In Possession of Thomas W. Hawkins, Warrenton NC

Thos. W. Hawkins
Sallie Amanda Vaughan
July 12 1893

Uriah Vaughan Hawkins (son)
Agnes Laura Baker
daughter of Quinton Riddick Baker
Fuse Baptist Chruch of Charlotte NC
June 15 1935 at 12 Noon.

Thomas W. Hawkins Jr.
Mrs. Mary Linebegger Wilson
at Cleveland Hotel at
Shartanburg S.C.
November 28 1942


Rose Elizabeth Hawkins July 18 1894 at 11:45 PM Wednesday Baptized Novemeber 29th 1896 by Rev MMT Plylen.
Uriah Vaughan Hawkins January 6 1896 at 2 O'Clock PM (monday) Baptized Nov 29 1896 by Rev MMT Plylen.
Thomas Williams Hawkins Jr and Sarah Alice Hawkins (Twins) Thelater born at 11:45 PM on 18 October 1897. & Thomas born at 1:30 AM on 19th Oct 1897. Baptized Thomas & Sarah were baptized April 19th 1901 by Rev J. R. Hawkins

Births (again)

May 16 1936 Uriah Vaughan Hawkins Jr, son of Uriah Vaughan hawkins & Agnes Laura Baker 9:47 AM St. Peter's Hospital Charlotte NC

Thomas Williams Hawkins III son of Thomas Williams Hawkins and Mary Lineberger Hawkins born Nov 27 1948 at Duke Hospital, Duke NC

Martha Vaughan daughter of Thomas W. Jr and Mary Lineberger Hawkins born Duke Hospital, Duke NC May 19 1930.


Thomas Williams Hawkins Sr Entered into rest at 9:15 Firday Night 29 June 1923. Sallie amanda Vaughan Hawkins, wife of Thomas Williams Hawkins entered into rest between 8 & 9 O'clock on Tuesday morning June 22 1943.

Uriah Vaughan hawkins October 10 1954 Sun Morning between 6-9

Rose Elizabeth Hawkins May 30 1955

Agnes Baker Hawkins wife of U.V. Hawkins Dec 11 1962

Sarah Alice hawkins (Twin) Oct 12 1968.