Entry Points

The following are entry points to the family tree for various individuals and family groups

Recent Welbanks Map - The simplest entry point fits all living Welbanks on one screen. It shows the descendants of Richard Welbank (1809-1874) - Newsagent, Bookseller, Law Stationer of 21 Sloane Square, Chelsea.  He married Mary Ann Hawkins who lived next door! All known living Welbanks are descended from Richard via his two sons John Henry and Richard William

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Northallerton branch;

Christopher Welbank - 1720-1793 (the younger) of Mount Pleasant, Northallerton, Yorks

Richard Welbank - 1809-1874 - Newsagent, Bookseller, Law Stationer of 21 Sloane Square, Chelsea. Married Mary Ann Hawkins who lived next door

Richard William Welbank - 1855-1940 - inventor of the Welbank Boilerette

Other branches; believed to be connected to the above but not yet confirmed

Christopher Welbank 1651-1724 The South Cowton Welbanks

George Welbank - 1708-?? The Stockton Welbanks

Christopher Welbank - 1730-1798 The Aldborough Welbanks

Capt Robert Welbank - 1788-1857 - East India Company Ship Captain and the original importer of Wisteria and Camelias

Anthony Welbank - 1866-1941 The continental connection?

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Current progress in Welbank genealogy research: Jan 2014

The ancestors of all Welbank families in the UK today are pretty much correctly shown as far back as (Christopher Welbank - 1720-1793) The papers quoted on that page re. guardianship of his children, are/were in the possession of Michael's branch of the family.

Before that date it is very much the case of solving a jigsaw puzzle.

At the moment Christopher is shown as marrying Mary Dawson in 1765 in Northallerton (at age 45); having 4 children and then marrying again in 1779 to Ann Knapp at age 59 and having 4 more children. How likely is this?