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'Jesus of Lubeck' 700 tons, Hawkins' ship on his 2nd voyage in 1564 and 3rd in 1567


The 'Mary Rose' used by Hawkins on his fourth voyage in 1590

Sir John Hawkins

Admiral Sir John Hawkins: 1591, from an original oil painting, in the possession (in 1888) of Christopher Stuart Hawkins. Now in the possession of the City of Plymouth at Buckland Abbey.

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Sir John Hawkins Kt.: from a basso relievo ivory bust in possession (in 1888) of Rev. Bradford Dean Hawkins.

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Sir Richard Hawkins: from the original, in the possession (in 1888) of R.S.Hawkins Esq., Wellington, New Zealand.

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Hawkins, Drake and Candish: from the original, in the possession (in 1888) of The Marquis of Lothian.

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This picture is claimed to be of Sir John Hawkins grandchildren. It is in the possession of Quentin Johnson quentin@quican.com who says: [29.04.1998] "Finally after many attempts since I last communicated, please find attached a gif file of a painting in my possession from my late uncle's estate. His name was John Hawkins and he had two paintings of descendants of Sir John Hawkins. This picture was assessed as being painted in about 1625 and the subjects are believed to be the grandchildren of Sir John Hawkins. What is unusual about the picture is the subject matter. Because of high childhood mortality rates in that period, it is unusual to have a portrait of children. The other feature is the eldest boy on the left hand side. His right arm appears to be crippled. The painting is in my house."

The signatures of William, Sir John and Sir Richard Hawkins.

Hawkins House, Plymouth; photographed in 1962

Hawkins Wharf, Plymouth; photographed in 1962