLLIJ@aol.com
I believe I may have desended from JESSIE MARION THORNBURY(Dublin, Crumlin b. 1852) Her father was Ralph and her mother was FRANCES HAWKINS does anyone know where Frances may have been born? Family legend has it ... that we are related to the late Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins (author) I should like to find a link. Any ideas?? Other names that could occur are as follows.....SUTTON, MANNING, UNWIN, Polly JORDAN, Lizzie BROWNE. ( Mostly all Dublin and Ireland inhabitants, I think) All info greatfully received Regards Jill

179 05/12/2001
From: Russell Hawkins email russmarnihawk@yahoo.com
subject: Are we related?
Hello, I visited your website for looking something else and was curious as to if we are related in someway. My Great Great Grandfather is William Henry Hawkins of Scoch-Irish and English Decent he was married to Susan Catherine Hiatt. Does this ring a bell with any of your research? Thanks, Russell Hawkins

180 18/01/2002
From: Trudy Matusiak email tmatusia@xcelco.on.ca
subject: descendants of Sir John Hawkins
My mother's family have a family coat of arms and a history linking us with Sir John Hawkins. My mother's maiden name was Alkins which is apparently another form of the name Hawkins. The Alkins family have lived in North Bay, Ontario, Canada for over 100 years. There are Alkins in Toronto and Burlington. We were always wondering where the name came from as we never see it any where other than our family. Trudy Matusiak

181 24/01/2002
From: Kristen Treen email ktee18@hotmail.com
subject: nformation
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Kristen , and I am a student at Lady Hawkins School, Kington, Hrerfordshire, U.K. Lady Margret Hawkins, our foundress and wife to Sir John Hawkins has a very interesting past, but we are interested in any information about Sir John Hawkins, as some students from our school are writing a book about him, as he is a very interesting person, with a link to our school. I was wondering if anyone had any information on Sir John Hawkins that would be of help. If you do, please e-mail me at: ktee18@hotmail.com

182 18/03/2002
From: Joe Lam email t.lam@ntlworld.com
subject: sir John Hawkins
Dear Sir/Madame, You haven't mentioned the Lady Hawkins school. It was founded by Lady Hawkins with the money from her husband after he died at sea trying to save his son at sea. yours faithfully, Joe Lam

183 06/07/2002
From: Lynn Hawkins email lhawkins@3wave.com
Hello, As far back as I can go is my great grandfather, JOHN HAWKINS, b. 1816 Tennessee and died before 1890 KY. He married Rutha Gray, born 1818 TN. Do you have his parents names? Thank you, Lynn Hawkins

184 05/08/2002
From: Bridget Camden email bcamden1@nyc.rr.com
subject: hawkins
Hi there, I am Bridget Camden. My ggggg great grandmother was Magdeline Hawkins m. to Mathew Harve. Her father was Benjamin Hawkins who marred Martha Borden of the Milk family. His father was Philemon Hawkins b1717 m.to Sharah Smith His father was John Hawkins b. 1680 m. Mary Long in VA His father was John Hawkins b.1645 m. Mary Dews His father was John Hawkins b. 1605 m. Hester Richards His father was Sir Richard Hawkins b. 1560/62 m. Judith Hele His father was Sir John Hawkins b. 1532 m. Katherine Gonson His father was William Hawkins m. Joan Trelawney I think I may be missing a generation in there. What do you think. How do I join. I Have a bit of research on the Harvey and Borden side. The Borden side is quite extensive. Your websight is great and very informative. thank you, Bridget Camden

185 01/09/2002
From: Philis Warnix Dickson email Givenhottie678@aol.com
have a Anna Hawkins who married a John Rooker in North Carolina. Other ancestors have traced the line back to Sir Hawkins. I'm not looking at my information now but would like to submit it. How do I do this? Philis Warnix Dickson

