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101 drowned when his son was ?15. From obituary of his son George A Welbanks, Picton Gazette 15 Oct 1908
Welbanks, George (I1082)
102 Edward had a son in 1593, but the name is illegible, so he may not have been born on this date. Welbank, Robert (I1041)
103 effects c £6000. He had an annuity from his grandfather and seems to have lived modestly, eg lodging with his wife with no servants in 1861. Welbank, William (I157)
104 effects under £200 Wellbank, Mary (I866)
105 effects under £5000 Morgan, James Terry (I871)
106 effects £15626 Morgan, Thomas Wellbank (I873)
107 Effects £186. Admin was to Marian Mitchell, spinster. Possibly Marion Charlesworth Mitchell, her niece. Mitchell, Rosabelle (I1145)
108 effects £3924 Jackson, John Ebor (I996)
109 effects £488. Probate to Louisa Maria Bye, spinster. Welbank, Mary Ann Eliza (I017)
110 effects £6575, John Henry Welbank civil servant administrator Hawkins, Mary Ann (I011)
111 Elizabeth the wife of John Welbank of Hale was buried.. Elisabeth (I1267)
112 Ellenor Welbank of Askrigge buried, presumably Fortune's wife Ellenor (I1234)
113 End of family association with N Cowton/Northallerton area. Fowle, Violet (I1184)
114 estimated from birth date of children Welbank, Edward (I1040)
115 Etat-civil - Archives de Pau

"lesquels nous ont declare que Monsieur Richard Thomas Welbank, Capitaine au service de la Compagnie de l'Inde, age de quarante neuf ans, ne a Patras, demeurans a Pau, epoux de Madame Hermine Siebec, rentiere, eu decede aujourd'hui a neuf heures du matin dans la maison Tommes rue Maria, et ont les declarans Signe avec nous le present acte apres lecture faite."

Some of the details are not quite right. It says he was 49, born in Patras, and was a Captain in the East India Company (not a Lieutentant). Nevertheless there are no other men called Welbank in their records, and his father-in-law sought to recover the money settled on his first wife soon after this death. 
Welbank, Richard Thomas (I674)
116 Ethel Robson in her father's obituary. Family: Robson / Ethel Welsh (F563)
117 Eva Elixabeth married to Stephen, and the right age, but no evidence it was this Stephen. Survived in 2016 by many grandchildren and greats. Family: Stephen Welbanks / Eva Elizabeth Watson (F519)
118 Fanny Welbank, 25 in 1841 census, born in Gt Edstone, seems likely to be a child of Wiiliam although she must be a bit older than 25 in that case, as his wife died in 1815.  Welbank, Fanny (I1393)
119 farmer Hawkins, Francis (I389)
120 Father's name given as James, but the burial is in the wrong place. Welbank, Jane (I756)
121 fever acquired while canvassing for the post of coroner for Middlesex.

Notices in the Daily Universal Register of the 24th and 26th June 1786, from Christopher regretting that he can't canvass the voters due to sudden illness, then notices from Ann Welbank announcing his death and suggesting the voters choose a candidate who is prepared to pay her an allowance out of the income. However, they chose the man who had already been filling in for the former coroner during his terminal illness, who had declined to pay her anything. 
Welbank, Christopher (new) (I52)
122 fits Welbank, Edward Dawson (I538)
123 Fortune Walbank buried on this date. If he is the same man, strange that he is buried here 10 years after his death. Welbank, Fortunatus (I774)
124 Fractured skull, manner unknown Roan, Harry Thomas (I1340)
125 Francis Bell was a witness at her wedding, which suggests he had married her mother Ann Welbank, widow of Cuthbert. Family: William Holmes / Jane Welbanck (F43)
126 from 1841 census Reed, Mary (I919)
127 from 1891 census Baker, Sarah (I010)
128 from age on his parish burial record. This is a similar birth year to Robert, son of Cuthbert Welbanck of Northallerton (born 1735). Welbank, Robert (I1232)
129 from Billye D Jackson ( Hawkins, Robert (I286)
130 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Mary (I762)
131 from gravestone at St Mary the Virgin, Leake, died age 88 Sadler, Wilfred (I1216)
132 Globe, London, 25 Oct 1901 Family: Charles A Coventon / Isabella Maria Fowle (F316)
133 Grave number 6796, owned by Richard Welbank her son. Baker, Sarah (I010)
134 He had recently died in 1444, and had an adult son from a second marriage, as said son was occupying a messuage in his own right. So was born more than 42 years earlier.

Possibly not originally from North Cowton, since he acquired the messuages there on marriage to his first wife.

