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51 Apoplexy, aged 70. Welbank, John (I592)
52 Archbishop of York Marriage Licences Index 1613-1839 gives her age on marriage as 25 Welbank, Eleanor (I80)
53 As he holds a messuage in 1441, he must be at least 21. Welbank, John (I1070)
54 As his parents name another boy Mark in 1725, he must have died before then. Welbank, Mark (I46)
55 B.A.
Rector Water Newton 1700-1719
Rector Higham Gobion 1720- 
Hawkins, Jeffery (I372)
56 Banbury Advertiser 4 Apr 1895 Welbank, Henry (I096)
57 Banbury Advertiser, 21 Mar 1895 Welbank, Ruth Marian (I097)
58 baptised by his maternal grandfather, Thomas Amory Welbank, George (I518)
59 Baptism record:
St Botolph's, Bishopgate. - 4th Feb 1778 - Cert. 180
Robert Welbank, 18 Days Old, son, of William and Jemima

Welbank, Captain Robert (I474)
60 Birth: Richard William Welbank
Sex: boy
Date: 3rd April 1855
Place: St Luke Chelsea, North East Chelsea. [Cert.279]
Father: Richard Welbank
Father's Occupation: Newspaper agent
Mother: Mary Ann Welbank formerly Hawkins
Informant: M.A.Welbank - Mother - 21 Sloane Square, Chelsea.
Date of Reg: 27th April 1855  
Welbank, Richard William (I008)
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lowe, Sophie Roberta Welbank (I462)
62 Born to John McKenzie and Sarah, 9 months after their marriage (but could be a different couple with the same name, as they are in Newcastle). Mackenzie, Thomas (I1207)
63 born to Richard + Anne Welbank, George (I1389)
64 Bowel Compln't. Wellbank, Matthew (I1269)
65 Bride & groom both from parish of Woodford, Essex.

George Brown junior was one of the witnesses. 
Family: Sir Robert Preston, Bart / Elizabeth Brown, Lady Preston (F37)
66 Bride is of this parish. William, Jane and Mary Welbank are witnesses. Family: George Brown / Margaret Welbank (F193)
67 Bride's father is John Scott, clerk, groom is a clerk and groom's father is a carpenter. The year is plausible, but no verification that this is her marriage and not a different Ann Scott's. Family: John Clark, widower / Ann Scott (F32)
68 Bridegroom nemed as John Cole in York Herald. Family: Robert Cole / Mary Welbank (F93)
69 burial no 6796 Welbank, Richard (I013)
70 burial number 75659. Private Grave, 3rd interment. Welbank, Richard (I012)
71 Burial number 8295 Welbank, James (I028)
72 burial of Isabel in parish records, and no other Isabels recorded in Cowton at this time. Welbancke, Isabel (I1079)
73 Burial register no. 3, references 2695-4071
3009 Private Grave F 78.0 x 11.3 
Welbank, John (I637)
74 buried in woollen Welbank, Matthew (I935)
75 Cabman Fulcher, John (I400)
76 cabman Fulcher, James (I401)
77 Captain, Royal Marines Hawkins, Samuel Holditch (I344)
78 cholera infantine Welsh, Loretta May (I1295)
79 Cholera infantine, age 10 months Wellbank, C William (I1279)
80 Christopher Welbank glazier, age 84 Welbank, Christopher (I529)
81 Christopher Welbank was a witness to the wedding of Ann Welbank, spinster, in St Andrew's Holborn, so it is likely that she was his sister. Family: John Stamper / Ann Welbank (F24)
82 Churchwarden in 1700, 1710, 1732 Welbank, James (I889)
83 Cissy Woods, Sarah Jane (I059)
84 Civil marriage. Groom 30, bride 20. Brides mother Issabell was a witness.

Edward's uncle Robert and mother Sith objected to the marriage on Sept 29 1656 but first but consented in May. 
Family: Edward Welbank / Ann Myles (F185)
85 Civil Registration Death Index, 2nd qr. Age 65, born about 1840. Welbank, Hannah (I1394)
86 Clearly shown as Marshal (male) in birth records with parent's names given. Appears that he died before Marshal (1894) was born. The record for Marsha may be a misreading of the same entry. Welbanks, Marshal (I1897)
87 Clerk in Holy Orders Hawkins, Henry (I306)
88 coalseller Fulcher, Alfred (I402)
89 Consumption Welbanks, Maud (I1670)
90 Cuthbert son of Ann Welbank, widow Welbanck, Cuthbert (I793)
91 Cuthbert son of widow Welbank Welbanck, Cuthbert (I793)
92 daughter of George Welbank, Ripon Welbank, Christiana (I788)
93 daughter of Matthew Welbank of Bostock, Higgler Wellbank, Ann (I1265)
94 daughter of Robert, tailor Welbank, Margaret (I961)
95 Death of: Richard Welbank
Date: 16th Feb 1853
Sex: male
Age: 69
Place: South Chelsea, Middx, [Cert 208]
Cause of Death: Chronic Asthma, 5 years; Bronchitis, 1 month
Informant: I Gould, 77 Lower Sloane St, Chelsea.

Welbank, Richard (I013)
96 died of fever, according to parish records. His son Mark had died 2 weeks earlier of smallpox. Welbank, Christopher (I530)
97 Dinah Eliza Wellbank is a witness. Family: Thomas Wellbank / Elizabeth Cordingley (F65)
98 Does not appear in 1901 census Bennett, Ella (I1961)
99 does not appear on 1841 census Welbank, Joseph (I923)
100 Drove the first electric tram in Belfast in 1901.
Owned large lodging house in Sandy Row, Belfast. 
Totton, Alfred (I439)

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