Residents of Old Norwich: Heigham
Dereham Road circa. 1908
Dereham Road circa. 1908

The Residents of Old Norwich web site contains information on the people of Norwich in past times. Details on over 2,500 past residents of the city are currently assembled. Data and references collected during genealogical research on the Fulcher family who resided largely in the Heigham district of Norwich.

It also represents an experiment into methods of electronic publishing of research materials on the Internet in a form convenient to online genealogy researchers.

Online Research Resources


History of the Parish of Heigham, Norwich, by Walter Rye, 1917; in electronic format. This complete online book contains about 560 names extracted by Rye and others from records of various kinds, covering the period from the C13 to C18. It also contains inscriptions from St Bartholomew's Church and graveyard, which was destroyed by bombing in 1944. [as a single web page; 140K]

1851 Census, Parish of Heigham in text format; imports into your database or spreadsheet package; contains 7843 individuals (134K Zip file) NEW

Heigham Street pre-war, pre-redevelopment pictures NEW

Church of Saint Bartholomew, Heigham NEW

map40211.jpg 150K map of North Heigham

map4022.gif 310K map of North Heigham

The Fulchers of Heigham


Online Research Resources

Norwich Census of the Poor, 1570, transcribed by John F. Pound in 196?. Over 800 poorer residents of the city with details of their families and employment.

1851 Census, Parish of St George, Colegate converted into digital format from the 1983 transcription by R. Page. In text format; imports into your database or spreadsheet package; (1535 individuals, 94K)


Orchard Street 1912

Orchard Street during the 1912 Flood

The second house back belonged to Henry Fulcher at that time.



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