Hints on Using the system to Edit the Tree

This online database already contains a good deal of content; on the Welbank family and connected families such as Hawkins, Fulcher and Totton.

Anyone interested (and related) can be allocated a relevant branch of the tree and be given a login for this site so that they can edit deatails and add new people to their branch. There are many Spouses in the tree whose family ancestry and siblings could be traced and entered, as far as you like.  This also helps other researchers looking for links.  Just email me: paul@welbank.net if you want a login.

Anyone with information to add who doesn't fancy working with this website interface; please just email me info or pictures and I will put them up for you.  

How far to grow the tree?

I think as a minimum, spouses of Welbanks and Others should have both their parents and siblings included.

There is no reason why you can't extend the tree along any branches you care to pursue; eg. sibling marriages and children. I have already included a good way back along my mother's Fulcher family and others.

As editor of your 'Branch', you should be able to see all the details of the people you are editing. The 'Public' view of the website should not show certain details such as dob of individuals who are alive.

There is a very useful 'Help for this area' function on every page

1. To change a persons details

Find that persons page; using Search box (top left) or otherwise;

Click 'Edit' on the top section of individual's details (or lower down if it is a family matter concerning spouses or children)

Add details, notes, etc.

When all done, you will always find a SAVE button at the bottom of the page; obviously this must be clicked or your changes will not be saved.

After saving, the system often tries to close the editing page; best let it do so. (sometimes it inexplicably goes to an index page)

You should then be left looking at the page you started to edit. ... You always need to refresh this page in your browser to see the changes you have made.

2. Adding Spouses or Children

This is a bit more tricky. Edit the 'Family' end of the page near the bottom.
You can create or find children to add.
For spouses, find or create the spouse in the paired boxes up the top.

Remember to SAVE at every opportunity; and then REFRESH original page.


3. Adding Pictures or pictures of Documents
Please don't add pictures straight from camera or scanner. They need to be reduced in size to something reasonable: (see for example Carrie Welbank's page: )

You need a head & shoulders photo for each individual, which is the 'default' photo for that person and shows top left of his/her page.

Add as many pictures as you like.

Once a picture is uploaded it can be linked to more than one individual. (Edit Media)

If you can't resize or chop up pictures, just email them to me at: paul@welbank.net and I can sort them out easily for you.


Also if you don't fancy trying to work the website system, just email me any new info and I will enter it for you.

Big Welbank Map

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