186 11/10/2002
From: Mark williams email kram1954@hotmail.com
subject: descendants of john hawkins
Hi Paul, I know very little about the details but my folks always told my brothers and myself we are later descendants to Sir John Hawkins. My Grandmothers maiden name was Bernice Hawkins who I believe she was the granddaughter or great granddaughter of Hawkins. Please provide a list of questions or web sites where I might find more about my relationship to John Hawkins. Michael J. Moore

187 01/11/2002
From: Sharon P. Bowie email sbowie@somd.lib.md.us
subject: Hawkins Ancestry
Hello, I am in the process of verifying my ancestral line to Sir John Hawkins. My maiden name is Hawkins. My fathers family settled in Madison Co. VA and in doing research through the Mormon Church, it appears that we are in fact a direct ancestral line. My personal e-mail address is sbowie47@yahoo.com Sharon P. Bowie Payroll/Bookkeeper Charles County Public Library 2 Garrett Avenue La Plata, MD 20646 301-934-9001

188 27/11/2002
From: Michael J. Moore email mjmoore@cox.net
subject: Join the Hawkins Descendants
Hi Paul, I know very little about the details but my folks always told my brothers and myself we are later descendants to Sir John Hawkins. My Grandmothers maiden name was Bernice Hawkins who I believe she was the granddaughter or great granddaughter of Hawkins. Please provide a list of questions or web sites where I might find more about my relationship to John Hawkins. Michael J. Moore

189 12/12/2002
From: Tom Smith email tom.smith@verizon.net
subject: Mark Freeman Link
I have been a Hawkins researcher since my great-great-great-great grandmother is Elizabeth Hawkins born about 1788-90 probably in Culpepper Co., VA and the daughter of John Hawkins who died about 1824 (Will read in 1824) in Henry Co., KY. She lived and married James B Davis in Jessamine Co., KY on 15 Dec 1806. I had a .ftw file that connected this branch to Benjamin Hawkins b. abt 1717 in VA and died 1782 in Culpepper Co., VA m. Sarah Willis through William Hawkins his son who married Elizabeth Bourne abt 1743 and died in Jessamine Co. KY. I am not sure this information is correct as I do not know where I got the .ftw from and can not be sure it is correct or not. I saw that a Mr. Mark Freeman had a link page from your site but the link is broken now. Did you know about what his line of Hawkins ancestry might have been? My web site is at http://www.geocities.com/tssmith_2000/jhawk.html concerning my known line of Hawkins ancestor my gggg grandmother Elizabeth Hawkins. As you can see I've never managed to gain much progress on this for some time but have revived the effort. Would appreciate any insight and am glad to share my limited information as is. Tom Smith

191 23/01/2003
From: Gene Hawkins email hereward@one.net
subject: Hawkins family
Dear Sir - I'm in the process of establishing a connection between the Hawkins family (ancestors and descendants of Sheridan Hawkins, who has been traced back to Sir John) of Anderson County, KY, and my own. This will depend upon nailing down the identity of one Benjamin S. Hawkins, who, if he proves to be the same person, would be my paternal grandfather. My grandmother, Jennie Benton, was related to two Thomas Hart Bentons, the Senator and the Kansas City artist, as well as numerous earlier others of that family name who were active in politics in North Carolina and Tennessee. If I can be of any help, please let me know. Take care - Gene Hawkins Oregonia, OH

192 01/02/2003
From: Nic Dinsdale email dinsy@ukgateway.net
subject: Sir John Hawkins book
Dear Paul, I am a history teacher at Lady Hawkins' School in Kington, Herefordshire. Over the last few months I have been involved in the writing of a short book on Sir John Hawkins (the husband of our foundress - Lady Margaret was Sir John's second wife after Katherine Gonson) along with a number of my students. The book is to be published over the next few weeks and we hope to have our book launch at the school at some time in May this year. Having viewed your excellent site we would like to invite some of Sir John's descendants to our book launch. Please do respond if you feel that our book is of any interest to you and the Hawkins family descendants. I look forward to hearing from you. Nic Dinsdale

