Dear Relatives

After about a decade of inactivity with respect to researching the Welbank family tree, I have modernised the website and added a lot more material. The new 'TNG' genealogy software allows you to work with the site on screen and enter new info as you discover it eg. from a Google search, on the same screen. The new info is then 'live' immediately. Pictures, documents, etc., can all be added easily.

A huge quantity of new material has appeared on the web in the last ten years. Data from censuses, parish records, directories, etc., are all appearing on the web and Google has digitised various obscure books from the 1700s which currently reside in US University libraries; such as 'The Histories and Antiquities of Northallerton' pub 1858, which contains many references to Welbanks living in that area.

Also, web searches are more and more bringing up Welbank references in trees researched for other families connected by marriage.

Please help expand the tree.

If you visit this site as a member of the public, you should not be able to see birthdates, etc. of living members of the family, nor be able to alter anything.

If you get a login & password from me, ( you will be able to edit the tree and hopefully add missing information, pictures, etc. along your branch of the tree.

Please add: details of birth, death, marriage, children, parents, etc of all spouses of family members.

Please also find and upload pictures of family members; pictures of earlier generations are difficult to find and especially welcome. If you have pictures which need re-sizing or improving, or find it difficult to upload, please email them to me and I will sort out. Or just post me pictures if you want them scanned in and added.

It is possible to extend the tree in any direction, following children's marriages or spouses parents; and it can only be a good thing, as it enables other families to find connections for their own trees.

I am also adding details of other Welbanks, as yet, as far as we know unconnected, but likely to be related. Hopefully these will ultimately be linked together.

Online Resources Available:

Births, Marriages and Deaths from 1837 onwards are available online; as are census returns from 1841 to 1911.

Earlier than 1837 we must rely on parish records, directories, etc., which are gradually appearing online.

Also very important for early records is the extraordinary, free of charge, Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) archive of BMDs at

Aims of this website.

Because there are few enough Welbanks in the world to make it possible, I would like to turn this into the Welbank one-name study.  This obviously means including the details of all Welbanks in the world who have ever had their existence recorded. It most likely includes Wellbank and other spellings; and possibly is linked to the Wallbanks; see Ian Wallbank's one name study at:


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