St Bartholomew's, Heigham
Dereham Road circa. 1908
St Bartholomew's Church, Heigham c. 1938
photo by George Plunkett Photographs of Old Norwich

Built in 1254.
In 1377 Alice de Rockland was buried in the church, and Ralf Stalon, barkere or tanner, in 1471.
Thomas Folkard, rector here, was buried in the chancel in 1461, and gave a silver cup and cover to the altar.

St. Bartholomew's was the Parish Church for Heigham. The Parish Register dates from 1570. The Parish Records have been transcribed and can be viewed at Norfolk Record Office.

The church was largely destroyed by bombing in 1944. Early History of the Church and Inscriptions from Church and Graveyard can be found in the History of the Parish of Heigham document by Walter Rye, 1917; elsewhere on this site.

St Bartholomew's, Heigham, as it remains today. (2001)
from the East, taken from same point as 1938 picture;

St Bartholomew's, Heigham. c. 1938

from West

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Humb Nwch 1861 Heigham [Holy Trinity]
Humb Nwch 1907 Heigham [St Barnabas]
Humb Nwch 1570 Heigham [St Bartholomew (destroyed WWII)]

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