Sir John Hawkins


and Descendants


This site is an attempt to co-ordinate the efforts at tracing genealogical
connections with Admiral Sir John Hawkins 1532-1595.

[ Updated: 1st Nov 2003 ]


  • 31st Oct 2003: Hawkins Descendants Notes: Notes & Contributions Updated. Links to other Hawkins sites updated. Added Treetop Map
  • 31st Aug 1999: added info on the Gilbert / Hayne branch of the Hawkins tree.
  • 19th Aug 1999: added page 6 of researcher's contributions, + Devon Deeds
  • 23rd Jan 1999: Added high resolution scans of Harvey Coney and Mary Wise Savery trees
  • 17th Jan 1999: Added Spanish Armada Playing Cards, + note attached to end of Contributions-5.
  • 28th Dec 1998: 'Plymouth Armada Heroes' now complete, though lacking an index, + Contributions page 5.
  • 1st Sep 1997: added Philemon Hawkins' Bible, in Links section;
  • 5th May 1997: added latest full Tree in GEDCOM and HTML format;
  • 1st May 1997: added Mary Rose pics; www links, more contributions;
  • 19th April 1997: added Images, first chapters of 'Plymouth Armada Heroes' and posted information from contributors;

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Sources of Information

The following sources of information are in my possession and have been or will be used in pursuit of the aims of this site.

  1. The Francis Verdon Esq. Tree: deposited at the Society of Genealogists, London, c. 1900
  2. The Harvey Coney Tree: produced by C.E. Harvey Coney of Harlow Essex, c. 1956
    high resolution scan of Harvey Coney tree: harvcon.gif ( WARNING: this file is 324K and will not open in IE4, but in any image viewer can be read at twice the original size)
  3. The Mary W S Hawkins Tree, from the 'Plymouth Armada Heroes' book. (published 1888)
    high resolution scan of Mary W.S. tree: mwstree.gif ( WARNING: this file is 270K, it will open OK in IE4, but to magnify up as intended, save the picture and view in any image viewer at 200% size)
  4. 'Pedigree of the Family of Hawkins of County Devon', compiled by Alexander W.D. Mitton Esquire, formerly Rouge Dragon, Pursuivant of Arms, of The Dungeon, 239 Earls Court Road, London, SW5. (c. 1960)

Aims of this site:

  • To seek out published genealogical material on Sir John Hawkins.
  • To list and link persons claiming descent from Admiral Sir John Hawkins.
  • To map out and publish the tree of Sir John Hawkins and descendants.

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