193 12/04/2003
From: Charlotte email thekervers@hotmail.com
subject: www.welbank.net/hawkins
I'm not sure if the information that I have is of relevance to you.. My mother is Elizabeth Louise Hawkins (well, Hawkins was her maiden name) - and she has at home a large family tree, that was researched, compiled, and written, along with painted images of family crests - right back to Edward III, by one of our cousins, who was studying History at University at the time - this was probably done 25 years ago - maybe longer. (If I remember correctly). Are you still updating your site? If so, is this information of relevance to you, or is it too far removed? I believe that my family is actually directly descended from John Hawkins brother - though I suppose they must be proud of 'him', as my brothers two middle names are 'John Hawkins'. Looking forward to a reply. Congrats on the visitor count to your site. Charlotte

194 25/06/2003
From: Jean and John Turner email TurnerJandJ@aol.com
subject: Sir John Hawkins basso relievo ivory bust in Hawkins Image Archive
Paul We have had an interesting trip around the Hawkins site and are wondering whether you can provide any information about this ivory bust. I realise the site is primarily aimed at descendants (and alas, I don't think we are!) but do you know, for example, the present whereabouts of the ivory? ownership details? likely age? size? numbers produced? who made it? contemporary or, say, 19th century copy of an earlier ivory? or, possibly, taken from a tomb effigy? All or any other information you can give us will be gratefully received and, of course, kept private if you wished it to be so. Incidentally, we have the new Kelsey book on order and are looking forward to finding out a lot more about this most interesting character. In anticipation, many thanks indeed for any help you are able to provide. Kind regards Jean and John Turner

195 26/07/2003
From: Clive Pay email crpay@dodo.com.au
subject: hawkins family
Good day Paul, I have just done a search under sir john hawkins and your name as a contact came up. My mother's family are descedents of Sir John and the best I have been able to do is identify her great grandmother (I think) as Sarah Hawkins. My mother was born in 1912 so I guess Sarah would have been around early 1800s. My Grandmother's maiden name was Voden (married name Lapthorn) and as far as I know the family lived in Plymouth for a number of generations. Do you have any information which would confirm the connection. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. We immigrated as a family in 1956. Thanks, Clive Pay

196 08/09/2003
From: Evylene Canup email eg_canup@bellsouth.net
subject: Thomas Hawkins
I have been trying for several years to connect my Thomas Hawkins who Witnessed the Will of my Benjamin Borden, Jr. my ancestor, in Frederick County, Virginia, December 9, 1743. His daughter Ann Hawkins married John Borden, the son of Benjamin Borden, Jr. and I am descended on down from John and Ann Hawkins Borden. I some articles, it states that Thomas Hawkins died shortly after the date, above. Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Evylene Canup, Marietta, GA

197 26/10/2003
From: J. Michael Hill email ollieowner@yahoo.com
subject: I am descended from Sir John Hawkins
Dear Cousin Paul, I am descended from Sir John Hawkins and would lilke to be added to the list of descendants. I am descended from Mary (Polly) Hawkins who was the daughter of John H. Hawkings the 3rd. Jhon H. Hawkings Sr. was the youger son of Sir Richard Hawkins. His son was John H. Hawkins Jr. His son was John H. Hawkins the 3rd. His daughter was Mary(Polly) Hawkins who married Taliferro Craig. They had many children tow of whom I am descended from John Tolifer Craig and Benjamin Craig. Benjamin was the father of Levi Craig who was the father of Martha Eliza Craig who married Bejamin Dav is the 3rd.They had Felix Grundy Davis who was the father of Hazel Maude Davis who married Clinto Lockhart Hill. They had George Paul Hill who is the father of me, John Michael Hil. I am the father of Jennifer Ann Hill and Jessica Michele Hill. Please add us to the list of descendants of Sir John Hawkins. Sincerly J. Michael Hill
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