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201 Richard Knapp is a witness. This is shortly after Ann's father wrote his Will, so it could be him, or else Anne's brother.
Family: Henry Smith / Ann Knapp (F297)
202 Robert Welbank death 1580 appears in South Cowton parish records. Quite likely to be this Robert. Welbancke, Robert (I1078)
203 Robert Welbank of Borrowby, age 83 Welbank, Robert (I1232)
204 Robert Welbank of the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Micklegate in the city of York batchelor & Elizabeth Gray of the same parish widow Family: Robert Welbank / Elizabeth Gray (F371)
205 Robert Welbank the Elder

Will of Robert Welbank 1661. Leaves his land to nephew Robert, also mentions nephew Edward with children Edward and Sith, and niece Phyllis and nephew John. 
Welbank, Robert (I1041)
206 Royal Marines Hawkins, John Gilbert Hayne (I186)
207 Royal Marines Hawkins, William Gilbert Courtenay (I345)
208 Rugby School roster
Major, East India Co.
bur. Higham Gobion 26/9/1812 
Hawkins, Henry (I391)
209 Russ Waller (Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Loyalist Families, 1999) says he was born in 1894. Censuses also give his age as consistent with a birth date around 1894.

His marriage record gives parent's names and also an age that's consistent with 1894. 
Welbanks, Marshal (I1572)
210 same burial ground as the Rev Turner. Welbank, Jane (I536)
211 second wife is a widow in 1901 census. Calvert, William Robson (I1450)
212 septicaemia Roan, Nellie V (I1341)
213 Several births of a John Welbank in Yorkshire in 1734, this one has William as father. It takes place soon after William Welbank of South Cowton inherits the farm from his father, giving him the opportunity to rent out the land, move away and marry. John Welbank of Carlton Husthwaite appears to come from a North Cowton family, because he owns land in North Cowton, mentioned in his Will. Welbank, John (I592)
214 She is listed in probate records as Ann Welbank, so her second marriage was presumably annulled. Her brother Jonathan Coulson, farmer of Gatherly is one of the executors. Coulson, Ann (I644)
215 She was of age, so at least 21, when she married in 1845 Scott, Ann (I74)
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbanck, Cuthbert (I631)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: William Welbank / Hannah Saul (F363)
218 son of Christopher Welbank, plumber Welbank, Thomas (I543)
219 son of John Welbank, exciseman of Astbury.

This is suggestion for the birth details of Matthew who married Elisabeth Maddocks.

In March 11th 1804, Matthew son of John Willbank, exciseman of "another place" was baptised in Whenby, Yorkshire 
Wellbank, Matthew (I1263)
220 son of John Wellbank, taylor Welbank, William (I1095)
221 son of John, tailor Welbank, John (I963)
222 son of Thomas Welbank, sailor Wellbank, Edward (I857)
223 spinster in probate records. Probate to her brother and brother-in-law Joseph Hunt. Bennett, Nina Kathleen (I1195)
224 Spinster, probate to her brother William. Fowle, Lucy Florence (I1192)
225 Station Master at Balmoral, S. Belfast. Watson, Alan (I448)
226 Surgeon in Royal Navy Polden (I351)
227 survived by 2 sons and their wives and 5 grandchildren Welbanks, Francis Thomas (I1615)
228 TB Welbanks, Georgianna (I1671)
229 Teacher in Kenya. Woods, Thomas (I430)
230 the date fits his desth, although the location is puzzling. Welbank, Christopher (new) (I52)
231 The KIN of Anthony Welbank, late of 15 Parkfield crescent, Feltham, Middlesex....are requested to apply to the Treasury Solicitor .... (Estate about £6000)

Andrews Newspaper Index Cards 9.9.1941: The above newspaper notice is pasted on, and there are handwritten notes:

11.6.1941 Barr called at 17 Parkfield Crescent and obtained information. Deceased was abt 74 birthday 12 Dec - pensioned railwayman - lived at Fulham before Feltham - had property in Ilford - born in France - mother was not married when decd was born - maternal grandfather was a Field Marshal of England - mother married afterwards ? in France - decd spoke of her husband as his stepfather - mother died 20 yrs ago in Fulham

[He owned 5 freehold properties, 4 in Ilford].

1921 Anthony Welbank H.S. 55/6 Rly Clk Languedoc, France [copied from 1921 census?]
Welbank, Anthony (I482)
232 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Welbank, Richard (I595)
233 The parish record notes that his father lives in Boroughbridge, so Richard would have been born there. Welbank, Richard (I596)
234 The probate index says she died at the Trinity Ground, Stepney Marshall, Dinah (I853)
235 There are two Ann Coulsons, servants, living at the house in 1841; aged 35 and 15. The older seems too young to be this Ann Coulson, as her age at death is given as 63 by the Yorkshire Gazette 13 Oct 1860, making her 45 in 1841. Perhaps they are relatives? Family: William Welbank / Ann Coulson (F223)
236 They were married by Richard's brother Christopher, later a bishop

Marriage allegation held in Metropolitan Archives, gives her age as "a minor, upwards of nineteen years". Her mother Jemima witnesses and agrees to the marriage as her father William Welbank is deceased. Her guardian George Brown also agrees to the marriage. Newspaper announcements say she is the second daughter of William Welbank. 
Family: Richard Bethell / Mary Welbank (F36)
237 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: John Robinson / Ann Claxton (F398)
238 this death has the same quite unusual name Welbank, Lucy (I851)
239 This is the last Welbank burial at South Cowton. Welbank, Robert (I1010)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: William Chambers / Dorothy Welbank (F350)
241 Uncle John (died 1662) mentions Elizabeth Nicholson in his Will along with other children of his brother George. Family: Nicholson / Elizabeth Welbank (F276)
242 Very long Will
brothers John and Thomas, sister Ann Simpson ten guineas each
sister Elizabeth Jackson, widow nineteen? guineas
grandchildren, children of son Thomas, £50 each
grandchildren, children of son Samuel, £50 each
grandson William Welbank, £50
daughter Mary Marianna Fletcher my silver watch with its appendages
land by the name of Whilbands in Borrowby, Yorks, formerly occupied by Wilfred Sadler, surrendered to Henry Hirst and John Smith of Northallerton for life, to be recovered since they have both died.

owns no 8 Savile Row, and nos 101-106 York Street, in Mile End, (Now called Myrdle Street and a Conservation Area; the exact houses haven't survived but others have).

£104 per annum to daughters Mary Fletcher and Jane Wellbank and after their deaths to any survivors
residue? to sons Thomas, Wilfred, John, Richard and Samuel. 
Sadler, William (I1215)
243 W Riding archives

Inventory of Edward Welbank of North Cowton 1673
Christopher Welbank executor
one hors one gelding, 5 pillows, 5 pewter dishes, etc 
Welbank, Edward (I1034)
244 War Service: Gunner J W Welbank, 179663
Served with: "D" Bty. 286th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Died: 11th Oct 1918
Commemorated: Naves Communal Cemetery Extn, Nord, France. Plot 2 Row C Grave 4
Husband of C. Welbank of North Newington, Banbury, Oxon. 
Welbank, John William (I006)
245 warehouseman, consumption Wellbank, James (I1256)
246 WELBANK Jul 8 died Catherine M beloved wife of Robert J and mother of John S and Annie A and the late Frank L, native of Tullamore, Ireland. Mooney, Catherine (I560)
247 went to Canada Fulcher, Sam (I085)
248 went to Canada Fulcher, Walter (I086)
249 went to Canada Barker, Ruth (I119)
250 went to Canada Barker, Lilley (I120)

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