John de Welbank, also in the database, was a juror on an inquisition post-mortem at Sledmere in 1405. Possibly the same man, before his marriage? 
Welbank, John (I1071)
135 He isn't mentioned in the Will of his great-uncle Robert the Elder who died in 1661. Welbank, RIchard (I1053)
136 He was deceased when his son Edward married. Welbank, George (I1032)
137 heat exhaustion Leach, Dorothy (I1334)
138 Her grandfather Richard mentions her in his Will in 1839 Scott, Caroline (I75)
139 Her grandfather William Sadler bequeathed £50 to each of his grandchildren in 1827, but she is not mentioned. Welbank, Jane (I756)
140 Her nephew James Michael Morgan was executor. Effects £2358. Cordingley, Elizabeth (I885)
141 Her nephews William and Richard were executors. Effects £100. Welbank, Frances (I030)
142 His father's Will names him as Fortune, but he is called Fortunatus in parish records of Askrigg. Welbank, Fortunatus (I774)
143 His sister-in-law left her estate to his widow Mary in 1827 Hauxwell, Thomas (I1401)
144 I Christopher Welbank of Kings Town in the Isaland of St Vincent cooper to his Majesty's Ordnance in this Island being of sound and disposing? mind... I give devise and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Richard Welbank now in the Army stationed in the East Indies the sum of ffive thousand five hundred pounds of Sterling money of Great Britain to be paid him by my Executors in twelve months after my decease out of my funded property.
Also I give devise and bequeath to each of my brothers Richard Welbank and John Welbank the sum of five Hundred Pounds apiece of like Sterling money to be paid to them by my Executors...
All of the rest and residue of of my funded property subject to the above.... I give devise and bequeath to my two nephews and my two nieces the children of my brother Richard Welbank.... to be paid to them on their attaining respectively the ages of twenty one years or their days of Marriage....
I give devise and bequeath unto William Storot his heirs and assigns all that my part of Lot Number Sixty Seven in Kingstown adjoining on or abutting on my present dwelling house and the lot formerly occupied by Peggy Sutherland fronting Long Court and bounded Northerly by the lot belonging to Dr West? in trust nevertheless for my goddaughter Elizabeth Jane daughter of Grace Ffroderick? until she shall attain the age of twenty one years...
I give devise and bequeath unto Benjamin Frith Hutchins ffifty pounds currency ...
As a mark of my esteem and regard for him I give devise and bequeath my slave Isaac unto the said William Storot ... until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years or thereabouts if complete in a trade when it is my will that the said William Storot his heirs or assigns shall manumit him and that my Executors to pay him the sum of one hundred pounds currency or lay out the same in such a manner as may be most advantageous for him
my executors to manumit and set free my two slaves Rippon a cooper and Guashty? a labourer and to pay to each of them the sum of forty pounds currency in such a manner as may be most advantageous for them
All the rest residue and remainder of all my real and personal Estate lands tenements and Slaves bills bonds Notes Money Plate furniture and other property of what nature and kindsoever and wheresoever situate I give devise and bequeath unto the Honorable Edward Jackson Charles Shophard and William Storot Esquire of Saint Vincent and the survivors of them.... on trust to sell and dispose of the same at and for the best prices that can be got for the same and out of the proceeds thereof to pay satisfy and discharge my debts... and subject thereto I give devise and bequeath one half of such residue unto my son Thomas Richard Welbank and the other half unto my said nephews and nieces the four children of my brother Richard Welbank to be equally divided ....
and I authorise and empower my said Trustees ... to reserve to themselves the power .... of purchasing any portion of my residuary property directed to be sold especially my ... Slaves if they shall be desirous of belonging to any of them...
I the said Christopher Welbank have set and affixed my hand and seal to this my last Will .... at St Vincent this 13th day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six

(proved on 26th July 1826) 
Welbank, Christopher St Vincent (I681)
145 I have read an account that Fegan was raised by his uncle John Welbanks. So he is a grandchild of Thomas the pioneer, but it's not definite who his father was. Because George died young that might be a reason for his uncle to raise him. PIoneer Life on the Bay of Quinte (1904) says he was the son of Margaret Welbanks daughter of the pioneer . Family: George Welbanks / Susan Hennessy (F435)
146 In 1791-4 the land tax record says "late Welbank". Welbank, Jane (I771)
147 In 1856 his first wife's father applied for the return of £5000 he had put in trust for the couple and their children. (Morning Chronicle, 25 Feb 1856). Welbank, Richard Thomas (I674)
148 In 1861 census no longer listed at Darwell Bank Welbank, Mary Anne (I71)
149 In 1911 Anne is living with her widowered father, although she has been married for 9 years. She says she has one child from the marriage, but maybe is confused by the census and Harry is from an earlier relationship. Family: Hullah / Anne Cole (F94)
150 In his petition for land, he says he has lived 18yrs in America, and apparently left around 1783 to go to Englamd. If he was 18 when he first went from Yorkshire to America, he would be born in 1847. It would mean he died at 64. The description of him as an "old man" suggests he may have been born earlier than this. Welbank, Thomas Ontario pioneer (I1080)

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